Letter(s) from Tatyana to Ioan (Romania)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Ioan!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter, I am very glad. If it is fair, I did not expect to receive from you letters. But you have written to me, and I think, that we shall begin acquaintance! I live in the fine country under the name Russia, in small city under name Zelenodoksk. Our city to be in 700 kilometers from Moscow, to our city of 460 years. And with the population in 90 thousand. And you live in what city? In my city very clean, our city very pure, in comparison with others. Our city is surrounded from different directions with woods. From Russian Zelenodoksk to be translated as green.. She passes on the most part of Russia. Tell about the city? I shall describe myself. My age of 27 years, a brunette, harmonous, my growth 168, weight of 56 kg. At me brown eyes, on a sign on zodiac Libra, my favourite color red, black and white. I have a little described myself. Describe itself? I like to go in for sports, in the childhood I was engaged in gymnastics. Now I go to the fitness - center but only not always there is time for this purpose. When there is a free time I go with the big desire and goes in for sports. And you go in for sports? In the general love. Concerning my feature: in basis I the optimist, Sincere, sociable, In general in me the gentle arrangement. I estimate in Mercy of character, and honesty. I have not many friends and familiar, but I have the best girlfriend, her name - katya, we are familiar with her from school. She has advised me to try to get acquainted with the person on the Internet from other country. I am interested very important with a question why you get acquainted with the girl from Russia? Why you do not get acquainted with girls from the country? To me the answer to my question is very important. And the answer to this question will affect for our further dialogue. I hope, that you will fairly answer it. I the Christian also trust the god, you trust the god? In you other religion, but the god one for all people, you agree with me? I send you the photo, I hope that it to like you. Send to me please the photo. I shall look forward to hearing from you with the big impatience.
Your new friend Tatyana

Letter 2

Hello Ioan!
I have just come from work home. In the street it is warm. And what weather at you? It is very pleasant for me to read your letter.Thanks for your your photos. I am very glad to receive it. How you? Thanks for your answer. I looking for the man from mine the countries, but was not present with whom I would want to be together. And consequently has decided, that through the Internet I shall find. At all my girlfriends all to miscellaneous develop relations. One my girlfriend live with the husband they are fine, there are no at them serious quarrels, live happily. At other girlfriend, but sometimes her husband dismisses on her hands, it is simply awful. I think, that it is last business to beat the woman. What do you think of it? Write to me your ideas about it. My second girlfriend loves the husband, and he to her uses as wants, feelings it seems to me at them is not present, constant quarrels. I think what to get children it is very big step. And if it has turned out so, that after joint residing there were quarrels, scandals it is not necessary to torment not the child. The adult person can bear and caress and care instead of scandals is necessary for the child. You with me agree? And I yet have not met the the man, I and am sure in his searches, that I shall find. I am today very strongly tired on work, I work the pharmacist in a drugstore. I need work to be liked very strongly. You help people, you advise what medicines are necessary. I work every day, target it happens only once a week. It would be desirable more than the days off. And where you work? Tell to me about it. My work is filled my time, and I spend a lot of time for my work. Anyhow I the fan to enjoy the period of a life, as it. I hate lie and treachery. I do not like any cruelty, it is possible because I - too closing and the sensitive internal party of my basis. I love flowers, especially roses. I love an internal consolation, care and rest concerning family Yes, there are many things which we should find out about the friend the friend. Also I hope, that with each letter we shall know about the friend the friend more! On it I shall finish my letter. I shall wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your friend Tatyana

