Scam letter(s) from Inga Rolan to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Chris!!!!!
How are you?
I'm glad to receive your letter so soon. Chris you are very interesting to me. I want to know more about you. I want to see a lot of your photos.
I'm 5'9 and 124lbs.I'm blonde. What about my work I work as the secretary in the charity organization. Our fund help to homeless kids, kids without parents with clothes, food toys and so on. I like this work because we do our work for the sake of kids and I'm proud that we do such necessary, responsible and important job.
My hobby is listening to the music and reading books. I like to read novels. I prefer a lot of different music. I like sport. I play tennis. Also I'm fond of hiking, picnics on fresh air. I try to attend regulary the beauty center. Thanks to healthy nourishment, my lessons of aerobics and dancing I have slender body and strong health. My favourite color is is blue and pink... I prefer tender colors, but my choice usually depends on my mood.
Also I care for my friends very much. I'm carried away with sport and cooking.I love to offer friends and guests my dishes.
I've never been married and I don't have any children. I don't smoke and almost don't drink, but sometimes I like to drink in good company.
So I will wait for your answer. Hope to receive your letter soon :):):)
I've told to you very shortly in several offers about my life.
Pls ask more, that you would like to know about me.
Letter 2
Hi Chris!!!!
So, what about me, my full name is Inga Rolen, I'm 24 years old and i will be 25 on the 11th of September. I'm russian but I have european or american blood too - my great-grandfather was from Europe or Usa As far as I Know. Maybe that's why I'm so interested in another culture... I was born on the 11th of September in 1983 in town St.-Petersburg where my father is from. My father met with my mother whee he was in the Army. As soon as my father finished the army he and my mother decided to get married. I've never been married and I have no kids. My mother often says me that I have to marry because I am already 24 years old and soon I'll be 25. She says that is the best age to do it because I have enough experience of life. I often think about it, but unfortunately I didn't meet worthy candidates yet. To tell the truth I have rather big success in association with men here, but I'm very serious and careful in this case - I'm searching someone unique, worthy and noble one - the man of my dreams, my beloved and defender. I'm afraid nobody fits my spiritual needs here in Russia that's why I've decided to find my unique beloved one in the Internet. Let's see what to expect from it?!?!?!?!
Certainly as for the most of people the mainest thing is family in my life. I have the united family. My parents love each other very much that's why I have been growing up in atmosphere of care and love. They are the dearest thing in my life. I am much obliged to my parents that I am such kind and good educated person. I'd like to have such family relations similar to the relations of my parents. Esle I care for my friends very much. I consider that friends are the second family you can't live without. I have 2 best friends: Anna and Lina - we spend much time together and support each other whatever will happen and I'm very proud that I have such friendship in my life. Chris, as I've already told you I love kids very much. I don't have my own but I give all of my love, care and attention to the son of Lina and to tell the truth he considers me as the second mother. As for me it's very important to spare free time with children. It is the possibility to display them your solicitude and love, to educate them, to show them the right way of life. Also I'm carried away with sport and cooking.Else I love to offer friends and guests my dishes. Chris, I hope our correspondence will continue, and thank you a lot for paying your attention to my modest person. P. S.It I and my mum the truth we are very similar???
In your possible next letter I'd like very much to read more about you, your lifestyle, your desires and plans for future. Thank's ahead
Sincerely Inga!
Letter 3
Hi Chris!!!!!
I have to thank you for your attention. Actually I doubted that relations through the Internet can be serious but thanks to you I'm starting to change my opinion, that's why, Chris and then I'll try to talk with you as more as possible, I hope you too?!?!?!
Chris, to tell the truth you are very handsome on photos. I really enjoyed looking at it and dreaming. Your face is so charming and exciting that I can't control myself to make you a compliment. I really like it. On the one hand you seem to be a very respected, noble, authoritative and successful man, on the other hand IaEUm sure that you are openhearted and joyful too. Chris, I don't know why but I feel somewhere deep inside of my heart that I can trust you and rely upon you - maybe your photo.
Chris, honestly I'm very glad that we wish to go on our communication, in knowing us better and thoughts our common way.
Ok I will go to fall down. I wish you good day.
I think, tomorrow i will receive from you the mail.
Have a nice day. Please take my care.
Letter 4

Hi Chris!!!!!!!
Chris how was your day? Did you think about me? I read your letters so many times. I am glad,I can read your new letter today.
