Letter(s) from Natalia to Peter (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, Peter

How are you?

ok... I think you miss most part of info about me too. So try to explain situation with me in few words

I work as a waitress... work a lot... I can take a few days off, but I need to knwo abotu the days at least a weeks before

One more serious problem is my english.... I don't speak on it. Do you speak some russian?

I think if you want I could recomended you a good guide. Here name is Ira. She works with a tuorists, like your own guide with a car. I stay you her e-mail... who knows, may be you will use it) master_classes@rambler.ru



Letter 2

Hello Peter

How are you?

Sorry was really busy last days... had no chances to visit agency and write an answer)

Sure... when you will know your schedule and let me know about the time which you take for visit here... I could plan my work table too. I think it's great idea about lunch)

I don't know... but if you come here just for few days... i recomended you take a guide) you will see more things... and get more pleasure from the process)

The summer time is crazy hot in Sevastopol... and publish transportation are terrible), but of course you are know how will be better for you.

Do you like Yalta? As I understand you've never been in Sevastopol before.... Sure you will like this city)

Hope to hear from you soon