Letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear far friend Bob!i was so glad to see your letter!i hope that our communication will be really pleasant for both of us.

So, well, here is something about me:my name is Olja, surname is Volkova. i am 23,i live in a small town Izjaslav, Hmelnitska region it's at the West part of Ukraine. it's a small beautiful place with a wonderful old traditions and hospitable people.I study at the university in Hmelnitsk on last course and i learn history. i think it's very interesting to know about arts, way of life of our ancestries. i like to read, till my childhood i read a lot and I think that from all the book I've read i made a decision that the love and family are the most important things in life of every person, aren't they?As for my family, it's small and big at the same time:mother,father and older brother.But i have three aunts and four cousins also:). my mother is a teacher in school,my father is a doctor. We like to spent free time together.My father is indisputably authority for me. my mother is the best friend, her advises help me very much. For example it's she who enforced me to learn English . i see that my relatives happy and i want to be happy too.in my small life i've never met a man who want to think about me, about my feelings. all they look at you as a pretty thing(but I'm not a magazine - read and throw away:(((So that's why i'm here, in the Internet!!it's so easy now to go to Internet. i want to find my second half of my heart and soul. i believe that here I can find the one and only man of my life who will be able to give me all his love and care and I will be the happiest woman to give the same him!.do you think it's possible?...and what are you looking for here? Do you believe in romance and everlasting love? Or may be you are looking just for fun and for a pen pal? You know, I liked you very much and I sincerely hope that something serious could be between us in future, but we need to get to know more about one another first. Right?:)

So, i do hope you won't make me waiting for a long time for the next letter from you! Write me about yourself, your hobbies, your life... I'll very glad to know you better my far-far friend:))

Looking forward to some words from you soon!

Yours Olja!

Letter 2

Hi, dear Bob!!!!

i am very glad to receive your letter!it's really exciting to have a person who remembers about you and can find a little time to write you. it's so wonderful for me to read a letter which was written far from me. It is as though I have a different life. Your letter is very interesting!Thank you for it and for your easy and understandable language. it's great to find such a person as you I can simply understand:)your animals are so nice!!!

So, well, the man of my dream should be surely older than me. I communicate with different people (for example at the university, my childhood friends and their boyfriends)are so light-headed persons, they keep to the idea that they are the center of the world. They think about themselves at first but not about women near them. A usual men of our country want to get eat,to have a clean house, nice wife, also care, attention, but they do nothing to make their woman happy. They don't want to listen. Frankly speaking I see that they look at women like a machine for satisfaction of their requirements!!! And older man are wise, kind, tolerable and understand woman, they know better what we want. In my opinion it's naturally enough:)

So, now, let me tell you more about myself...you know that I'm a student, but my studying it's not all my life:)...

I have several hobbies. You already knows that I like to read.I read many kind of books:historical, detectives,novels, works by classics of Russian and Ukrainian writers. I have a dream once to read the works by St.King in original. By the way, do you know this author? Do you like him? Sometimes I read tales or tell stories for my little cousins. and my special love it's verses. as for me only verses can send to people feelings in the most accessible form. in all books I met people who found love and lost and found it again. may be I am too romantic and naive but i believe in everlasting love!:)I think you have let me tell about my dreams?:)you are the first man whom I can open my heart. i want to live all my live with only one man. He must be clever,kind, loving,have a good sense of humor and never betray my trust. appearance is not important for me, because the inside beauty is the first,do you agree with me? in my mind the man of my dream should be surely older than me, because he has a big experience in life, better understand and value people not for only appearance;)it's so good when you meet him from work, keep him up in hard time, and he is always ready to listen about your problem and find enter from it. what do you think about it? What is your idea of the perfect family? Do we have the same goals in life? I really hope so as I found something special in you...

Well, my second one hobby is cooking.I cook different dishes,but always put vegetables into them.It's not only very tasty but healthy. And you know, I really prefer healthy way of life, don't smoke and drink and trying to be in a perfect shape . By the way, I go to the gym twice a week as I really think it's really necessary to keep fit.

But let's continue about my hobby:) You see,my family is very hospitable, we always have something tasty and my mother and i like to create new dishes. I love pasta very much and sometimes devise unthinkable sauce to it. may be once you estimate my masterpieces:). Would you like? For me, it would be twice pleasant to cook something for the person I really like. I am sure that dish will become even tastier as it's usually is as it will be prepared with soul.

