Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, alan my love
I was also more than happy and excited to hear from you today and i do appreciate the time that u had send me such a lovely and wonderful mail.

how are you doing today dear and how is life and work???????????? hope all is fine and well with you as it is with me too. sweetie, i will go straight to the point that am also a single lady from a very trained Christian home and am looking for the love of my life and a man i can begin today and the future with. I have had past relation but could not go well all because my partner wasn't very faithful and honest to me and also never loved me and lied about that and had no other good plans that to use me as a *** *****. i have been in pain before and anytime i remember it makes me feel sad but i still know there is a better future ahead of me and i also know i will definitely meet someone who is ready to love and take very good care of me as his lady and future wife.
I'm new to the internet and the dating at large so will like for us to take everything step by step honey as i know it is going to help the two of us very well. i was born in norway.I'm the only child of my parents and my dad from usa and i lost my dad 10 after my birth so my mum remarried to a man from Ghana who brought all of us from usa to Ghana. am single 29 years old and with the star sign of arise. . am very friendly. honest, caring, loving, faithful, passionate and with a very good sense of humor. I love going to the beach, playing piano, swimming , reading and shifting. I dislike alcohol and i don't smoke and have no problem with my parents doing all of these. am now working as a clerk .I have a long hair, shinning eyes and a fair in complexion. i am from a family of 1 and am the only child of my parents, my parents are all retired and living at home. my dream is to meet a very loving caring and faithful man who will love me for who i am a man who is ready to take very good care of me and make me happy in life and treat me like his own lady as am also going to do the same thing in return to keep our relationship going. I also know how to make my man feel very happy and excited both physically and internally and am good with a lot of things when it comes to love making what about you darling??????????????????????????Pplease do send me some of your nice pics and my will be in my next mail.

my sweetheart, i hope this will be for now as am hoping that you will ask me of anything that you will like to know and i wouldn't hesitate to tell you for am very serious and hoping when things go well ready to come and meet you if am the type of girl you are looking for and the lady for u.
I love u dear and hoping to hear from you soon
take care yours wife anander bills
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