Letter 3

Hello Ioan!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. Today I am very tired on work, all the day long on legs. A drugstore in which I work, to be approximately in 250 meters from my house. When I with my girlfriend have left after work, there was simply awful weather - very strong wind with a snow. And we have decided to not go home, and to go to have a drink coffee. After a cup of coffee, we at once have gone home. How you have carried out day? At you what weather? I can correspond with you only by e-mail. When you have established structure, in a site of acquaintances, you thought to be relative Opportunities to find the person for serious relations? Probably you Made by it to have small entertainment? Explain to me concerning it Please. Explain to me why you have decided to get acquainted in the Internet, instead of In the street. I during the life had familiar not accessible sense in in the street. I think That, if the person especially uses a site of acquaintances, he has Serious intentions to find the person additional for itself. To me Told concerning many games on the Internet, but I hope, that you the Serious person. I would like, that you have told not much about yourselves as the usual person in your countries lives. In our country various culture and the period of a life, and I think, that this site will help me to understand you Better. I think, which on TV inform to tell not always the truth, and I never opinion concerning other people from TV. I hope, it will not inform some things concerning it tiresome For you. What value of family in your country and what opinion in you Concerning it. Now I want to tell to you about my family. My mum is called Rimma, her with 53 years. She works in a supermarket. I have sister to her 24 years. She the best sister. We with her not when are not littered. You know, we each other understand about half of word. She is married. She already has son. I the daddy has died that year in August, to him there were 59 years. Has died because of a pneumonia. he at all did not speak, that ill. he always was such. If something hurts in him, he never to whom will tell about it. I think that it poorly. As it is necessary to speak about the problem with health. My father has brought up me very strictly. When I was small it very much was not pleasant to me. Me frequently did not let off to walk during later time. But now I can understand all this. And I am very grateful to my father for education. My parents always supported me in all my undertakings. I do not have brothers and sisters. In us a small apartment, but convenient. Our family, very friendly. Tell to me about your family? I think, that it will be not difficult for you to inform me some details of your life. I read clauses from newspapers and heard from girlfriends, that the majority of the European women for them the most important is career growth. What do you think of it? I in searches of the present of the man. Now I do not have that only thing, but think, that in the future all will be good. And what you think of it? Tell to me about it, ok? I think, that in relations the main thing - mutual understanding. You agree with me? You what prefer to read books? I like to read romantic books. Ioan, please, answer my questions. In fact only so I find out you. It is very interesting to me to fand uait about it. I send you a photo where I with the family. I think that she to like you. On the middle my mum. On the right I, and at the left my sister. On it I finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer.
You Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello Ioan!
How you? It is very pleasant for me, that you continue to write to me.
I hope, that it is interesting to you to communicate with me.Thanks for your your photos. I am very glad to receive it. Every day with impatience. And each time I see your letters in my box I do a pray to the God that there has come from you the letter, I am glad that have met you in my life. With each our letter my relation to you becomes better and more Serious. It is a pity, that we - are from each other far; I Tired to be that. You cannot imagine in general as it is difficult not to Have the person about you which loves you, cares of you, and respects you. Sometimes, when I come back home after work from which I collide with despair. And only your letters really do me strong, Help me to leave my loneliness. I feel your care and kindness From your letters. I want to tell, that you thank you very much. I regret For such introduction, but I want, that you knew, that sometimes I feel. In this letter I would like to tell to you more about me directly and to tell It - is a little about my ideas to make you, to know me better my day has passed as usually. During a lunch break we with fellow workers talked about the one who and as has carried out this summer. I went with the relatives in the summer, to aunt Olga who lives in city Dzersninsk. From Zelenodolsk city Dzershinsk to be approximately 320 km. We have gone by the bus as it is more more safe, and is cheaper. Dzersninske at us it is a lot of relatives. At station of us have met. We so were pleased when have met, in fact we did not see two years. We have gone all on a summer residence to the aunt. There it is very good - fresh air, a wood from a house in 30 meters, in 50 meters the small small river proceeds. I there felt myself very well. In the evening we fried meat, had fun, communicating with relatives. Early in the morning we have gone to collect mushrooms. I have typed about 50 liter bucket. Having come home we have fried mushrooms with a potato. It was very tasty. You like to eat with mushrooms? Then we have gone to city, and we already should gather back home. I so would not like to go home, in fact it was very cheerful, I have very well spent, my aunt and other relatives has found out how are. When the bus has driven off station at me on cheeks tears flew, I so would not like to leave. Whether frequently you meet the relatives? To me very seldom to have to meet, because at me it is a lot of work. This trip has made on me Huge impression also has left good memoirs for all life! It so is interesting. And you like to travel? You can know what - be beautiful city which you have visited and you can tell to me about him? It will be very interesting to me to find out that - that new. I want to know, how you have carried out the evening? With me. I want, that you thought, it can be, I am really that woman of whom You - searched also, that I searched. Probably In some days which we shall spend, together will solve our destiny. And For this reason, my honey, I want, which you have solved for you directly which does you Want: to continue the correspondence or to meet in the closest future. Choice - for you. My dear, I speak all my words and ideas From my heart. I think, that you - my destiny. I regret, there can be I Did not answer the some people from your questions, but I think it things I Told in this letter are more important than questions which you have asked I. I shall finish my letter on these words. Gratitude, that you. I Expectation of your letter with impatience. A sensitive kiss you, yours For ever Tatyana.
On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer.
Your friend Tatyana