So, here is a little bit more about me and my life. If you are interested, just ask, and I will write you more and more as it's so pleasant to share my thoughts, my life with a person who can understand and support:)

Waiting for your letter with a great impatience!!!

yours sincerely, Olja:)

Letter 3

Hi my sweet Bob!!

Thank you for the last letter! It was really perfect:)! I couldn't imagine that there are people like you! i didn't think that men can write such wonderful and sincere letters:). I feel that I found not only pen pal but really good friend:))it seems i know you all my life! I hope that our relations would develop into something very special between us:), are you agree with me?

So, how are you there? Today the weather is beautiful but the wind is very cold. But you know, your letter warm me better than all clothes in the world, because it warm my soul!!:) I hope you feel the same:)

You want to know why I don't have a boyfriend. I used to have the boyfriend. We were together for three years. But at last year I began to notice strange things. He preferred to spend his free time with friends, they drank beer and other alcohol... They were going to the disco and cafe...He invited me to go with him very rare. Once I met him with a girl, he said that she is only friend. I asked why was she with him and while I have to wait him only at home?! He said that woman must be at home and wait! What did I wait for?!! He didn't let me go to a disco or cafe with my friends. Now I understood him. I knew about several girls:( all of them were "only friends" for him. It was terrible!!!! I felt myself so stupid, so naive... now I'm alone about one year, I don't want to remember it! But I am very glad to start a new life now and I don't like to remember this story very much, as I still believe in honesty, love and respect in relations!

Now I would like to tell you a few news about me. In my university was a seminar dedicated to a family tree. It looks like a tree on a big leaf where are all your relatives. It's so interesting to know all our ancestors. I'm researching history, do you remember?:) Of course I made my family tree too. And...I won!!!! can you imagine it?!It's because I really estimate family values and I think it's very important to remember about your roots for everybody!

At the last week-end all members of my big family went to grandparents. they invited us to celebrate their gold wedding!!! they are together more than 50 years and still love one another. When i looked at them I've got evidence that the everlasting love exists!! Do you know any stories about that? I mean real, not imagined by some author?:)

we decorated their small house with flowers and balloons, made a festive dinner. Grandmother and grandfather told about their first meeting, how grandfather made an appointment to my granny, how proposed marriage to her...We saw a lot of their photos which trey had been collecting all life:)I's so interesting! At the end granny gave her famous pie with plums and cream. It's ineffably tasty!!

It's a pity I'm so busy today:( I must go already:((I really don't want to leave this place as it makes us closer to each other and helps me to feel relaxed and save:)Thank you for this wonderful feelings, dear!

Well, honey, i will go for now and I'll be waiting for your letter!

Send you my friendly kiss:))

Yours, Olja

Letter 4

Hello, my darling Bob!

I've already missed you:)I'm sure the Internet cafe is my lucky place because of you:)I think about you and our correspondence every time!!! you understand me so well:)I don't know...may be I'm hurrying developments but i can do nothing with myself.All the time i am thinking of you, dear, sometimes I forget that you live in other country and you have another culture, traditions, mind. Please, tell me about your life! I am getting to know you better from letter to letter.When my cousin will make photos, I'll send:)

You know I haven't told anybody about you. But our relations give me a hope that they can be more than only correspondence, do you feel the same?:)And i told about you my best friend Sasha. she was very surprised but keep up me at all. she thinks that our men are simply terrible. she tells Ukrainian men are usually rude and lazy while women have to live with this...That's why a lot of women just go away from their husband as they deserve better life than they have. You see, usually Ukrainian men simply don't know how to treat a woman and never appreciate what they have! And it's really hard to find someone worth to be a husband among them. That's why our women more and more looking for the men abroad through the Internet. and it's right!! i found you, my dear, in Internet:))And I am very glad with this! At least now I really believe that there are a lot of very good people in the Internet and it's really great possibility for the lonely people to find their love!

i imagine us together going for a walk in the streets, eating ice cream and speaking,speaking, speaking...I am sure that there are a lot of things for us to share, to discuss or may be even to argue:) I like that you are very interesting and intelligent person!

My study is over soon and I'll have a holidays. So I have started thinking about our meeting in person...I don't know, may be it's too early, but you see, now i can only dream about seeing you in life:(, hearing you voice, smelling you, having my hand in your hand, looking at me, seeing your brightly eyes .I imaging us sitting together in the evening on the sofa.The lights are faint, the music is slow....I feel safe near you.....Can do nothing with all these thoughts. I wish I was closer to you:)

Do you dream about it? please, write me about your feeling, your dreams:)

Looking forward to your reply!

