Letter(s) from Inna Shatunova to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, Bob!!!
How - you? It is probable, if you have assumed, it - Natalya, I - very much Pleased to receive your answer, Bob.
First of all, please let me to apologize for a delay of my answer on You, Bob, but I were borrowed last time. I am happy so much that you
Have written to me, trust me, Bob.
Also, I hope, that my E-Mail was so the big surprise for you also,
Really? But the most important, I would like to speak you, that I have
Resolute to write you through gratitude of the Internet to my best
Girlfriend Tatyana. My girlfriend Tatyana has met the good person through
The Internet from Australia, the Internet also. Her
The friend - Edward. Tatyana and Edward are very happy together! I see
That they are happy so much together, and I have decided to find persons
From other country also as Tatyana did it:
Possible, you may ask me why I did not find the Russian person? I shall be
Very serious, I shall answer you, that I had the friend from Russia
From my City, I loved it very much, but it has thrown me in last
Time. It has found other girl as I have understood.
Also I saw, that it liked to drink alcohol very much very much, as
It is a lot of people in Russia do it, there may be you, know about it. I do not love it
When people like to drink so much as my last friend did it! I
Teetotal and the girl for non-smokers! Simply, I have no harmful
Habits! Also I want to speak that concerning words of my girlfriend Tatyana,
People from other countries, it is especial from Australia of USA and Kanada,
Are very good, and they may to estimate and respect women as
Significant people also.
It - opinion be relative Tatyana, and I want to agree With Tatyana
Completely. Tatyana has chosen its friend Edward from Australia.
I can speak and write the English language, and I have decided
To find persons from abroad and I has decided to write to you, Bob.
Well, let me to inform you me more.
I - the White Russian girl on a nationality. On religion, I am a Christian
( the Russian Conformist, and I believe in God Jesus. I never was
Married and I have no any children, I - the unique girl. I - a
Sensitive, kind, thoughtful and easily surprised. On opinion
From my close friends and relatives, I - a kind, cheerful, clever and
Intellectual, purposeful, sociable.
About my City, where I alive?:) I would like to inform you that me
Alive to Kirov here in Russia. Kirov it is located around
800 kilometers from our Russian Capital the Moscow City. Ours Kirov - one of beautiful cities
From Russia, I love my remarkable City very much. There are many
Beautiful streets, squares and other sights in our city. But it - so
Cold here, frosts compel people to continue streets in
Warm clothes, also what concerning your weather? It for a cold or is warm?
Most of all I want to speak you, that my loved season
Summer! I like, when the sun shines in streets, it - is a lot of voices
Birds, it - is romantic so much. And you love summer?:)
Also I would like to inform you about my formation. I studied in
?aaiena?neee Medical University. I have finished university in
1998 Also I want to speak you, that I have learned Englishmen
Language when I studied at university, I may speak the English language
Without any problems, I think so. But I can see, that I do many
Spelling mistakes, I think so, I hope, that you will may to
Understand my English language without any problems? Really, Bob? Please,
Inform me about it in your following electronic mails, well? Also I would like to inform
To you, that after the termination of university, I have received a
The diploma of a speciality " Storage of the Book And Audit ". But
Unfortunately I did not require my formation nevertheless, because here in Russia,
As in many other countries, it is very difficult to find good work on
Good speciality.
Now I work as the waiter in bar, though on a trade I the doctor. I like to work here in ours
bar, and our visitors - good clients. Also I want to speak you,
That I have access to the Internet the computer which is located in
Study of our boss here in ours bar because I have no a
The computer in my house, and I have asked the sanction in our director for
My use of the Internet, and it has allowed to use to me the computer in a
Free time from my work.
Wowww, I have written so much! I did not think, that I can to write
About me it is direct so much, really. Probably, I finish my E-Mail to
You. Bob, I shall be grateful so much if you will write to me about
Independently so it is a lot of, as I did it. I would like, if you inform me, for
Example, about your family, whether really your family big?
Oh my friend I have overlooked to speak you that my weight is 56 kg and my growth is 173 centimeters!
Also speak me too your weight and growth.
About your city
Where - you residing, I never was in other countries, and I shall be pleased to know about
your country. Well, let me to finish
My E-Mail, I hopes to see your answer soon! I put my photo, me
The hope you will find my photo good. Well, good bye, Bob, hoping to
See your message is fast!
Your new Russian friend,

Letter 2

Hello, Bob! How are you doing? I'm doing fine!
Thank you for your answer on my last e-mail so much, Bob. In my opinion, it's so wonderfully, that we are writing to each other, because from our messages we learn about each other more and more, really, Bob? I'm interested in our correspondence very much, it's very interesting to learn about you, about your life in your country, believe me, as a whole, I read your letters with a huge pleasure!
Ok, Bob, I hope that it will be interesting for you to learn about my enthusiasmes, my favourite things as a whole:)
From music???:) I like to listen the russian and foreign musical executors. From Russian musical executors I like to listen the songs of the following groups 'Zemfira', 'Splin', 'Ariya', 'BI-2', and so on. Did you heared about this musical groups? Ok, from the foreign executors I like to listen ' Bon Jovi ', 'U2', 'Cranberries', 'Scorpions','Elton Bob ', and so on. In general, I like to listen good and modern music, Bob, and what kind of music do you like?
