Scam letter(s) from Natalia Penkova to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1
Writes you the letter mum Natalya Penkova.
At me very bad news to you.
I will try to write to you all as it would become possible more in detail that for you more clearly.
We with my daughter were going to descend in shop what to buy a T-short and a skirt as at it was not that normal what to go to you in the country in the morning.
When we have started to approach to shop, my daughter has told to me that give we will eat ice-cream,
And here when it has followed ice cream when it has begun passes road, is suddenly unexpected from where that leaves the Jeep, and forces down it.
My daughter rejects from **** on not how many in metre, but this car has not stopped and has left from a scene of crime.
When I have seen it I at once have run to it when I have come running to it it there was all in blood, and it from people has caused First aid.
When there has arrived First aid it at once have carried in hospital, in 15 minutes we have arrived to hospital,
And it at once would carry in chamber what to help it.
Me have not let in chamber though I very much asked them and spoke that it is my daughter.
Approximately in 7 minutes there is a doctor and speaks me very bad news.
He has told that they did all that probably what to rescue my daughter but them it was not possible, she has died.
To me after words of the doctor it became very bad.
I did not know what to do, when there have passed approximately 3 hours I would go in internet cafe what to write you the letter, and that you would know that yours favourite was lost.
It is very a pity to me that has occurred to my daughter.
It was not so easy to me to speak and write you these words.
I hope that you have understood all that I to you now have told.
I very awfully feel now.
I cannot write you more for me it very painfully.
And for you will read my letter simply awfully.
Mum Natalya Penkova
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