Send you a thousand of kisses

Yours Olja

Letter 5

Hi,my sweet Bob!!!

Your letters are so special: they help me in my life very much. I do my homeworks, do housework with pleasure which I had never felt before:), attend my university but at in my mind i am with you.. always with you .. you are in my mind, dreams, in everything what I do, see, feel... Everybody and everything remind me about you:) From the time you entered my life I became really happy. Can you imagine? I see guys fall in love with one another, birds in their nests who are happy to be together in their cosy houses:), watch movies, hear songs about love and I want to be happy too. I dream about true love where are you and me, I want to be the one for you and you for me:)...

Lately I met my college mate Tanja and told her about you, my honey. I was in good mood and told her about our relation, about big impression which you made on me!! She asked me am I sure in your good relation, in your understanding, in your feeling. She told me about abandoned women, women were betrayed by their darling. She told that foreign men want to use our trustful girls, said that you never wanted to see me, and that you write me only because you have a free time and you had correspondence with several girls except me. She is sure that all men in the Internet (and in the world of course) are bad, mad, stupid and so on. I said her that she said it from malice because she hadn't so nobleman near herself. IT's true she hasn't boyfriend! she is waiting for somebody who must be beautiful, rich, kind, generous, have a good sense of humor, flat and car and big account in the bank. May be she wants prince or king?.. It's amusing and stupid to see only material values, at first in all relation must be love, trust, mutual support... I'm sure, you agree with me, darling:) aren't you?

People who don't believe in true love can't understand our exalted relations!!! I don't want to spend my time with such people as Tanja. As I simply don't understand her views!

I began think about you, my honey, more and more. When I go for asleep I remember your letter, line to line, world to world. I am getting a chance to start a new line, to be sure in love because of you :)))!!

Can't wait to find a new letter from you, my angel!

One gentle kiss special for you:)



Letter 6

Hello my sweet Bob!!! I miss you so much!!1 I need you more and more:)) you know that my main thoughts are about you and the second about my graduation.Especially I am upset about my graduation party. We have a lot of plans!! We want go to the famous restaurant in Hmelnitsk, it so beautiful with good service and tasty cuisine. I want to buy dress for it, very beautiful. I'll go to the shop to search for it with my mom. I want to be in red dress, it's my favorite color and it pass me very much:)Do you agree with me? I must find wonderful dress and not expensive because it will be hard for my parents to pay for dress, restaurant, presents for teachers and so on. Of course, I prepare to my last exams and I think everything will be ok! I study very diligently these years and I know that i am a good student. I have only good marks on my exams:) but I'm a little upset, it's naturally.

Once I want try be vegetarian but in our country I must have very beautiful work to buy the vegetables, mushrooms, fruits whole year:(( May be one day if we will together I want to try!! You are so kind to animals I like it!1 My granny has a cat (Grey)- he is very lazy and like cucumber and tomatoes, melon and salads very much. I think that you and he could be friends:) I think about you very often and I see the shine is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are in bloom because of you, I'm sure!!!I miss you so much! your letter helps me, dear:)

Looking forward to your replay!!

Forever yours Olja

Letter 7

Hello dear Bob!! I 'm glad to receive your letter!!It's very interesting to know more about you and your family. I congratulate you with graduation (I think it's later better that never) Thank you for your interest to me, but now we have misunderstanding between us.... it's a pity. I know that a man and a woman sometimes can't understand each other because they have different thinking. the man wants to make career and the women wants to have children and family. the friends matter for men more then the friends for women. you can't understand me about us... But you can't imagine how it to come to most of my friends and see their house, their loving relation, how to listen their plans about new furniture or facilities or kid:(( I want to plan my house, life with person who loves me and I love him too!!! I want to spend our week end, visit our parents or discus new blind in bedroom...I know I want too much and may be too quick:( but I feel that I'm ready to have family. I graduate my University and in autumn I'll begin to work... I imagine my 'breathtaking' life: home-school-home...Many children around me, their parents who are happy or not...sometimes visit my friends, the most of them are married other have plans to live together...see the different family live and understand that you are unnecessary there:(((

But you are man and can't imagine my feelings. yes, I want to meet you. If you want you can come to Kiev or in my native town. I understand your apprehension but I have a risk too. I am afraid to lose my hope for love...that's all what I can say you, my sweet. If you want I can write you official paper where I'll write about me in more official tone. My feelings don't change because of it. write your opinion, honey.

wish you a good day:)

Sincerely yours Olja

Letter 8

Hi my angel Bob!

i always wait for your letter with great impatience!!!thank you for it. You remember me!!! that's all I want now:)thank you I agree with you at everythink. About kids I think two loving people must decide together:)

I think about you every second, my honey:)and my dreams come when I sleep. At night when all people are sleeping I imagine us on meeting, your face, voice, eyes, hands, laugh...

