Scam letter(s) from Elena Prozorova to Frank (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello dear Frank, I am very very glad to get your mail.
I always wait for your mail with great impatience and more and more I catch myself thinking and missing you.
I really wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday with you dear it makes me sad that I can't.
But maybe someday we will celebrate your birthday just 2 of us and we will go away to some cozy place for the weekend.
And I will spoil you completely.
I want you to have a wonderful birthday.
I will be there in spirit and I will hold you while you sleep.
I think with each new mail we become more close people, yeah?!!!!
Do you have any favourit day among week?
I wait weekends with impatience, good possibility to get good rest, to get new forces, to visit and meet friends.
I like to visit cafes, shops, exhibition, theatres, cinemas, museums.
I like to pamper me: I adore beautiful clothes and gets little gifts.
I dream about my man who will pamper me and give me his support in all ways.
Weekends I spend differentely, more often I spend it calmly.
However with girlfriend we can stay at home or go for a walk, make new pic of each other or go to the cafe to share hot cup of tea.
we also can go to the cinema but not often.
Also on weekends I always clean the apartment properly.
My mom has accustomed me to support cleanliness in the house,
What's things you make at home? My man have to be very tidy!!!!!!
You know these last days I became noticed that I think of you very often
My girfriend even envy me a little that you write me back, i think so I think more and more what life would resemble with you?
I so want looking into your eyes, because through the Internet the emotions are lost and difficultly understand each other. Write me please here the pic of my family my mom and granny
Your Elena
Letter 2
I wish you good day my dearest Frank!!!!!
I should say you really make me feel good with your mail.
How are you there today? what you are doing now and your weekend?
We decided to change wall paper at home because all was so old and i was busy very much all the last days. I missed you very much
My dear i gave you the correct address and if you send me card or something like that i really will get it, for your sure i can make the pic for you with it in further when i get it.
It would be wonderful to hold each other in arms, to learn your eyes and to whisper sweet words into your ear.
I want to keep you happy with me and i can d it my dear, you are sweet man I would like to know what kind of man you are in ***.
Do ypu like to make passionate love maybe with some wild things or sensitive, long and slow with long kisses? AS for me i like both, passionate *** can't be all the time and there is place to Sensuality I think i am enough hot and at the same time sensitive woman and I would be able to make you happy and satisfied in bed. I just know I would want to make love every day. You can have a Tigress in your hands!!!!!!!!!!
Would you like to be with me and spend the rest of time?
You would be my plan to make you the happiest man on earth. You would know my warmth and my passion in the bedroom...Yesterday I looked at the moon and I thought of you. I really would like someday to look at moon together You and me!!!! It would be great. As one you and me kissing and hugging of each other.
I like to kiss and to hug very much, you like it also? Someday we will sit on the beach, kissing and hugging each other, will say different stories to smile and laugh
Reply me please as soon as possible.
Your Elena
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