Letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Micke (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello. I am very glad that you has left to me the e-mail address.
I want to write some personal information about me so that you know whom you communicate with:) My name is Elena. I am 31, my birth date is 07.02.1977, and my zodiac sign is Aquarius. My height is 168 cm, and my weight is 56 kg. I am sending you a picture of me. I hope that you will consider me an attractive one. I will be more than happy if you could also send me your picture and write me more information about yourself. I am a trustful person and I would like you to write me only true information about you. I have never been abroad and it will be very interesting for me to communicate with a person from another country. Probably I will be lucky and you will become my good friend or maybe even more than just a friend. In Russia I have good friends, but I am still alone. I am lonely and I don’t have any children. It was my destiny that I couldn’t find my love and my happiness in Russia and probably I will find it out of my country. Now I will finish my mail and I hope that you are interested in continuation of our contact. I am waiting for your mail.
Elena from Khabarovsk, Russia.

Letter 2

Hello my friend Micke. I called you a friend because I hope for our good connection. Of course there is a big distance between us, but Internet makes this distance shorter, and we can communicate and have no difficulties. I want us to communicate by e-mail as it is very convenient and this way I can feel personal communication. If to leave a message on profile, it is too inconvenient and takes a lot of time, and by e-mail we can learn each other much better. And now I hope you understand the aim of my communication?:) I am a lonely girl, and I was lonely for a long time and my last serious relationship failed two years ago. I was married, but now I am divorced and now I am in search. Two years ago I thought that my life has no sense, I experienced big depression. But now I understand that this person was not my only one and he was not a man I want to live my whole life with. This is only the memories of past and if you have interest in this I will certainly tell you more about all this. I am not a very good author, and may be you will find many mistakes in my mail, bit I will do everything possible to make reading my mails interesting for you. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but my parents are still alive and I am very happy about that. I live separately from my parents, in an apartment that I rent. This is a small apartment, only 33 m2. As I wrote you in my last e-mail I live in the city called Khabarovsk. It is located in the Far East, not so far away from the border with China. You can see my city on the map. I don’t have a computer at home because there is no need in it. All I need I can do at work. I don’t know if you liked my mail and if you are ready to write to me again. But I hope you will concern my words with respect and write to me even if you didn’t want to begin our dialogue. If you find me interesting and think that probably something will develop from it, then tomorrow I will open my mailbox and see a good mail. Now my work is coming to an end already, and we can continue our communication tomorrow, I hope very much for that.
Your friend, Elena.