Chris, you can't imagine how happy I was to see your email in my mailbox. Chris, you've raised the level of my faith to online-dating by your surprising interest to me. Chris and I really like it moreover it's very pleasant for me to feel your sincere attention. Chris, we are far from each other - it's true but the most important is to feel our souls on the same wave even at thousand of kilometers and to be able to understand our mood, or any other thoughts. Human being is complicated. I believe as human being I have also two personality, one is related to my profession as the secretary - to be strong, self-confident, powerful, clever to meet my aims in this field but I have also another part of me which is very sensible, in need of sharing thoughts, feelings, desire to discover beauty and creation, to take care of others, to feed my deep inside with true emotions.
Chris, I do believe that each of us has his personal legend which showing us the way of our heart and soul, putting on our way people who could change our way, people with whom we can share important emotional feelings, I donaEUt know if I express myself very well as it is sometime difficult to put such things in words but I believe you understand what I want to say you. Chris, it's very important to know as more as possible about each other to become closer, I guess.
Chris I think that we should know all about each other. I am right Chris??? Chris I will wait your letter. You represent to me already so to like to receive your letters. I already wait the letter.
Letter 5
Hi Chris!!!!!
Chris, I am very glad that we wish to go on our communication, in knowing us better and feel our common way. I want to know you much better because you are attracting me so much in what you are saying, to go with you on full and complete relationship based on sincerity, caring, sharing, understanding, tenderness, I want us to be first confident in sharing our deep inside, I feel desire only in true and real feelings. Chris, IaEUd like to ask you: What kind of relations do you plan to have with me????? Is there any free space in your heart and are there any chances for me, my dear Chris? Please donaEUt be offended IaEUm asking you just because I donaEUt want to play any games quite the reverse I want to have true relations. Please answer these questions because we should know what to expect in the nearest future, donaEUt you agree with me? Chris, I have one suggestion for a game that will let us to learn each other's a question game... I'll ask you a series of questions that you should answer and then you send me your set of questions....the rule is that if you do not want to answer some question you can live it without is the questions.........
What are you attracted when you see a woman for the first time???
You love children???
Do you prefer big city life or quiet life of a small city??? Chris, please let me know what do you think about my game and answer that questions which are comfortable for you to answer...
Wishing you very good day and hope to hear from you soon,
Letter 6
Hello Chris!!!!!!!
How was your day?
I think, that is not of great importance at what age to marry!
I can discuss affinity questions! I think, that I well prepare!
I feel guilty but let me explain - I don't know how but it's very easy now in my town during such stranger and deceptive weather to get cold and sick - during these days I felt quite lazy to do anything... My dearest Chris, I'm happy that you don't worry about the long distance between us!!! As for me the distance is not a problem too - the more important thing for me is that feelings that connect us and attract each other. Don't you agree with me that if our relations are really true strong - nothing even long distance can't prevent us from to be together? 1 What trait of your character is the best in your own opinion and which do you like to change or improve?
2 What is your ideal type of woman or what type of woman would you like me to be similar?
3 Do you have anything you don't like in my personality? I send you an air kiss. I wait for your letter. My mum sends you regards.
Letter 7
Hello my darling and unique Chris!!!!!
You can't imagine what a pleasure was for me to recieve these letters f rom you during the last several days - as if I'm living only for your tender letters. Day by day letter by letter I feel more and more glad to recieve it. Chris, I must say that I enjoy your letters very much moreover I enjoy each words of your letters and it's a great pleasure for me to re-read them day by day. Chris, I can't put into words how it's pleasant for me to recieve such sincere letters from you. Chris I like all of your thoughts and dreams very much, I go mad about your wonderful romantic illusions, when I read them I always imagine these marvellous scenes by my eyes, even till dizziness... Your letters warmed me so let me thank you for the tender words especially thank you for the wonderful comparisons. I'm looking forward to learning you better. Chris, I think we have to make first step ourselves to our happiness. My Chris, I'd like to assure you that you can always count on my help, understanding and encouragement - I'll always support you and in my turn will thank you for your treatment and respect to me. I think we need to understand our desires, wishes, dreams and hope that it's the will of God to draw us together. My Chris, the main thing for me is how honest, thoughtful, colourful and interesting are your thoughts, words and answers. I'm glad that we still continue our correspondence.
Letter 8
Hi dear friend Chris!!!!!!!!!
My darling Chris maybe your real fate is far away for hundreds miles from you, have you ever thought about it? Here it is my favourite poem which I'd like to dedicate to my dearest friend Chris, who is far away for hundreds miles from me... See the pyramids along the Nile
Watch the sun rise from the tropic isle
Just remember darling all the while
You belong to me See the market place in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me And I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me!!! Tell to me please to you my verses have liked?
Chris for you P. S Tomorrow birthday of my Mum.
