Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Maltseva to Ward (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my lovely Ward.
Today Thursday. To me I was very sad also has decided to come here, with the request.
Whether I do not know you will understand me whether or not, simply me the feeling of a cold forces to go here and Fear. When I am in an Internet of cafe I feel what that Heat which proceeds from you. It becomes good me on soul from letters and from ideas about That you become closer and there is a thin contact which connects us love.
But I sometimes feel fear. Fear to remain one in this world under The name "Russia" one.... without you.
There's nothing to be done with it, my female essence is those. Me frequently betraid and Deceived, it were people with masks of very true friends. I want that you have told to me that You will not throw me and you will not cease to write the letter. Only it. But it is enough about it. Yesterday the first snow was, it began so suddenly, that many peoples were not ready to this and those who was In the street in clothes for autumn have very much frozen, including me. And today with morning of a pool have been covered Ice. A frost and the sun - wonderful day. People have dressed warm things. Cats and dogs have hidden in houses Or in cellars. Animals feel changes in weather better than people and they had time to find To themselves warm places to not freeze. And people had not time. Many people were ill a flu.
I Was ill too. My mum lays in bed with high temperature. I look after her.
She sends the regards to you and wishes you a sound health, asks that you protected the health. I work as the physician and I cannot arrive on work in such condition. And it means that mine The salary will be less. My plans fall. I cannot pay for treatment and the Internet.
And me medicines and medicines are necessary for my mum. Can happen that mum will infect the daddy and then All family will be ill a flu. At us such severe climate.
My lovely friend I ask you for help. For me are necessary money for treatment of mother and for payment of the Internet. Find please time and send me some money.
Send it through bank system "western union"
This bank close to my house and I could receive your money.
The data of my bank: Russia CHUVASHCREDITPROMBANK
CHEBOKSARY, 428000 Olga Maltseva Write to me when will send money! Do not overlook to inform me
Control Number (MTCN) without it I cannot receive money. 80 dollars will be enough and I think that it Not the big money for you. My love, let me to finish my e-mail, my dear,
please, write to me soon, I will wait for your answer, my...Ward Thinking about us,
Forever, Your And Only Your Olga
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