Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Floyd (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my beloved sweetheart and meant by destiny baby Glenn!!! Honey, I am so happy that weekends are over!!!! Because life without you and your letters is nothing, honey….my love, on Saturday I was in the city and at the centre of my city a great amount of people gathered and were watching Sir Paul McCartney's concert on a big TV screen! It was very interesting! The alive concert was going on in Kiev but there was a direct translation in all Ukrainian cities! The concert was unforgettable and I and two of my girlfriends were watching it too! Sir Paul was speaking Ukrainian and Russian and it was very pleasant for Ukrainians! The concert lasted for a long time, but it was late and I and my girlfriends decided that it was time to come back home! So we were watching a concert up to the end on TV at home and there was a firework at the end! It was a real holiday for Ukraine! Baby, on Sunday I went to my parents' place and we were celebrating a holiday called Trinity! Yes, baby, this weekend was full of holidaysJ))) I wish you were with me, my love…my aunt and uncle and granny came to parents' place and we were talking and eating and telling each other stories form our lives! I like spending time with my family, baby, but since I got acquainted with you, I am all the time feeling lack of you, honey…and then I become very sad because I am missing you all the time, sweetie…..I can't wait when we can be together, like a real team! We will be doing everything together, helping each other and supporting each other…honey, it's very hot today though yesterday it was raining and the weather was wet….we have such a changeable climate, my love! baby, you are right, it's always bad when holidays come on weekends :)))) or i would have a day off :))) sweety, you understand me so well!!! my love, i am so happy that my thoughts wake up a desire in you!!!! this is what i want...i will try to be less passionate till we met, my sweetheart!!! :))) honey, the photo where i am with two of my friends is a recent one, you guessed right, baby!!! :))) my love, unfortunately both of my friends are married :)))) i am sorry for ruining your plans as for getting acquainted my girlfriends with your, i must say that you are a great friend! when you see a cute girl you start thinking about your friends :)))) i adore you, baby!!! :))) thanks for the compliments, i like being a center of attention :))) baby, you come into my dreams every night...i haven't had any single nightmare since i got acquainted with you, my darling !!! my love, i am very sorry that i was not able to write you yesterday, i had so much work that didn't have nay free minute and also i was at the airport receiving information about a trip to you, baby, so when i got free, the Internet-cafe was closed already :((( my dream and thoughts about you also never have a holiday, my sweety, my love, my baby! baby, i know what will be when we meet...we will be so overwhelmed with emotions...that we will start kissing and will finish only when we realize that all people who were at the same plane with me have already gone somewhere and we are standing alone at the airport hall kissing!!! :))) do you like my view on our meeting, baby? :))) meeting me in a limousine? wow....honey, i feel like a president...a queen...a princess...i have no words, sweety....i am shocked! baby, i have never thought that i will ever be able to find such a wonderful and romantic sweety...i am just going to cry now, make all my dreams come can it be? am i sleeping and dreaming? then i never want to wake up! i always want to sleep ! my baby was playing golf on weekends? great, baby!!! :) honey, i don't know as for your question what i would like to visit when i am with you...i just don't know what you have to visit there, so i completely rely on your choice, my love, i will love what you will love to do! My love, thanks for your question. I have been to the airport and I received all the necessary information about my coming to you My love, I was told that there is a flight from Kiev to Los Angeles. The ticket from Kiev to Los Angeles costs 1024.29 US $ by Lufthansa airlines. I was told that these are very good airlines and they are very safe and comfortable. The flight is Kiev-Toronto-Los Angeles. then, I will have to get to Kiev and I will have to travel to Kiev for 10 hours by train. the tickets to Kiev cost 150 US $. So, this is concretely about travelling. and as far as I have never been abroad, I was told that I need the following documents. I need the international passport, a travelling visa, a medical insurance, a document from work. The international passport costs. If to make a passport in a month, it will cost 150 US $. if to make it in two weeks, it will cost 250 US $. if to make it in a week, it will cost 350 US $. The travelling visa costs 100 US $. A medical insurance costs 100 US $. thanks God a paper form work is for free. Honey, I am just shocked with the prices. Baby, what do you think about what I have written and about the information which I managed to receive? I am shocked. I am honestly shocked with the prices. My love, I have been saving money but to tell you how much I saved, you will be laughing if to compare with the prices. I saved 100 US $. For me it was a very big sum already. but now i see that it's nothing. I am so frustrated, my love, that I cannot pay for myself. It's awful, my money will be enough for a medical insurance only. I am shocked, baby. My love, I don't even know what to do? i want to be with you very much and i am dreaming about it for such a long time already. baby, can I rely on you in helping me to get to you? i just do not see a way out. My salary is too low. I receive 300 US $ per month. My love, I have found an opportunity us to have a talk!!! i have a friend, her name is Kate and she lives in the nearest house!!! She has a mobile phone and she agreed that i give you her telephone number!!! This is her telephone number +38095-32-51-026 !!! sweety, try to call from 8 to 10 p.m. Kiev time. this is the ideal time for me and Kate to meet, we will drink tea and we will be waiting for your call. sweety, and let's also make it like this. you will call and Kate will see that the unknown number is calling, if she and me are together at the moment you are calling, then she will immediately give me the telephone and you and me will have a talk! but if we are not together at the moment you call, she will not take the phone, she will bring the phone to me and then, baby, call back in about 10-15 minutes and if Kate is not busy and will be able to come to me, we will have a talk!!! such a complicated operation :))) but let's try!!! Because I want to talk to you a lot, my love! I want to hear your voice and to tell you : hello, Paul! I miss you!!! :))) My love, did I ever tell you that it is possible to classify all people?
