Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Simonova to Mauri (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear Mauri!!!

C impatience hastened today in the Internet of cafe to read your letter. I have been very much excited in a way. My way basically makes only 15 minutes from a house, or 10 minutes from my work and consequently I each time simply fly by all this way about 5-7 minutes now!!!! (Smile) I simply fly, is faster than the fastest sportsman on walking!!!!! (Smile) is very glad to read again from you and to learn, that with you all is good, and that you as to have the big happiness!!!!! I as you to ask to not refuse your friends and from your mum. Pay to these close people sufficient attention which they deserve. It is my request. I am glad certainly, that your mum knows about your intentions, it is very good, and good that she not against because with mum it is better to not argue!!!! (Smile)

My day was as is usually difficult and sated, there is no superfluous minute for rest, except for certainly visiting the Internet of cafe!!!!! It for me the big rest to read from you the letter and to write the!!!!!! (Smile) AS I spoke you earlier, but now I began so well to write, I have in sense good speed of work on the keyboard so I can even work as the typist and print texts to order!!!! And that quite good additional earnings!!!!! (Smile) And yesterday we with my girlfriend on cuisine drank tea (certainly green (smile)), and we spoke much about you:-) you know, dear, that my heart of full various emotions because of you so I wanted to divide it with my girlfriend. She listened to me very closely and only wished me success. And she hopes, that you are good a man, and you will not injure me in any way. I have told to it, what even that I never saw you in real, I feel deep in my soul, that I can feel like safe and safe with you. And I trust you very much!!!!

Today, when I went for work the gipsy saw, which big crowd went where that. And at once I recollected one case from my life which occured to me very much for a long time when to me there were 18 more years. I not a preoval to this the big attention and consequently it left at me a head, but today I distinctly and clearly recollected it, and have decided to share with you!!!!! It, Somehow I went along the street and to me the noisy and motley crowd the gipsy towards moved. Basically it there were women in the long and bright numerous skirts, on them there was a set of dear ornaments. Also among them their unruly children ran there - here. I want to tell at once road, that up to this meeting I very much was afraid the gipsy but as at me there was very small sum of money, I have decided to not be afraid of this casual meeting. When the gipsy have overtaken me from them suddenly the elderly woman was separated and has moved in the direction of me. I shall not hide during any moment in my soul scared but as to turn off already was late. I continued to move in the same direction. The elderly woman the gipsy has approached to me and has taken me for a hand, I vainly tried to pull out a hand while she calmed me, its voice appeared silent, but rather pleasant. She has very in detail told to me about events having place with me to that I have been much surprised. But the most interesting appears waited for me ahead. The woman the gipsy looking on my palm has told to me, that it will be very difficult for me to find happiness on the ground and that most likely my elect and the satellite on a life begins, as she was expressed, the stranger. I tried to give this woman the small sum of money, but she has categorically refused and has disappeared also quickly as well as has appeared. At that time I have not betraid special value to words of the old woman the gipsy. But now my lovely I even more often start to think of that probably carrying out during all our life inevitably pushed us on a meeting each other. As I already wrote in the previous letters I believe in the God, and I hope that it will not leave us and further will help and accompany in connection of our hearts. Whether tell there was in your life something similar and how you concern to all similar events??????

Honey, you know, I think much of you. You are in my ideas all time regardless of the fact that I do I I think of you. You are very dear for my heart and soul. I am very happy, that you are in my life now. You know, I am so happy, that you are in my life now, that we build new relations which grow day after day. I am very happy, that I can speak with you about what or, that I can open my heart and soul to you which we can inform easily with you!!!!!!! (Smile) I thought of our meeting. Your words be relative the passport for me appeared rather amazing. I at once again went to learn about the prices, and anything similar. Depending on time of registration of the passport cost so 180 $ (12 days), 150 $ (17 days), 120 (more than 21 day) These prices at us in Russia, but at you probably it is cheaper. I now to have at myself only 45 $ and as you see I to not have getting the sum for the passport. And the visa costs only 35 euros!!!!! Still it will be necessary to buy the insurance 55 $, and all it is necessary for me for the beginning 300 $. As I have 45 $ you could give to me missing 250 $!!!!!! (Smile) I to not have the bank account and consequently the variant with the Western union of me quite arranges as I can receive it in any city of Russia. My name Ekaterina Simonova, Russia. (smile) I very much want to meet you!!!!!!!! (Smile)

Finishing the letter I want to express once again to you gratitude for your sincerity. Very much also I shall wait very much for your message.

Yes the God, and let the angel - keeper stores you does not leave you!!!!

