Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Yandylova to Nick (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Nick!! I am happy to our acquaintance, I want to learn more about you, from me to you the big interest, I want that we communicated with you more often, constantly!! I have written to you about myself, I want that you have written me the same story about yourself, I want to understand your character, I shall be happy if we with you shall find magnificent mutual understanding!! My full name Nadezda, my age of 30 years, my growth of 178 centimeters, my weight about 65 kg, a normal constitution. I live in Russia, city Kazan. We have many rivers, lakes, and various small ponds in which to be found a lot of fish. I like to go for a drive on a boat and a catamaran, especially in the evening, to me to like, when the sun comes, for horizon, very romantically. In the winter I like to go to a sun deck, to me to like, the bath, a sauna very much to like to bathe in pool. I work in shop of clothes for children, I the seller. At leisure I like to sew clothes itself, in the future I dream to open the actually studio on tailoring. In general all like is normal, but in my life there is no the most important, I do not have favourite person. I dream to create family and to give birth to children, I want to enjoy a life in embraces of love of the man. And that you search, what at you the most important meaning of the life, write to me more about yourself, I shall be happy more about you to find out, came to me more than the photos, photos will help us to find out more about each other. It is a lot of, many gentle kisses and warm embraces your girlfriend expecting for correct understanding, full reciprocity and sincerity, I shall be sympathizing to receive your letters Nadezda!!
I cannot be one, my heart wearily to be lonely, I want to be happy from the big mutual love!!
Letter 2
Hello dear Nick!! I am happy to our acquaintance and that we communicate with you, you seem to me very nice, I shall be glad with you to communicate frequently constantly, at me to you interest, I want that all this was mutual!! Tell to me what your true search on the Internet how long you search it?!
I according to the girlfriend have decided to find the love on the Internet, I am going to take soon holiday, I would like to visit abroad, I want to look the world!! I dream to visit to any magnificent, romantic place and that I was waited with my love, I very strongly want to enjoy a life in embraces of love, favourite of the man!!
My director in shop in which I work, has told to me, I should take holiday at the end of June then there will be a lot of work, it will be necessary to go in other city behind the goods, new delivery of the goods for trade will soon begin, I have superb worked, and have deserved rest!!
When at you holiday how you like to have a rest, and the most important with whom, can to me will advise, in fact at you the big life experience, if it not a secret certainly?!
How you think, where and it is the best way to me to visit to what country, you have any ideas, you can take holiday, you want to have a rest in common?! You are very strongly interesting to me, I shall be happy, if our meeting will be carried out it a fine opportunity to learn, understand each other, what you think?!
I like when the man resolute, able to take all in the hands, know such there is an expression « has come, has seen and has won!! », you are resolute the man?!
I want that you were more resolute, I would like to understand your character, we with you need to find out more about each other, whether that we can understand to be together, I shall wait for your letters, I would like that our dialogue amplified with each letter, you want it?!
I all pending your letters, I want to admire you more, constantly, came to me more than the photos!!
Your girlfriend Nadezda is a lot of kisses and embraces from Russia, I wait from you for full correct understanding, full sincerity in our dialogue is necessary for me!!
My heart longs without the big mutual love, my second half is necessary for me, I very strongly want to love and be love, favourite!!
Letter 3
Hello my lovely Nick!! I all pending your bell, I dream to hear your voice, I would like from you tenderness, I want to feel your ideas from heart!! Here my phone number, +79177173445, if suddenly you can not phone write to me sms the message, I shall be happy to see in my phone of a word of love, I want to feel tenderness, I all pending your bell!! I am tired to be one, I would like the big mutual love, my heart wants magnificent feelings!! All my ideas about you and about our happy appointment, I want to receive the sea of pleasure from our joint rest, here there will be your resoluteness, lovely I for a long time dreamed to go abroad in any magnificent place if you cannot take suddenly holiday, I can arrive to you, I shall be happy with you to get acquainted closer, I want to understand better your character so it will be easier to us to learn each other, I want to see the eyes as you live to look your city, your favourite places, what you think, answer me more quickly, you of me excite with all heart, your heart are open for the big mutual love?! It is a lot of, many sweet kisses and burning, most passionate embraces with all my heart and all soul, your girlfriend Nadezda!!