If yes, sorry, I have to explain it to you definitely - not all people can be classified. You are gliding by my heart and I cannot catch you, I cannot explain and understand your mysteriousness. If to take, for example, 10 people, I can tell you everything about 9 of them, but the 10th one is a real puzzle
for me. It's higher than me. You are the 10th, baby..
Can it happen that such similar souls have found each other and are together now? Sure, it can happen. We feel the same way, we understand each other very good. We do not need words, we understand each other from eyes... your tender-hearted princess, Aliona
Letter 2
HELLO MY DEAR KNIGHT, I am so glad to get your letter it is like a ray of sun in the dark room of life! sweety, i am so happy that i still stay a mystery for you...because i am sure it's a dream of every woman to try to stay a mystery for her beloved man! such a way it's more interesting and exciting !!! :) baby, thank you very much for your considerations about the mentality of your country...honey, you are so clever, it's always so interesting for me to talk to you! wow, sweety, you really have thought a lot on my topic :))) i can't wait when we are together already so that we could talk on any topic for hours, i like it a lot and i know it will be very interesting for us, honey! my love, i have been to the bank and they told me that there are many quick money transfers and she names me Privat Money, Anelik, Western Union and Money Gram...yes, i see you are writing me about them too! honey, but they told me that these are very safe money transfers and that it's much safer thank bank accounts! Honey, but the agent at the bank told me that Money Gram is the best system! I was told that it is very safe and that is the international money transfer and that it is cheap! And that you will have to know my full name and my address to send me money with the help of the Money Gram and then you will be given a secret number which will consist of 8 numbers and you will have to give this number to me and i will be able to receive money! My love, my full name is Aliona Afimina and my address is Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Lenin street, 12/24. sweety, but please, do not send with post...i know fed Ex, and my friend has mother who works and earns money in Italy, and so her mother decided to send her a gold ring and money in the package by fed Ex, and we have such awful people working in fed Ex, they gave my friend a package, but there was no ring in it! they left money and took ring! thanks God that they didn't take money...but a ring was much more expensive then the money laying in the package! so, my love, please, don't send by post, no one us sure in posts services at all! but all people are sure in banks and i asked the agent in a bank whether they had any strange situations...but they said never and said it's very safe...just, my love, i don't want money that you send to get lost! oh, baby, you are fantastic on the photo...i am just feeling the way you are looking at me!!! :) i will print this photo to have it always with me, i adore you, my love! we are together forever! I love everything unusual and interesting. I like your letters and photos. You seem to know almost everything, life and death, where to work and where to rest beautifully. Last year I didn't manage to rest in the seaside. Had a lot of work. I love swimming so much! Will we swim in the boat or in the yacht? I want to see something new and exciting. I want to see us together in a photo, somewhere in the picturesque nature…I would kiss you with my lipstick for other women to see that this handsome man is only mine! You know, I will tell you the secret. When I read your letters and especially look at your photo, I want to kiss! My lips are even itching and want to be kissed right now. But please don't tell anyone! No! Tell it everyone! Let them know that you are my beloved man! And you will kiss only me. Really? You like me, right? Will you write in the next letter that you will write only me? from now on you won't kiss other women! Ok? You promise? I am very jealous!!! And I promise to dream and wait only your kisses!
We would touch our lips gently; I want to do it right now! Can't wait honey…
Do you love kissing? I really adore! And if someone is hugging me at that time…just happiness!
I haven't kissed for a long time, I am afraid I have already forgotten how to do it :)
But when we meet, you will be my teacher of kisses. Kiss teacher – sounds great! But you will be personal teacher, only my coach! Do you agree? Hope so!
I send you my thoughts about us being close and my gentle kisses!
I want you to think and dream about me now! I am your happiness! Is it really so??? Kisses…..
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