With hope, love and respect to you, Inga!!! P.S 2
I have not absolutely understood, you have thought up what game!!! Begin its the first, and I will follow to your example!
Letter 9
Hi Chris!!!!
Weather is staying cold. Because of cold weather except going somewhere outside for a walk Lina and I went to our girlfriend to watch DVD "The method of Hitch" with Weel Smith in the main role. Probably you've seen or heard anything about this film. It's trully funny and amazing but romantic comedy at the same time which evoked me storm of emotions and roars of laughter for the hole showing. Maybe it added me several hours of life? :) :) :) The film is definitely funny but at the same time it's very good showed loving relations between man and woman and how it's ought to conquer women's hearts - the main hero Hitch has taught such men who failed in realtions with women. Although the film is frank fairy-tale I rested from a heavy day nevertheless and dreamed at the same time. Watching this film I recollected you my darling Chris and dreamed about such moment when we'll see each other personally and how we'll walk along calm streets or sit in noisy restaraunt, how we'll talk about any trifles - then how we'll go to your home and before coming in you'll kiss me at first time and say: "You can't imagine how I'm happy that we are together at last!". And I'll will answer that I have been waiting for such beautiful moment for all my life... Chris, please sorry this romantic girl for her silly romantic illusions. Chris, to tell the truth my mom and I always share together with our innermost thoughts and dreams. My mother is very glad for me that I've met such worthy man at last. To tell the truth she admire your words and skill of thinking - it's necessary to recognize that my mom understand people very well! But all the same she reckon with my opinion too. My dearest Chris, I like your creative attitude to life and I feel it's very close to me too. I believe two creative personalities will never be bored or lonely together. Why am I so assured? - I don't know, but it's my firm belief...
With much love. The woman who belongs to you, Inga!!!!
Letter 10
Hi my dear Chris
It was valid funny, what science she told???
Chris, Thanks for your so gentle and sensual words.
Very pleasant for me to receive your letters, to read them both to dream and to dream...... I've already got attached so much to you that I miss when I can't read your regular letter or can't answer to you. Lovely Chris, the corresponding with you is like our physical contact through virtual reality. But if something will go wrong and you'll need some encouragement, care and understanding, Chris, just remember that I'll wait for you and will help you because you are more than friend for me. I hope everything is well with you?! Chris, Lovely Chris, I can't sleep up to the late night because I usually think about you Lovely Chris, I think that it's up to you to make plans and to inform me what to expect from you. I frankly hope that your aims coincide with mine. I consider that it's impossible to be alone always, it's necessary to have such friend with whom it's possible to talk smth about, who could help and be pleased at you anytime: at difficult or happy minute. Somebody who will take care of your children, will meet you with prepared supper after the work, will warm at nights by warmth and love... Chris, in the bustle of week-days just recollect me and my words of respect and love to you and I believe all troubles will be disappeared. Chris, anyway please remember that you can always count on my help, understanding, care and love whatever happens in our lives. Chris, to tell the truth my mom and I always share together with our innermost thoughts and dreams. My mother is very glad for me that I've met such worthy man at last. To tell the truth she admire your words and skill of thinking - it's necessary to recognize that my mom understand people very well! But all the same she reckon with my opinion too. My dearest Chris, I like your creative attitude to life and I feel it's very close to me too. I believe two creative personalities will never be bored or lonely together. Why am I so assured? - I don't know, I trust you........
With much love.
The woman who belongs to you,Inga!!!

Letter 11
Hello my darling Chris!!!!!!
My dear Chris, I feel your strong tender feelings through your careful explanations in your wonderful letters to me. Chris, I'm a bit afraid to say it, it's akwardly to confess in my feelings to you - I'm affraid that you'll react negatively or you'll understand me wrong but I can't keep my feelings and thoughts in deep inside of mine anymore.......... I love you my darlind Chris!!! I had to say it to you and now it's up to you how to react - now I feel much better, I'm glad that I've found enough strengh to decide to confess to you... Lovely Chris, I'd like to assure you that all my everyday prays are about you: your cheerful mood, health, good luck - I pray that our love will grow and become stronger day by day because our love is defenceless and fragile in the meanwhile that's why our love needs to be protected by God's will and power. All my future I associate with my family, with my beloved man and our children - this things are the dearest in my life and I'm very happy that your dreams are the same as mine. Chris I'd like to be proud of my beloved husband and my beautiful children and it's my sacred dream that everybody around will tell that we are remarkable beautiful couple and "what a wonderful kind children they have". Lovely Chris, I'm longing for our first meeting - I want it very much because I'm afraid I've fallen in love with you. You are really necessary for me my beloved and unique Chris!I've understood that you are the ideal type of man for me and you are suitable for me in the best way and I sincerely consider that we will be remarkable couple. Chris, what do you think about it? Please tell me your thoughts about my confession? Chris, if you could see the color of my face now.I feel so akwardly that my face is red, my ears are "burning" and my heart is beating "like a madman"...
