Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Vallerio (Australia)

Letter 1

Dear Va! Thank you for your beautiful letter. Your letter very much was pleasant to me. Thank you for beautiful flowers. It was very pleasant for me. You know as to make girls pleasantly. It very much high quality for the man. I think that I to not be mistaken in you. I to make a correct choice. I to think that you that person which are necessary for me. I very long to think of you. I to decide that to us is necessary to meet. I want to know that you to think about it. I to not know as you to this to concern. I want to tell that to us is necessary to meet better to learn each other. I only to think that when we shall meet I shall grow fond of you very strongly. I am very serious to concern to you. I to think of you all time. I to want to be with you. Unless it not love?! The love this feeling when you wants to be with the person all time. At me such feelings. So I am glad that you good the man. My mum it is very good to concern to you. You the first man which were at me to which she well concerns. She my mum and she wants that I was happy. You to subdue her also. I to tell all to her and she to count you very good. I am very glad for it because I to count opinion of my mum very important. I to not want to choose between my mum and you. And here it it is not necessary. She sends the regards to you as well she wanted you to tell that you to care of me! I so am happy that we to get acquainted. In the Internet to get acquainted it is a lot of people but we to find each other and now I think that we should continue our attitudes. And I am sure that our feelings may to grow and we may live together. I do not think that when we to meet I to be disappointed in you. I think that will be on the contrary. I was even more to grow fond of you. I think so because already now after short time I already to think of you all time! I to want to know that you to think about it? I love you Va!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 2

Hello my lovely Va!!! Thank for your romantic letter. It was very good letter. It very much was pleasant to me. For the woman it is very pleasant to read such letters. I have kept your letter and have printed out him on a leaf of a paper. I re-read him on some times. I to decide to show your letter to mum. It very much was pleasant to my mum. My mum has told that to us is necessary to meet. My mum wants our meeting will know what number. She worries for me. Write to me when we can meet. I also need to go in the ministry and to tell when we plan to meet. To me have told that a lot of time to make the passport and the visa is necessary. It is necessary to start to make documents now to not lose time. Now I should make the passport for travel abroad, I should receive some papers and pay money. Now it is necessary for me 420 usd. dear it is necessary that you have sent me such sum now. I want to start to make documents, all over again the passport then the visa. It is necessary for me 420 usd for the passport for travel abroad. While I to not pay such money I can not begin to make documents. My lovely Va I hope for your help!
Letter 3

Hello my lovely Va! Dear I to receive from you good news! Now we can speed up our meeting. I too can not wait when we can meet. I very much to want you to see, I can not wait the moment, when we with you together. When I lie down to sleep I think about you, about our first meeting which will be already fast. We shall be the happiest pair. I read your last letter all the day. I have put the paper, with your letter, in a pocket. Now he always with me. When I shall come to you, I shall show you the paper the letter on which there will be your verses. I want to send you many the photos. I thinking that a photo to like you. In the summer I was much photographed, I want to send you these photos. I want to make you happy. At once as you will send me money, I at once shall go to the ministry to make the passport and the visa. To me it is sad, that on the passport and the visa a lot of time is necessary. To me so have told in the ministry. I to go to find out a way as you may send me money to the passport and the visa. I long to think what way it is better. To me have told that the most reliable way it to send money through system Western union. For us this most important that it was reliable and fast. I think you know more about it then me! I give you necessary information in this letter! But I do not know what data it is necessary. I live in Russia, city Yoshkar-Ola. My full name: NATALIA MAKAROVA. I think that it enough. If necessary else you write to me in the following letter. I shall wait for your letter.
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