Romance scam letter(s) from Diana to Hans (Sweden)
Letter 1
Dear Hans, First of all I want to thank you for your amazing letter. It’s pleasant that you paid your attention to me. I hope that our correspondence will be interesting for both of us:)
Well, my name is Diana which means divine in Latin. I was born on the 25th of July, 1982. I'm of medium height and I have a slim figure. My hair is dark and my eyes are the color of dark chocolate:)
I live together with my Mom. My Dad left us when I was 4 years old. That hurt me a lot, but now childish wound healed and I forgave him.
Well, you've already known that I live in Kharkiv which is situated in the east of Ukraine. It's not big but rather crowded.
My town is quite young and the biggest part of its citizens are youth. There are a lot of night clubs.
I think you know that every woman adore beauty in any demonstration:) And I'm not the exception)) So maybe that's why I decided to be a hairdresser. I adore my profession very much!!!
I think to create the beauty is a vocation of each woman!!!
But to my great regret when I studied in college, I have missed chance to learn English.
So I use the help of the interpreter to write you my letters and to read yours.
Well, I hope it’s not an obstacle.
Am I right, Hans?
Well, if you share my interests answer me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2
Salut my dear Hans, Thank you for your amazing letter and photos!!!! I liked it very much!!!!
Thank you for writing me again. I was very glad to get your letter!!!
In my previous letter I told you only some facts about myself. I will continue doing it:) I hope you don't mind, Hans?
I would love to tell you what things I consider to be the most important in life.
I hope this will help you to understand what I am like a person.
I'm sure that people shouldn't be judged by appearance or clothes they wear, inner beauty is more important than physical one.
In my life I try to be an optimist and to take things easy. I'm good-humored and sociable, it's not a problem for me to make an acquaintance with a person. But I don't have a lot of friends because a person who has a lot of friends, actually doesn't have them.
I'm hard-working and I'm not afraid of difficulties because I'm sure that I'll overcome all that obstacles if they are on my way to happiness or success. My motto is "Never give up!!"
Well, I'd like to tell you everything about myself but each woman should have her secrets for a man to guess:)) Write you soon.
Kisses, Diana XXX
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