Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Chirkova to Wade (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear Wade!!! There would be nothing I would want more then for you and me together.
I also long long to feel your soft touch and the warmth of your body laying next to. The sweet taste of your lips as we kiss for the first time. I want to look deep into your eyes and get lost in the love that you have for me. I want to take long walks under the moonlight. You are a precious flower and I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you. I want to make you my king can I be your queen ? As I look up into the moonlight sky I pic a star as it glows like a diamond I see you looking up at that same star as I feel the warm of the sun on my face I imagine that it is you giving me a sweet kiss on my cheek. P.S. I can fly to you on Tue if you will help me by the end of this week. I will send you all flight information asap... --
Daria Pronina
Letter 2
You know I have learned some days ago that the privatization of apartment costs 5% of apartment price which is about 29800 $ US (People from independent estimating system came to me yesterday and estimated my apartment such price) and 5% it is about 1490 $ US, so without it I can not leave my country because my apartment might come to state hands. I think it is really would better for both of us if you would be able to send those money help so I would pay for privatization of my apartment, so then I think we would think about our marriage and if it would happen my apartment in Ukraine will not necessary for me and we would sell it for that price with no problem and I think that almost 30000 $ US will not bad for building our future life and happiness, what do you think??? I thought a lot about as about us in future and you know I have only real feeling to you it is all from my soul and it would really good and pleasant for me to begin our new life together...
Daria Pronina
Letter 3
how could you think that I am the scammer????
It is not my blame that there are a lot of scammers in my area!!!
I am not a scammer!!! I only want to find the right person for me and make him happy!! --
Daria Pronina
Letter 4

My sweetheart Wade,
It is such an agony to be here and to know that you are far from me.
I see you in my dreams every night and it is so hard for me to wake up in the morning as I don’t want the night dream to be over.
Perhaps, you think that I am weird.
But my feelings are so strong. And you just drive me crazy.
You have stolen my heart and I am like a toy in your arms.
You are my beloved person, the man I love and care about so much.
You are my life. You are the only one I need in this life.
Hope you are not tired yet from my feelings?
I often imagine us together. How we make love, how we cuddle, how I cook for you, how we do nothing. How we stay in bed and feed each other and then make love again and again.
You are my precious man, the man of my dream.
I get excited even thinking about you. How do you do this?
Just tell me that you love me and I will melt... P.S. please tell me when you are able to help me the money? --
Daria Pronina
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