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Nick!! To me very pleasantly our dialogue!! I am very happy, that we have got acquainted!! I for a long time searched for such person as you!! Today I went to agency where my girlfriend works, she has acquainted me with possible dates of sending, flights... I have given documents on registration of the visa and the order of tickets. My girlfriend will make all for me qualitatively and as soon as possible. In Greece I shall take off from Moscow, and to Moscow I should go from my city of 10 hours by train. Therefore my travel turns out long enough. But I am very glad to it!! I cannot wait this day when you will meet me!! I am very happy, I feel the most joyful and cheerful!! You have made me such!! You - my miracle, my dream which has rescued me from loneliness!! I very much am grateful to you, that you have invited me to yourself to spend together!! We shall walk, have fun, enjoy the friend the friend, we shall be very happy!! For me it will be the first trip abroad, and she for a long time to me will be remembered, I do not doubt!!
I shall write to you about preparation of my documents every day. I hope, that you too are very glad. I wait for your answer very soon!! I would like, that at us with you all was magnificent!! It is a lot of, many gentle kisses and warm embraces your girlfriend Nadezda!!
Letter 5
Hello my lovely Nick!! Lovely i all my ideas about you and about our happy appointment, I want to receive the sea of pleasure from our joint rest!! But I have some problem. I have already paid for the visa and for the ticket up to Moscow 460 euro, but it is necessary for me to pay for tickets up to Greece 670 euro. You can help me with payment of this ticket? I did not expect, that the ticket will cost so dearly, and I have no enough money. I live one and I earn not so much. I think, that we should do in common my travel to you!! Lovely, it is necessary to pay for the ticket already tomorrow. I do not know what to do, I am very much upset. I very much want to be with you, I dream of it all the day long and all my night!! You should understand me!! I want to give you all my love and tenderness in real time!! I think, that we shall lead fine time together!! We shall walk, have fun, enjoy the nature and the friend the friend!! As I want it!! Many, many gentle, most sweet kisses and passionate, most desired embraces all yours in love Nadezda!!
Letter 6
Hello my lovely kitten Nick!! I on you very strongly miss, always when I receive your next letter to me to like it to read, I see that at you not counterfeit feelings, I will be confident that at us with you magnificent mutual love the future I my most important dream that in my life have appeared the man with which at me there will be always a full correct mutual understanding!! Lovely how many it will be possible to pull with appointment, I am tired to wait and so holiday the whole year, and you to me suggest to wait still tell to me particularly you resolute the man if yes make the decision, my heart not iron, I want to hear from you sincerity, true reciprocity I can take holiday approximately for 10-15 days want to be all this time with you, and I want to receive the sea of positive energy from our joint rest that this energy has sufficed for all next working year, you with me agree I is confident!! You seem it to me do not trust me has very strongly offended, you understand me I go to other country to you at me there should be guarantees, I will be correctly confident also you with me will agree that it is necessary to do travel by joint efforts, there can be such situation you has told that you will take away will pay itself, suddenly I to you shall not like also tickets, you understand as I then shall go back, I want to pay tickets at yourself in agency, so at me will be to a guarantee, you has started talking about mistrust, so I has thought all has weighed and has decided, solved, and the more so me has warned girlfriend in agency of travel that is better to issue all in Russia, I wait for your urgent bell, you really want our happy meeting!! I send you set of the most sweet as honey of kisses and burning, most desired embraces all yours in love Nadezda, I want all this in the near future, my heart and the soul completely belongs to you, I want to hear from you the same feelings!!
Letter 7
Lovely I to you already all has told, if I am necessary choice for you will make, I all pending our big mutual love want to know your true feelings Nadezda!!
Letter 8
My love I send to you a photo which you wanted, I hope now you to me believe, I all pending your fast bell for departure of money shall send the data tomorrow on sms to the message, all in love Nadezda, my heart and soul completely belongs to you!!
Letter 9
Hello love Nick, I am happy that soon we with you shall together, I am tired to be one to me wants the big mutual love, I want more quickly to you, I want to be the happiest woman in the world in your desired most passionate embraces!! I called to the girlfriend all have learned about translations by bank into my bank card, it can be long about one week, I cannot wait so much, I want more quickly to you, you know my holiday already began!! The girlfriend to me has told that there are systems of fast remittances, it is possible to use such as Moneygram, it is fast, qualitative and reliable. You should find such system in the city and send money for my name and the address.
My full name - Nadezda Yandylova
My address - Russia, city Kazan, Gagarina street 47-24,
When you will send money you will write to me a code both your full name and the address, I can receive money the same day and descend to pay for tickets, for a start in a next flight. I wait for translation today. My heart runs to you!! I send set of the most sweet kisses, I present our first kiss to me on soul to become pleasantly when we shall meet at the airport you of me will embrace, I want that we with you became the happiest people in the world that all envied our happiness, all yours in love Nadezda!!
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