Scam letter(s) from Victoria Artamonova to J. F. (USA)

Letter 1
Thank you that you are still with me, I want to tell you sorry again and again.
Forgive me for this situation please, but i can not loose you, i don't want be separate from you. I've lend a little money at my friend to be able to write you this letter, because I don't want to stop our communication, I'm sure we have a lot of good things together in our future..
My angel, for translation of each letter I pay $5 and for printing or scanning photo $2. Also this translating firm, which I use provide unlimited services on month, i's cost pretty nice ($200). Unlimited month of translating services means that we will be able to write to each other unlimited amount of letters whole months and to send to each other unlimited amount of photos.. Please decide yourself what is more convenient for you..
My angel, I've tried to know the best way.. and people said that the more quicker for transferring is Western Union System or Money Gram System.
Oh, my, I feel terrible to speak about it, because I ask you about it, please forgive me.
Probably you will need some information about me.
Here is my data:
Ukraine, Kharkov
Sumskaya St. 127
Viktoria Artamonova. You know, love is like a sea wave. First you do not feel anything like this Calm.
But when the time comes in your heart starts storm, and so it was when I met you.
I lovely hug you, and shall falling in love with you.
And I am ready to plunge into this ocean love with the head together with you . Forgive me again please. Take care, double kiss you. With passion love, your Viki.
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