I grieve without you very much!!!!!!!

With embraces,


Letter 2

Hi my honey Mauri!!!!!

Has received your letter and was very happy to read it from you!!!!! I already to have it is more than time to write to you and consequently once again I want to ask you to forgive me, and to not take offence, as I a lot of time had no opportunity to write to you. I already spoke you, that I went to mine to one old girlfriend which lives in the city of Ioshkar Ola, I am similar frequently to go in this city!!!!! (Smile) Is a pity, that so has coincided, that in the Internet of cafe sanitary day was. I was so is suppressed all this time as knew, that you there will worry by all means for me. Birthday has passed normally, at least for me, and for guilty celebrations were Simply extraordinary!!!!!! (Smile) there Have arrived many her girlfriends, and I was glad to see very much all of them as earlier we studied together, and was about what to talk and recollect. It was remarkable time, and me in any way did not want to release and it was necessary to remain to spend the night there. But I even when was going to sleep, I thought of you, about that as there are your affairs...

Know, I thought of our relations much. I began to ask to myself a question. And what such there is a love? And frequently I do not find the answer to this question. I know, that the love really exists, and I similar to test something to you. My feelings to you very strong and me it becomes sometimes terrible. Terribly that we never with you can be together, and I very much want to be with you. I constantly think of you. I try to present us together, to present our possible family, to present our possible children. To me I become sad that at present not with you beside. I am very tired from loneliness. I thought earlier, that I the strong woman and I can always consult with the experiences and emotions itself and anybody cannot help me with it. My love if you knew how I now in you to require. I was already bothered with all this monotonous life. I would like something new in my life. I want to love and be the man loved by mine. I every day wait for your letter again to plunge completely into other world. The world full of love and happiness. When I write to you the letter I completely to be immersed in the dreams. I see us together, I see as we are happy, I see our fine future. But all this comes to an end, when I leave on street and I see same. I see such world where there is no to me a place. Where I feel to nobody necessary and such unprotected. I at once would like to cry and shout for the whole world. Why all so is bad? Why? Why, when people like each other there is a set of problems for achievement of this purpose? I think, that nobody knows answers to these questions. And I do not know. And you cannot answer these questions. I am already tired from everything, that me surrounds. All on work do not understand, that to me occurs. And I cannot answer them. I would would like to become the child and only to be pleased lives, not knowing all these problems which now surround me. When I was the little girl I lived in completely ideal world. By the children's naivety I trusted, that for me sometime there will arrive prince on a white horse and will take away me far on edge of light where there will be only we together and nobody to us will prevent to love each other. But it only children's dreams which are at each little girl! (Smile) But I has matured and has seen other party of this world where people deceive each other where everywhere reigns lie and hypocrisy where everyone lives only for itself. And I again would like to live in that children's world when all seems in pink color!!!!! Actually, when I see your letters and your love to me I to feel like the happiest woman on light, but it is necessary to me to come back home, I start to long. I hope you understand me and about what I you to write? I all time try myself to adjust, that is fast we with you we shall meet. But at heart I am afraid, that it never happen. I know, that you live in completely other world. At us with you identical dreams, but we are surrounded with the different world. I think, that the family it and is that world where people are happy really. I want to live in such world where I shall be happy. I too for a long time waited for the happiness and now when I have met this happiness to me again sadly. I ask the God that he has helped us to be together. Unless we cannot be happy? We can, but on this way again there are obstacles which prevent us and our meeting. I want to trust, that we can overcome these obstacles. I want to trust in love. I so for a long time waited for it and I do not want to lose love again. Now I know, that I the weak woman and I am very strong in you to require. I want, that you have strong embraced me and have pressed to yourself. I want, that you never released me. There can be I to you seem too naive woman, but I really want it above all. I precisely know, that I love you. Otherwise to express that I feel to you I I can not more!!!!!! (Smile) And it to the best for me!!!! (Smile) I completely to trust the God, and to trust, that he always wants that I was happy, and I am confident, that I can be lucky enough with you!!!!! (Smile) Tomorrow there will be a remarkable day as I shall have my passport, and for me will be necessary your help, for mine receptions the visa!!!!! (Smile) Is the important factor, it is the ticket. A floor price of him 290 $. I can personally find 90 $ and then you need to give only to me 200 $ and plus cost the visa, and I as can pay for the insurance itself. I cannot allow, that I was honey completely dependent on you!!!!!!! Now for me it is necessary nevertheless your help as I one cannot organize it!!!!!! (Smile)

On it I want to stop, and with impatience I shall expect your new letter for me!!!!

My gentle embraces and sensitive kisses,




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