Letter(s) from Maria Novosyolova to Zahoor (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love sweetboy!!!!!!!!!!
I found out in travel agency that is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to go abroad without any problems. I saw letters with thanks words which were accurately exposed in this travel agency. I found out what documents to me it is necessary to make out for our meeting.
It is necessary for me to issue the visa and the passport for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents:

1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - Medical test.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 - Two photos (5x5).
5 - The insurance.
6 - The information from a place of work.
7 - Documents on registration of a residence (a maximum of docks).
8 - The certificate of birth.
9 - Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before interview.
10 - After submission of documents by us - interview.

It is a travel agency which will help to solve all problems. It borrows week.
After that I can fly to you!
My dear all this package of documents will cost to me 700$USD..
Unfortunately I can pay only 340 $ USD...
It - huge quantity for me. My love I have concluded the contract from travelling agency, I have given a part of money, and the second part to me has told, that I should pay, the ambassador will be my documents - ready.
I have asked my family and relatives. They cannot help also. I do not know, who can help to arrive to me to you.
I shall try to borrow from friends
As I need in you!!
And if I shall not be with you
I do not want to think of it even..
I shall try, consider something

Unfortunately, I don't have phone in a house, and I can not call you.
But if you want I shall call you from the telephone company, but unfortunately it is very difficult for making. Many people call, and the phone is always borrowed. I'll try to call to you when turns in phone company will be less. Have gone to me the phone number?

Letter 2

My love I ask me to forgive for such long silence!!! I am ready to inform you very joyful news that that I have received from you money and I them this very day have attributed them in travel agency!!! They were very glad to that that I did not deceive them and have brought money!!! As they would inform me that for that that I could receive the visa to me it is necessary to pay still the same sum of money as I want to inform you that you have sent me 100 pounds it in translation into dollars makes 189!!! The same sum of money from me demand on that that I could receive the visa and the passport for travel abroad!!! My lovely I as learned in a passport office and they informed me that my passport will be ready that weeks!!! And you informed me that will send money on May, 23 and I informed about it in travel agency that in these numbers I shall bring him still a part of money!!! And consequently I ask you to send money for the same data which I to you spoke on harder woman but she informed me that she will be in city up to 24 numbers so I ask you will hurry and then she leaves to the niece!!! How are you doing I as ask me to forgive for that that I to you that has not written as have been very borrowed with efforts concerning travel agency and on work very strongly many things were necessary to make!!! And now at me free minute has appeared and I at once write you the letter!!! My love on May, 23 I shall try to call to you!!! With impatience I wait from you the letter
Yours Mariya

Letter 3

Hello my dear Zack

My dear I it is very glad that that I have called you and at last that could up to you will phone!!! My love I ask me to forgive for that that I probably tear off you from work!!!

It was very pleasant for me to hear your fine voice!!! It was very pleasant for me to communicate with you during five minutes!!! My love I understand that you want to communicate with me!! I understand that you would wish that I to you have thrown off a phone number but understand my love I has bought a card for 10 minutes and if I shall go in telephone the companies that to me communication with you will much more dearly cost!!! As one minute of conversation with you costs to me of 20 dollars!! My love you should understand me that I with pleasure talked to you through the telephone company. My love I ask you me to forgive but you have told that you will send money soon that I ask you to send money for my girlfriend as the aunt at my girlfriend has left to it!!! And as it is not known when my passport I will be ready ask you to send me of money addressed to my girlfriend

Lebedeva Olga

The city of Saint Petersburg

Pushkin's street the house 18 apartment 20

And my love I ask you except for 100 pounds additional what that of money as at me very few money and I cannot call to you again!!! My love I hope you of me will understand correctly and of me will poorly not think!!!

My love I think that this correspondence will soon be stopped and we shall meet you

As I much to our regret have no while new photos but I can soon send you mine a new photo!!!

My love I ask you to send me of money addressed to my girlfriend Lebedeva Olga its address is specified in this letter hardly above!!!

I hope at you everything is all right

With hope for understanding and with trembling in soul I wait from you for new messages!!!


Letter 4

My love !!!
How are you doing???
I very much miss you!!!
Lovely you of me asked mine that I have sent you the visa and the passport!!!
I have made it!!!
Mine lovely I is very glad that you have found money that I have bought to myself the ticket to you!!!
My love I very much want that our meeting has taken place as soon as possible!!!
Mine lovely you every day dream me!!!
I cannot forget you I think of you constantly!!!
My love I wait for your help as soon as possible!!!
The you can faster send me of money the faster we shall meet you!!!
I think about our meetings all time!!!
And at last that it to happen very soon!!!
Mine lovely my passport to be now in travel agency!!!
Simply to me have told that it is necessary to pay for tickets about then me will give all documents!!!
My love I to you allow the address of my aunt!!!

full name: Ekaterina Medvedeva
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg
Prospect Nastavnikov 25
apartament: 61
zip code: 195298

My love when you can send me of money so that I could pay for the ticket to you!!!
I wait for your help and your answer!!!
Yours and only your beloved Maria