It would be interesting to me to learn about it. Please, tell me, ok?
From movies? I like to look the comedies, fantastic films, romanticism and so on. But very huge impressions have left to me the films ' The Lord Of Rings', ' Harry Potter '. I hope what you looked these films?
But especial impression was for me as the film ' The Patriot ' by an actor Mel Gibson, where the war between England and America is described. This film has liked to me by that this film show the natural spirit of the patriotism, the love to a Native Land! I consider, that it's very important qualities, which should have all people on the world! Really? Bob, I hope that you looked this film too, and that you had a magnificent impressions from a viewing of this film. Mel Gibson has played his role as a talented actor on my opinion! I liked to look the film ' Cruel Intentions', on my opinion, it's very sensual and instructive film for all youth. Aslo from comedies I liked the film ' Me, Myself And Irene ' by the comic actor Jim Carrey:) I hope that you looked this so ridiculous film:) From a fantasy, I liked film ' Planet Of The Apes', it's a very entertainment film in my opinion '.
Also I want to tell to you, that I like to read the books, especially the literature of the domestic writers: Tolstoy, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on. But I was in huge delight from a reading of th book S. King ' The Dark Tower ', in my opinion, it's very interesting book, where the main hero Roland is a purposeful man, he goes to the purpose, to a dark tower, and I like the quality of Roland is the purposefulness! I consider, that this one of the important qualities of any man. I hope what you will agree with me, really, Bob?
About food? Ok, from the favourite food dishes, I want to allocate a fried potatoes, various kind of the soups, also I like a meat too, I don't want to hide it from you:) I like the fish and chicken very much, do you like the chicken? It's so tasty, really? Also I like a pizza very much. It's very tasty too, I like pizza with a cheese. I would like to say you that I like a fruit and vegetables, especially, an apple lemon, orange, banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of vitamins. Bob, do you like to cook? I cook not bad as my family and the friends said me at once:)
Also about my favorite kind of sports, I like to sport very much, do you like it? In winter I like to ski, it's cool to be on the fresh air. Also I like to play on volley too. But most of all I like to aerobic, we are with my girlfriend Tatyana engaged by the aerobic in the free time, on my opinion, this kind of sport helps to support my body in the good form. Also I would like to say to you that I like to dance ball dances:) Have you ever danced the ball dance with any girl?
:) It's so attractive and beautifully, really, Bob? I'm sure, that you would like to dance the ball dancing with me at once?:) It will be wonderful!
Probably, in the future, we will dance the ball dancing with you, it would be cool! Really?:)
About my hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, about a style, about female life for example and so on. For a small period of the time, I have a large collection of different magazines.
Simply, I like to read the best magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams too. I'm dreaming to drive a car in the future, it would be so cool and interesting. But I want to tell, that our family don't have the car, it's very expensive to buy the car, but our father has told that probably, through one year, he will can to buy the car and I'll can to learn how to drive the car:)
Bob, would you like to learn me how drive a car at once?:) It will be kindly since your side:)
By the way, my parents and friends ask about you all time:) Especially my parents, I have told to my parents, that you are decent and good man, my parents are very pleased to our norres pondence on the Internet and our relations, Bob. My parents wish to us a good relations in the future, and it's possible, in the future, if we will be together in your country, they would want that we will be a magnificent pair too:) But remember, Bob! We should learn each other ever more and more! Really.? It's very important for me, Bob! The fact in that, if you know, that on the statistics, majority of a pairs are separated because they knew each other not enough, and I don't want to do a mistake at once, I hope that you will can to understand me, Bob, really? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each other more and more from our e-mails.
Dear Bob!!! Also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak with you by the phone at once, I hope, that it's a good idea, really, Bob? I want to hear your voice, Bob, I hope that you want to hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I don't have the telephone in our apartment, because it's very expensive to establish the telephone now in this time in Kirov City, but it will be possible, that may be through some months we will have the telephone. Also, I want to tell you, that I have interested at our director about using of the bar's telephone, but our director has told me, that the bar's telephone is for working needs for our institution! The director has told us, that the work personnel of bar can not use the telephone of bar for our individual purposes. Also I have asked to use the telephone at my friends, and Tatyana and Edward too, but all of them don't have the phone too, it's the difficult situation with the phone.
From this, I have thought and I have come to the conclusion, I will can to call to you from the City's Kirov Telegraph, it's the best variant, Bob!
Dearest Bob, you can give to me the number of your phone, I can call to you from the City's Telegraph, please give me your phone number, ok? I have a huge desire to hear your voice, Bob, I hope that you want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number in your next e-mail, ok??? Please, don't forget, Bob!
Bob, I can't believe, I have written to you such large e-mail. I hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really?
Bob, I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your next e-mail about your enthusiasmes, about your hobbies, what kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies and another too? What is your favorite color too??? My favorite color is blue, it calms so much.
Well, let me to finish my messgaes.
By the way, my parents, my sisters and my friends ask me again to say to you a great greetings from them! It's as usual. Bob, I will wait for your next e-mails! Bob, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?
Good-bye, see you soon.
PS I still want to add, that I shall cause you little bit later.
I want while with you to communicate on a E-Mail. I shall examine with you conversation by the phone approximately in two weeks.
I should have additional money to conversation. To us at work will give Money only a bit later! As soon as things approach, I call you!!!
Your dear friend!!!