Scam letter(s) from Maria Chirkova to Jody (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Jody Sorry!!!!!! I could not answer you earlier.
I did not see your letter. It has been placed in spam folder.
I do not know why it happens.
Probably it is a mistake of a server.
I will disconnect spam filter. Also I hope my letter it will not be placed in yours spam the filter.
Check it more often.
I saw your add and should say you are a very interesting and attractive man.
I wish I could have a chance to get to know you.
Hope you will give me this chance and will write me more about yourself.
And now I will give you an idea of who I am.
Jody, am I right that this is you real first name? :-)))
My name is Irina. I am 28 y.o., My height is 167 cms(it 5.5 foots), my weight is 56 kgs (123.5 lbs).
I have never been married and have no children.
I am slim and in a good shape. I am fond of jogging to keep fit.
You see I live in Ukraine, Kiev in the country-side in some kilometers from the city.
So it is very convenient for me to do it in the morning or in the evening.
I enjoy the fresh air and the nature around me and at the same time keep my body fit.
I work in the restaurant every second day as a waitress and have to go to the city.
I have to earn for my living as I have nobody to take care of me.
I have to survive in this big and cruel world myself. I lost my parents in a car accident.
I don't like to talk about this as it still hurts me very much.
So, I don't have any brothers and sisters...
I can say that I have many interests and I enjoy life as it is.
I always try to find something good even in bad situation. I just love this life and want to live a complete full life.
The only thing I really miss in my life now is a close person.
A person who will allow me to lay my head on his shoulder and to tell him everything what is inside of me, in my soul.
I want to love and to be loved. I want to take care of my beloved person and devote all of myself to him.
To see his smile and be happy just because of it, to love everything in him.
Just to love his as he is with all his advantages and disadvantages.
We are not ideal and we are interesting because we have disadvantages which make us differ from each other. I think I should close here. I use an Internet cafe as I don't have my personal computer and phone at home.
Please, don't worry if you don't get a letter from me. I will write you in a day as I have to go to the city to write you.
Will be waiting impatiently for your reply. --
Irina P.S. Please, answer me asap that I knew that I am interesting to you.
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