Do you want to know my last dream?

It was our first meeting. I went to you, in your country. I took a plane, I flied to you. I was so afraid! It's so hard to wait for our meeting several hours, to go to another country, to man who I want see more than everything in the world!!! I'm so tired, I'm exciting during this travel...And I am here...I go to the airport... and see you! you meet me with a smile on your face. the sun is shining, clouds are running on the sky... you came to meet me:)! Life is wonderful!!!Now I am not afraid of anybody and anything!!! You are so handsome, so courageous, the real man. I kiss you, you embrace me, take my hand and I go with you. We are kissing, embracing all the time:) It's new feelings for me but, they are so sweet, so beautiful!!! But... my alarm:( I opened my eyes, I saw the wall in flat of my parents. All thing are so usual,so tedious. you can't believe but I began to cry...in my dream was you, happy, laugh.. and now .. nothing what I want to see:(I thought I want to spent my life in your sweet embrace. If I can I'll pack all my imaginations,feelings in this letter and you'll see and feel everything that I feel about you:)

May be I am crazy? It's amazing for me!!! I fell in love in a man who I've never seen before? I think about you, your letters are the most important events in my life.I have idea about you only from letters. I know about your character, preferences, hobbies only from your letters. Will you write me more about your country, people, traditions? I want to feel your life, emotions, to imagine you more full and real Do you want the same, my angel?

I'll be waiting for your letter with a great impatience, my honey!!!

kiss you gently,

yours loving Olja

Letter 9

Hi my darling Bob!! Thank you for a photo. I hope you had a nice week end with your friends!!About my photos... they was made by my friends (my one friend is photographer:))Last year we were on the sea with my father's friend. It's his car on some photos. We traveled and made nice photos. I and my cousin like to make beautiful photos, we made photos on the car and nobody around of course:). We made them on the sea in Crimea, on the road between different cities, in the nature near my native town. My mom like flowers very much and she takes pictures me with flowers:)You can see that in my country there are many beautiful places, honey:)))

I used to have the boyfriend. We were together for three years. But at last year I began to notice strange things. He preferred to spend his free time with friends, they drank beer and other alcohol... They were going to the disco and cafe...He invited me to go with him very rare. Once I met him with a girl, he said that she is only friend. I asked why was she with him and while I have to wait him only at home?! He said that woman must be at home and wait! What did I wait for?!! He didn't let me go to a disco or cafe with my friends. Now I understood him. I knew about several girls:( all of them were "only friends" for him. It was terrible!!!! I felt myself so stupid, so naive... I don't want to remember it! But I am very glad to start a new life now and I don't like to remember this story very much, as I still believe in honesty, love and respect in relations!

I am a young girl and i would to look for the man who is mature, experienced and caring because i want to have the serious relations, I have already grown up for it, I am not interested only in flirt or so on, you should know it from the very beginning. I need to find a man who has the same goal - creating real relations, to live with love and mutual support, to enjoy life together. I am dreaming to find my man not just cause I want to be happy... sounds strange, but some one famous said that love is not when you are just happy, love is when you make someone happy and become double happy seeing his smile : )And it's my dream!

Waiting for your letter with a great impatience!!!

yours sincerely, Olja:)

Letter 10

Hello my love Bob!!! Your letter is beautiful!!! I'm happy to receive your love and care again!!!!Thank you for always being with me and making my life full of sense and love!I understand you at all:)

Honey, I have a little bad news for you. next week I am going to practice in the neighbor town so I couldn't write you letter for several days. It's very important for my study! But you must remember that you are always in my heart. I think about you every second. when I go sleep I wish you good night, when I get up I say to you good morning:)when I help my mother I imagine that I clean our house, I prepare dinner for you and we have a dinner together:) but now it's only dream:(( My love and tenderness for you.

Don't miss me too much and I'll be back soon!

Always yours Olja

Letter 11

Hello, my dear beloved the only one Bob!

Thank you for the wonderful amazing letter!!!

I'm so happy that you share my feelings about us. It's so pleasant to have such a man who understands me...I know that everything that happened between us took so little time, but I believe that love doesn't know any distance, place, nationality, age and religion!

