Scam letter(s) from Mercy Jones to Tyler (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Sweetie, I want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. I've been trying to find a way to express my feelings for you. I?ve always wanted to create something unique to show you just how much I love you. Now I?ve found the right place, and I?m going to tell the world that I LOVE YOU! It may sound crazy and corny, but I want to tell the whole universe about the true and sincere affection I have for you. I cannot tell you exactly how I feel, but I hope that you feel the warmth of my love whenever we are together. I will be right here beside you any time you need me, and I will be with you until I breathe my last breath. I promise to share my life with you no matter what tomorrow may bring. Always remember the good times we?ve had Online and how we bring out the best in each other. Stay in love, ****, and keep that tender, sweet smile on your face. Know that I will love you forever. Love Always, Caroline.
Letter 2
Hello, How are you? thanks alot for your respond.i am so happy to know u care to know more about me and i know hopefully we wil get to meet each other once i am back to the states.There is alot u wud like to still learn about me and i hope u are ready to share all about you with me and hopefull the kind of person u are and wat ur dreams are .

Well..its has really been great keeping in touch with each other through email and hopefully we will both meet in person and get to know each other more from there..well since u have know abit about me and i am so happy u really want to get to know my kind of person..well with time u will get to learn alot about me and i know u wont regret sharing ur feelings and emotions with...and i know i wil do enjoy getting to know ur kind of person..cause i know u are really sincere and honest about ur words and feelings towards me

I am really a sincere and honest caring,kind,friendlly very easy to get along with am,social,romantic,,intelligent,cool headed,adaptive,have a big heart and i do believe in the truth and honesty..cause honesty is the only key to human succes and with honesty our dreams will just be the greatest and the best of all.i know its hard to be completelly honest but i try to be who i am and do wat i know how to do one really can change who i am or my personalty cause i believe in myself and my life is based on truth and its all about who i really am..cause i know the kind of person i am and the way i treat others.i really do care alot about others who care for me..cause i am a very caring person and my heart is so blessed and lovelly..

Well..i will really like to know more about you and ur motives and intensions getting to know my kind of person..cause my intensions is to get to know you,and really do know ur kind of person and build up a relationship with you and hopefull meet in person..cause its one of my policy that every one i do meet i try to make them completelly honest and happy cause i hate to make people feel bad..cause i really do believe that every one should at least be given a great chance to smile and share there feelings to each other.

Well.i am really looking for a guy whos completelly honest and sincere about his words and feelnigs whos ready for a long term relationship.whos ready to build up a fmaily with someone real..i want a man who i know i can have faith and completelly trust with all my heart..cause to make a standard relationship it must really be based on and trust are one big family and with both..a relationship will be the greatest u ever imagine....well..i believe in devoting my time to my loved onces and making them real happy..cause they are my own familes and i always do look forward to that day i will get to meet my dream man..and i know when he gets to meet me he will be so happy to get along with my kind of person too...

Well..this is abit about my personality which i wud like to tell you..i like to listen to music and i like to swim,camp,shop and read and even dance is really part of my life and i cant do without listening to music in a day..and my kind of music is r and b and a abit of jazz and hip hop too..well i dont really have lots of hobbies i do but at least i know how to have fun by myself or with others and i like to hang out with sincere and honest people to exchange ideas and get to learn about each others..cause thats really the best way to build up ur own life to care for others and get to know alot about them...but i prefer hanging out with people i know i can trust and share alot with...

I am 5,4 tall average body type,brown eyes and black hair but not that black lol..but i know i look cool and **** too..and i take care of my skin and body,well thats how i treat my self good in the fashion industry..i like to make my own things more beautifull but i dont want to be the center of attraction lol Well..i will really love to hear more from you and hopefull get to know your motives and intensions towards me cause i really wud want to work towards getting to meet you in person and hopefull see wat happens next...

My purpose here in Nigeria is to achieve some great things and build up alot of ideas in fashion designing and i am trying bit by bit and i know with time i will get to finish it up soon.I have took alot of pics of my work but i lost my camera so now i am looking forward to getting another at least have a gallary of wat i came to Nigeria for but i wud love it if u send me a pics of you

My designs are just based on hand made designs,beads and embroidary and i will have to take it to a sowing company to get all fixed for me.I havent really tried using jewery,maybe one of this days i will try using it.

My work does take much of my time but its not something i cant complain off but i think i will have to quite work for some while after finishing the contract here in i am looking up to start my own company designing cloths but i think it will first be located here in Nigeria and maybe when i hit some rackets making more money i will bring it down to usa but i am looking forward in getting back to the states soon .

The truth of your words has made me write you again and i feel so comfortable writting you cause i believe that been open towards each other is the only way we can get to know each other better and sharing the same feelings together to make us grow trusting each other and believing each other.I am a very open person and i think u know that.There is nothnig about me i need to hide been open helps in building up a relationship and its the only way both lovers will get to understand each other even more and better and they will know how to apprecaite every little things been done for each other.

You do have a great personality and i am moved by it and i really dont know wat to say right now,the beauty of your words has captured my heart in such a way that i feel like i am listeing to you in person and u are enriching my heart with this wonderful word.I musy say again u are such a wonderfull person.Ur been opened has helped me in trusting your kind of person and i have no reason to doubt cause the beauty and the truth of your words has spoken for you and ur been completelly honest towards me.Honesty is the greastest key in building up a solid friendship leading to a serious relationship,been honest towards each other matter most and i am that kind of person i will never lie or hurt someone and i will never deal with my feelings in such a way hurting others,i hope u understand wat i meant there.

I have been through relationships and i was hurt but i still beleive there is that man out there that will evetually be the man of my life and i am ready to love him completelly.the past has helped me in knowing who i am and the kind of person i am too and thats why i will remain the same person and i will never life is based on truth and i am very surportive of others dreams and goals.I did that for my last boy friend but he took advantage of me but i realy got to think he wasnt with his sences casue he had everything from me.Total attention and i was there for him every sec.I always want to be around my man every now and then so i really am very honest when it comes to have a relationship.

Well i will try and end this email here,i feel like writting more both i need to meet up someone for an inportant discusion about a new contract given to me by a store so i need to complete it very soon

I will look for your next email and hopefull u will be able to tell me more
about you and lets get to get to know each other in a honest and sincere
way,have a lovelly day and take good care of yourself

Sharon William
Letter 3
Dearest Tyler,

How are you doing and l want you to know that reading your e-mail right now make me feel so much happy,Baby thanks for letting me know that you are going to try all your best and l want you to please try all your best for me and make the payment still you have found Western Union around so baby l want you to please try your best and send the money to me baby,Baby its nice to know that your favourite movies are Action,Comdey & Horror and l want you to know that l will love to meet you real soon so baby l want you to please try all your best for me and make the payment so that l can make it home to you,You are the best thing that l think about all the time baby,Baby l am missing you right now,l want you to make the payment,Please do this for me baby.

Thinking about you

Your`s Jessy
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