Letter(s) from Lisa Keith Mascot to Mike (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Honey, am so glad to speak with you today..honey you really made my day i can't just wait to be with you tomorow evening..honey i got the ticket rectified.the lady that issued the ticket made mistakes giving me another person's flight details.now i got it all rectified so i will be with you tomorow evening..honey thanks so much for the true love and care you have shown to me..i cant really wait to be with you...Have a wonderful day and think about us together..just as am doing right now....Kisses and Hugs...

Lisa Benjamin

Letter 2

Hi Honey, how is the going? honey i had a terrible day at the airport today after i had checked in my luggages and about time to board the flight the immigrations stopped me and asked for my documents and i showed them all which was valid and intact..Honey you never told me i would need hold certain amount before i could fly out of u k to canada..honey the immigrations officer asked me if i had Basic Travelling Allowance (BTA) of $1200 which i have to have on me before i would be granted pass to board the flight since am not a citizen of canada.he said this is according to the rules of canada goverment for immigrants for securities purpose..honey you should have told me this earlier so i save for this..i felt so emberrassed and disgraced at the airport argueing with the canada immigrations officer that cheked me..honey i was not granted pass for this reason so i had to come back home to ask you about this,,,, i called you numbers right there at the airport so you could speak with the immigrations officer and they were not going through at all..honey could it be you are only kidding on me? i dont want to beleive you don't want me to come over..right now am in pains and sorrowful conditions..i just had to wait for you to come explain things to me better,because i dont understand what the BTA is all about..i had only $400 that you sent to me in my purse and i was told that's not enough for my secure my travelling to canada because of un forseen circumstances...honey pls am waiting for you on here i keep trying your numbers and none went thru....

In tears while sending you this email..Lisa