With love yours Inga!!!
Letter 12
Hi my dear Chris
My life now is filled with sense. I begin to understand that my life is imperfect and partial without you. You're my best friend and my sweetheart, my honey, my dearest, my darling. I spoke with my mom that probably I'll visit you someday.... She is only glad for me, she sincerely thinks that it is my happiness. Today for all the day I have been thinking only about you, I was imagining the scene of our first meeting. I imagine all the time, how you will meet me in the airport, how we will search each other with eyes. Finally find and rush in hugs with each other. I want to make our dreams come true. I wish to arrive to you my dear. Chris I wish to be near you. I spoke with my mom and she has told that she can help me with money a bit. Chris I will spend the premium which I got at work for a trip to you. Would you want me to arrive to you? I know that the trip to you costs lots of money. Chris I think that I'm able to pay for a trip to you. Tomorrow I will go to agency and I'll find out everything.
I love you darling - please write to me what do you think about it?
Letter 13
Hello dear Chris!!!
How was your day? Yesterday I talked with my mum. I told that I wish to be with you, I wish to go to you. Mum is very glad for me.
Today I made the definitive decision. I will be with you.
I have retired from work. Honey, I will find work at you. We will be very happy together, I'm sure.
We will be very happy together, I'm sure. Today I was again in agency. I have signed with contract with them. I wait for our long-awaiting meeting very much.
The agent told me that my documents will be ready very soon, in some days. I will depart from St.-Petersburg at once to you and when I'll arrive you will meet me in the airport.
According the conditions of contract agency does all of te documents for me, the visa should be bought of I would have the ticket.
According the conditions of the contract agency does all of the documents to me. Buys air tickets aboard the plane, makes a trip route.
Organizes my tripin full.
Today I have paid the first part of money. In agency they have told that it's necessary to pay two times. They will tell when it will be necessary to pay second time. I do not know the reason actually. When I have asked, the agent has told me that there are such situations when the embassy does not accept documents. I have given that my award to agency.
Are you glad that rather soon we will be together.
Letter 14
Hello my love Chris!!!!
I so am glad, that you could disassemble, that I have told to you!!!!
Here it is my new address!!! At me the computer has broken, and all has been kept there!!!
But now, I think, that all will be as it should be!!!!
I will write to you more soon!!!
I have news and the request!!!
Letter 15
Hello my darling Chris !!!!
I am so glad that our affairs are going well. Soon we will be together.
I went to agency to learn how the things are going, whether if everything is perfectly in order with documents.
They have told me that it's necessary to bring the second part of money to travel agency in amount of 1100$.
I thought that I could pay for a trip the whole sum by myself.
I was helped by my mum and my aunt. Dear Chris please do not think that I wish just to rellocate to you and use you and live at your expenses.
When I will arrive to you my parents and aunt are going to help me. I didn't think that the ticket to you will cost so much.
Please don't think anything bad about me. I rely upon you and your help, I wish you could help me.
Honey, I'm afraid I can't pay for whole of the trip to you. Could you help me?
There is a lack of 730$, can you help me with them? I'm happy to recognize that I have such person whom I can rely upon in difficult situation - you my dearest Chris and please remember that you can always count on my help too.
I have been always considering myself as the independent person but this time I'm afraid I can't find the way without your help.
Chris I think that I didn't complicate things. Possibly it will your planless expenses.
I hope that I have not annoyed you. I feel so inconvenient to ask money from you.
I thought that I could pay for the trip by myself. I hope that this money is not a problem for you.
Chris will you help me with this agency payment? Please write to me what do you think about it?
Letter 16
Hello my dearest and beloved man Chris!!!!!!
How are you today? I hope well and you your day is nice also.
Dear, do you like the idea of our personal meeting?
My parents and friends are glad for me and our future happiness with you.
My mood is high. I hope, that I'm the same special person as you are for me, and That the God has created us to be together.
Last night I looked at the sky and began to think, and have asked myself,
Why do I so often think of you Chris? I have been thinking about it for a long time.
Thanks to your support and your lovely attention to me I'm full of positive emotions. I wish you all the best.
I will think of you and wait for your answer with great impatience. Kiss Kiss Kiss
With love, yours baby Inga!!!!!
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