Letter(s) from Rashida Adams to Eddy (Belgium)

Letter 1

We hereby inform you about the accident of (RASHIDA ADAMS) which occurred on the 1st on June 2008 at 1:15pm this afternoon at (Chantan Hostel) Information reaching us indicated that, the hotel was attacked and robed by a group of gangs.8 Ghanaians, 3 Canadian and 1 South African has been wounded.

RASHIDA ADAMS a citizen of South Africa has been admitted at a private Clinic at the moment. The Clinic needs a responds from her relative before they can attend to her as soon as possible. In a search of information of relative we found these 2 contacts barring the names of. Barbara Boamah his best friend Ghana and her Uncle Mr. Daniel bam South Africa. None has responded to our mails and our calls. She asked us to contact you as her future Husband at Belgium.
The Police forces are doing all means to bring the robbers to book.

I will therefore advice you to contact the Doctor in charge now
Contact : +233-207993933

Good day

Letter 2

Sir, I have been informed my Friend Rashida has been attacked and now at the Clinic. I have mailed to her and have been trying to call her but there is no any response. Have you heard any good new from her now? I’m moment at Togo with my friend for some few holidays but I will try and to back to Ghana tomorrow as soon as possible. Eddy try and tell me her state of condition now. Waiting.


Letter 3

Am very worried and confused now and really don't know what to do. I don't want to lose my friend. I will let you know her condition tomorrow as soon as i get to Ghana. Good night

Letter 4

Eddy, Can you kindly call the Doctor now and find what.It late here at Togo and i dont have cell phone here. Please and Please kindly call the Doctor and talk to me so that he takes good care of her. Get me feed back after calling him. Eddy do your best and call the doctor now......................Waiting for your response. Barbara

Letter 5

have you call the Doctor Eddy? Talk to me back now.................

Letter 6

Eddy I arrived exactly 4:50am this morning. She was locked up inside my Hostel helpless like you said the Police and the doctors were all fake. They have toke everything inside my room. I have reported this case at now and also rush Rashida to the Hospital. She really lost little water and am on way to get some drip. I think she will be ok now.
I think it was a set up because they asked Rashida to mention any relative who can help her from this mess. So she mention my name yours and her Uncle at South Africa. They later mailed and asked me to pay a some of 4,000 dollars. I really suspected my formal boyfriend. Let’s leave it at the hands of the Police at the moment. She can talk a little now and will be ok as soon I get the Doctors drip. I will mail you soon because I have to also rush to the Bank and get some few things for her. She is the only friend I have now. She will not stay at the hostel anymore I will make sure she move to my Mother house and stay there before I join my boyfriend again. Take care bye………Barbara

Letter 7

Eddy. Rashida is ok now and I have toke her to My Mother house now. The Police are also investigation it now. You want to see my pictures? My God am not looking good like your wife Rashida but I will send you some few pictures.Ok?
Sorry I have have join my boyfriend tomorrow back at Togo. he has been calling me the whole day. I think you can take very good care of Rashida I guess. She is a little angry with you because she did told me you didn’t made any attempt to call her or send her text message. Try and do anything to make her happy because she loves you very much Eddy. Have a safe night
The wonderful