Every your letter is the festival in my life:)! It's only you who makes me always smiled and happy! Only you I can share everything with! You mean everything to me and I could give everything just to be close to you!

So, well, my sweetheart, I have a great news for you! My parents noticed that I am thinking about something (or somebody) every time. They asked me what's happening with me? And I told them about you. Everything! Can you imagine? About all our letters, about all our feelings, everything! They were very surprised, they couldn't understand where we met. I told them about the Internet, about you first letter , told about our relations and so on... I told how much I know about you, how much you mean for me... I said that you are clever, kind, loving, attentive, always ready to listen about my life, we have similar feeling, life values... They asked so many questions that I don't remember all! And...can you imagine, they said if you are so good man they are not against our relations and even meeting:)))!!! They said if I want to be with you they allow me to go in your country!!! As it's so important for me to meet your relatives, your friends, your way of life as may be, one day I will have to relocate there...Right?...Wow! I was so surprised and frankly speaking didn't expect such propose from them! it's wonderful, do you agree? They told me that I am adult girl already and it's my adult choice...I don't know...I was a little bit confused, but my parents are right, my angel! We need to meet in person! It's very important for our relations, for our future! It will be next great step in our life! Also, you see, I understand that if it's real love and we will decide to be together till the end of our days I will have to relocate to your country!...I know it's not so easy and I will have to learn everything new, but I am really not afraid of anything! I just want to be with you, I just want to be happy and to have my own good family! Isn't it the same that you want, my love?

What do you think about our meeting? It is so important for me, do you feel? Do you want to see, feel me alive? I'm a real girl, you are a real man, we must live in real life, in real feelings, in reality, do you understand??!! I want to see you very much!!! Do you want the same??????

i can't sleep, can't eat, all another events of my life are so little, insignificant... Please write me as soon as you can!!! I'll wait with great impatience!!!!!

Looking forward to your reply!

Thousand kisses,

always yours, Olja

Letter 12

Hello my darling Bob!

Your letter is super as usual!!! I'm glad that you remember me and it's so beautiful that you devote a small part of you to me:) that you want to see me as much as I want!!!Because I really can't wait any more to see you,my honey! I can't wait that beautiful day when we will be together at last!!! it's a really great idea you to come to me. It will be even easier for me and you will be able to meet my wonderful country!

Well, if you want to go to the Ukraine may be we'll meet in Kiev at first? I don't understand why this wonderful idea didn't come to me first?:)!!! Kiev is the capital of our country. It's very beautiful and friendly city. There are lot of attractions: park, museum, the famous Kievo-Pecherska lavra, Hrechatic (the main street of the city). I can show you the sights of the town, it's very interesting!!! We can go for a walk down the street:), there are a lot of houses with interesting architecture. Have you ever heard or read about one of them?

As for me I can to go to Kiev, it's not a problem. My town is small and there are only few interesting places here. I'll show them later if you want of course. But I really think it's a great opportunity for me to travel to Kiev to meet you and to see more of this great city with a huge interesting history! what do you think, my love?

Please write me what is your decision!! It's very important for me!!!

Wait for your letter,

embrace you sweetly

yours Olja

Letter 13

Hello my darling Bob!!! I can see in the nearest future - it's a miracle!:) It's beautiful to visit Kiev with you, my love:)!!! I think about it all the time. I have a lot of plans:) what to show you...what place we must visit... Thank you for your offer to live together, I'm sure that it will be the wonderful days!! I understand your problem and I know that you'll do all possible to meet me soon. I'm happy that you are very attentive son, I proud of you and it shows as beautiful man you are:))

My honey, when can I see you?!! Kiss you, my love.Wait your letter with great impatience!!

Always yours Olja

Letter 14

Hi,my sweet, beloved the one and only Bob!

Sweetie, please, don't think that I forgot about you!!! I will never forget you as you are deep in my heart and nothing could ever change this! I love you and want to be with you more than everything! And it's really doesn't matter where and when we will be together! I know that magnificent meeting will be and this warm me up! Only this thought makes me smiling again, makes me happy and pleased! My honey, you are everything to me! You are all the world to me! Please, stay with me forever...

Honey, what concerns your question:

Olga Volkova

Iziaslav town Hmelnitska region

Molodizhna street 20/12

So, honey, I am here again for us and I am looking forward to continue our plans! I want to see you, I want to hug you and to kiss you at last! I can't wait this wonderful moment to be in your arms! I love you, honey! Please, write me back as soon as possible! I am longing for you!!!!

Looking forward to hear from you soon, my kitten!

Forever your loving,