Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Simonova to Richard (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Rich!!!!!!!!!!!
Mine dear I am very grateful to you for so excellent letter from you.
I am grateful to you, that not looking that I did not write to you,
you nevertheless to continue to write to me, it very much flatters me and very much to me to like, huge to you for this thanks (smile).
Unfortunately I not cvxm to write you the letter as it has been occupied as soon there will come my day a birth, it is very a pity to me, that this day you cannot be with me beside, that we to live so far and that we to have various culture. It is very a pity to me, that you be valid cannot with me, it is very a pity to me, that soon there will come Christmas, that we cannot meet you, I so wished it and wanted, I very much wanted to learn you better, but not that I nevertheless am sure, that all the same we with you when not be we can meet. These days I to go shopping to buy various the foodstuffs, as to choose to myself a new fur coat which I so wanted and wished and as I to buy to myself new boots of which too dreamed. But unfortunately I have got all this on credit, as they for me very expensive and I could not them so easily to pay. It is very pleasant for me, that you so are good to spend time, you to love a chess (smile) surprisingly, I too very much to love it, I think and I hope, that when not be we with you nevertheless we shall play a party a chess. What do you think of it mine dear? As me has surprised, that you to love computer games, in fact to you any more 17 years what to be interested in games mine dear? Though certainly, you men always will be children despite of age (smile) That you think of it mine dear? I think, that you to not forget my day a birth and already to send me what or a gift (smile).
My day a birth on December, 10 if you it to not overlook yet, but the most important, I from you shall wait the hand-written letter as it much more expensive than electronic, but still if you me to send and a gift I there will be simply crazy (smile) Well mine dear, I shall wait from you for letters and the answer. I send you my most sweet kiss.
And as I send you my new photo.
Katya!!!!!!!!!!! P/S If you want to send (I of it very much I want (a smile)) me a card I can give you the address of my letter box: 425200, Russia, Mari-El region, Medvedevo town, P.O.Box 40, for Ekaterina Simonova. But only it in the other city. I there frequently am with mum, it is its native land, and at me there it is a lot of relatives.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Rich!!!!
Mine dear Rich I am grateful to you for your letter. I only to come from work and have decided to write to you the letter. Yes I am valid was very happy, that could speak with you, that could have with you a chat. I as very much hope, as today I can speak with you in Yahoo. Yes I find out about cost, all documents in which it will be necessary for me at departure you. In agency to me have told, that the passport and the visa and still small documents, this medical insurance and some other documents is necessary. The visa will prepare within 2 weeks,
and I shall receive the passport in a week, from the date of registration. Cost of all these necessary documents, me to do without approximately 215 $ and concerning tickets I could not find out exact yet and more in detail I shall tell to you, probably you know more so I shall be very glad if you too will help me with it. Yes I was very glad to see your daughter and it will be very pleasant for me with them with all to get acquainted and be for them the friend. As I want to present you my new photos which I to make completely recently, I hope to you they to like, in fact on it your gift (smile). Well I shall wait now you in Yahoo and I shall wait, that you to come in a chat. It is well mine dear I as I shall wait for your letter and your answer. Yours Katya!!
Letter 3

Hi my dear Rich!!!
Thanks you for your letter. I am very glad, that you agree to help me with documents and I hope, that you can help me with it. Unfortunately I to not have the bank account. I never opened the bank account because it was not required to me. I yesterday tried to go in bank and I asked about transfer of money. To me have told, that you could send easily money the Western Union. In bank have told, that it is the fastest and easy way of transfer of money. You heard something about it? I very much want to arrive to you and I would be happy to see you and to see your fine children. I also have paid attention in your letter to one moment. Rich, I want, that you have remembered for ever.
I never to abuse trust of people. It low and I am not capable of such act. I really very much want to see you and I very much hope, that at us with you all will turn out. I at any moment can begin process of official registration of papers and I hope, that you can find a way to help me in it. Mine dear, I very much want to see you and I want to build love with you. I want to learn your answer about the Western Union and I shall come here again in the evening. I very much hope,
that we with you shall start to operate concerning a meeting because I madly want to meet you and your children. I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Katya!!!
Letter 4

Hello my love Rich!!!
Huge to you thanks for yours of the letter and the detailed description of sending of money, is very pleasant that you already to send me of money but why then you to not write number?? Otherwise I cannot receive it, and now I have understood, you to be afraid, that it can be noticed. I to guess, you want to inform me it in a chat,
that is in Yahoo. I shall well wait for your arrival in a chat today.
Yes it was valid for speaking wonderfully with you today in a chat, it is a pity certainly that so not for long and that so it would be desirable to sleep a little but as already darkened also to me,
besides you to prepare for a fine meal, I am sure it there was very tasty (smile). I think children you to be proud, that at them such magnificent father, I too to be proud of you, as you have deigned to bring up children, have undertaken this responsibility, a little such the man on light and I am glad, that I to find you in this big world,
I am glad what to get acquainted and make a correct choice. So mine dear? As I spoke you, that the visa and documents will be made out approximately within a week and several days. I to look tickets up to your country and as I spoke you it will cost at a rate of 379,59 euros I in the letter as I shall include also the schedule of arrival and flying away of my flight, I shall take approximately same, as it the cheapest ticket. What do you think in this occasion mine dear? I shall well wait for you today in a chat and we can all in detail as to discuss. I shall as wait for your letter and your answer. Yours Katya!!!
P/S These are provisional tickets for flight in your country.
For 1 ticket: 270 c.u. + gathering, there and back
1 ticket (à) x (USD270,00 + USD109,59) = USD379,59
Airline: British Airways Flight: BA875
Departure: on March, 04, 20:55, Domodedovo the airport
Arrival: on March, 04, 22:20, Heathrow
Places: Economy a class, places are
Time in a way: 4 hours. 25 minutes.
Airline: British Airways Flight: BA874
Departure: on June, 04, 13:05, Heathrow
Arrival: on June, 04, 19:54, Domodedovo the airport
Places: Economy a class, places are v Time in a way: 3 hours. 50 m.
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