Letter(s) from Maria Evtushenko to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1

I am not acquainted with dating here, but I hope, that my first trial will be successful and I will find a good man for me:) What could I tell you about myself? As you may be know, my name is Mariya ( or short Masha) It is quite difficult and I can imagine, that we shall have a possibility to know each other better only through communication and it takes of course time.
So, if you are interested in me ( after my pictures and information about me).I will be 24 years in August, I am student of last year and I live with my friendly family and my little sister. I know English and speak fluently German. I am fond of foreign languages and try to read some books in order to know Italian and French one day. I have many interests and will be happy to keep in touch with you.

Take care and write to me as soon as possible.

Letter 2

Dear Rainer,
thanks for your letter and your pic.
how are you?

>> We have many interests. Perhaps we have many interests in
>> common? I have books on Italian and Japanese, but for now
>> keep very busy to learn German and Russian. I went to
>> medical school and work now in hospitals and clinics.
>> What is your surname?
Kapushanskaya 50/1
89500 Chop

>> What is your -
>> Date of Birth:
25.08 84

>> Height:
>> Weight:
>> Education (University?):
>> Current Occupation:
not yet
>> City of Residence:
>> Country:
>> Smoking/Drugs:
don't smoke
>> Drinking:
don't drink

My granny has a big garden and a big house and it is very difficult for her to take care of everything. So this weekend I spent in the village and helped my granny with her housekeeping and vegetables and flowers and fruit trees in the garden.

So my weekend was really busy, I should say. But in the evening I could enjoy nice talking to my granny and sitting in the garden, drinking a cup of fruit tea with strawberry and enjoying fresh air.

Today is beginning of my last week in the university. It will be week full of exams and tests and next week I will get my diplom:)

I wish you good Monday and wait for your next letter.


Letter 3

Dear Rainer,
thanks for your letter

> receive a diploma. What did you study in the university for a few
> years?
foreign languages and psychology.

> What is the diploma for?

for job.

> You know about the fiancee visa?
yes I know.

> You know what I must do and you must do to get the fiancee visa for you?
no, I found only this one:
Student/Exchange Visitors Visas 61 days

* to get international passport
* to apply forms
* to bring pics 3,5*4,5
*to apply visa
* to make copies from diplomas
*proof from the university


Letter 4

Dear Rainer,
thanks for your letter.
How are you?

I need 385 $ for my international passport and tourist visa ( travel company will arrange my trip in a tourist group and I don't need to make a break now and to go to Kiew myself). I can not leave university and my family right now and it will be too expensive for me to there by myself, because I live 700 Km from Kiev. I hope you can understand this thing.After payment to travel company I can be with you in 3 weeks. It sounds beautiful and I feel very excited about it. If you want, you can write to travel agent Ekaterina Ivanovna Zolotareva from company "Multi Travel Inc" and ask them the details.