Letter(s) from Julia T. to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my darling!
I wonder how much you would need to forget me?
I'm asking this, because today I have got the news that I can not write to you anymore. My translator says I have run off the money for translations. Your last letter wasn't translated for me. I can't afford to pay for the translations anymore and I can't ask you to help me, because you may think I'm here to get your money. I know many people do like that with foreigners.
I also don't want you to think that I have found somebody else, no. I have devoted all my thoughts and dreams to you during these days. I know I'm almost sure that we could be a happy couple, you and me. Sure first we would meet, and then I think the sparkle would appear between us. I'm telling this because it seems for me I know you and understand you. I know only basic facts about you, but it actually doesn't bother me to like you. We could learn so much more about each other, but...
I just ask you to forgive me for not telling you about the end of our correspondence beforehand.
Please, remember me.
Your Yulia.

Letter 2

Dear Sir,

I am Yulia's translator, Natalia Doroshnaya I represent the translation firm "Language Bridge", license # NU 230914.
Unfortunately, I can not translate Your letter to Yulia, because as You already know, the Yulia's account of correspondence, which she opened to write to You, is empty now.
I can not pass any kind of contact information, like Your or Yulia's address and phone number, because according to the rule of our work, clients can exchange their contact information only during their direct correspondence.
Yulia has informed us today, that she can not afford the cost of our services anymore. She is very upset about that and she has asked me to pass her apologies to You.
If You do not want to lose the contact with Yulia, since You developed Your relationships with Yulia, we can advice You to become our client and open an account of correspondence for You and Yulia.
Let us know, if You are interested, and we will inform Yulia about it and send You the information about our services and prices.

Natalia Dorozhnaya
Translation firm
"Language Bridge"

Letter 3

Dear Sir,

We present the information about our services and prices.

Services and prices of the translation firm "Language Bridge"

Services Prices

Translation of one letter 5 USD

scanning one photo 2 USD

printing one photo 3 USD

You can fill up the account with any sum You find suitable.
We also have unlimited services.

You could choose either "unlimited translation" or "unlimited correspondence".

"UNLIMITED TRANSLATION" is the translation of the letters without scanning or printing photos.

"UNLIMITED CORRESPONDENCE" includes translation of the letters, scanning and printing photos.

Services Prices

Please, let us know Your decision no matter if it is negative or positive, since Yulia is very worried about the present situation.

You can contact us by our email:


Natalia Dorozhnaya
Translation firm
"Language Bridge"