Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Kichigina to Jorge (Mexico)

Letter 1
Good afternoon! To me it is very pleasant that you have answered me. :)
How your mood? I'm fine, as I wish you. I at all do not know, with what to begin and what to tell to you, but I will try and hope, that I will be interesting to you.
In the first lines I wish to tell to you about the representation, it is even more about myself.
As you already know:
My name: Ksenia
I was born 1983, on 5th of June.
The country Russia
City a Zelenodolsk.
I the only child, me of 24 years. I the teacher at school, I teach Histories of Russia. It is work for me very interesting and with pleasure, I teach our Russian children. I have finished, two higher educations in 23 years. After research I have gone to influence the teacher of history, 5 and 11 classes, 12-17 years, to pupils. If you are interested about my work better I can tell to you more and as to teach you, about our country Russia. I wish to tell to you in this letter that you with me were frank and fair. I think that it will be better to us to learn about each other and to see as ours the relation proceed. I opened and kind, like to smile. A smile are continuations of a youth and a life. But in a life happen a lot of prophetic to which you cannot be ready.
You agree with me?
I as wish to set to you, not how many questions:
What for you, such - "FAMILY"?
Tell to me, three main qualities, between two favourite people?
It is difficult to find the good and devoted man in Russia, I do not understand that happens our men and that they want. I lived 2 years with the guy, but at me with it have developed nothing. My heart was is broken. My guy was to me not devoted man. To me was sick to feel, that it with me so has arrived. His name: Vladimir. After I has dispersed from Vladimir and till this time, I do not wish to see its image. At me the hope was gone, to be with someone to me the pleasant and good man from Russia.
Why I have decided to write to you and still hopes, that I am not mistaken you. I hope, on our good future serious relations to marriage. Probably from this day, our relations will proceed more more close.
I think that my letter, does not afflict you and you with interest read my words. :)))))))))))
But I nevertheless hope and with interest I will wait your letter. :) I wish to tell to you as have the day well and as it is possible to smile often. :) That you wish to learn about me, ask me. I with pleasure will answer you. :) I apply as the photo, let it brings to you many smiles on your person. I have no many photos, but I will do them one of these days.
Take care!
Yours faithfully your new friend, Ksenia.
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Jorge Rosas! Ms. Ksenia Pavlovskaya, has addressed in our Agency of travel "Ahat-Tour" in a city a Zelenodolsk. For visa reception in Mexico, Ms. Ksenia Pavlovskaya it is necessary to present a package of documents to Agency: 1. A copy of the Russian passport
2. The reference with instructions of a post, the salary, the work experience.
3. 2 photos made not earlier than half a year in ago size 3.5?? on 4.5 sm
4. The filled questionnaire
5. Solvency acknowledgement (inquiries on purchase of currency, an extract on a condition of the bank account, a credit card x-copy, documents on the real estate etc.) Registration term visa - 7-10 working days. Our services stand, 130 euros on the person. Quotations travel registration, for Ms. Ksenia Pavlovskaya in the country in Mexico: 1. Registration Visa (visa Period of validity, No more than 90 days): - 420 euro.
2. Air ticket booking, for June, 25th: - 1448 euro. Moscow (Russia) - Mexico City-city (Mexico) there: on June, 25th 2008, environment. Start: MOSCOW (SHEREMETYEVO) 12:30 Wednesday on June, 25th 2008
Arrival: PARIS (CHARLES DE GAULLE) 14:35 Wednesday on June, 25th 2008
Flight: AF 2145, the plane: Airbus Industrie A321 Start: PARIS (CHARLES DE GAULLE) 16:15 Wednesday on June, 25th 2008
Arrival: MEXICO CITY (ATIZAPAN) 20:55 Wednesday on June, 25th 2008
Flight: AF 434, the plane: 772 General time in a way: 17 hour. 25 minutes 3. Room booking, Hotel "Companion" in the city of Moscow for days: 120 euro (Single) Our working days: pondelnik-Friday, early in the morning and end to 14:00-16:00 because many people do the same, and places are loaded.
Successful day! The agent, Ms. Nadezhda.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jorge!
How at you weather, how your mood?
Today day for me was very hot, the sun very hot. I have woken up in 6:00 o'clock in the morning, earlier beams the sun have woken me and at once I on thought of you, that you and speak it to me Good morning, expensive Ksenia. :)
I since morning moved by the bus to a garden to tidy up in beds not the necessary grass, from onions and colours. As to be tidied up in the house and to have good rest in a garden. Day has passed beautiful, but the sun was so hot also burnt my head. Now I sit at Oksana and I write you this letter.. I want that you knew, when I start to write to you, I always feel joyfully and mood just fine. Certainly I have got tired and I feel tired, I would like on to sleep. But I do not presume to lay down to myself to sleep, not having written you the letter. Because I know as you wait for my news and for me it will be honour, to write to you and I will write to you while we will not meet.
Oksana sends you regards and wishes you to spend well put.
I want really that at you all was good that you always had a smile on the person as I. :) Dear Jorge I send you the passport in that that I am Ksenia Kichigina. But I as am represented by a surname of my mum Pavlovskaya, I want that you have understood that I always speak to you sincere and very much I wish to be with you during fast time. You very much like me Jorge and I know as I like you. Very much it was pleasant and joyful to me to hear you again by phone, it was for me happy instants as if you are near to me.
Tomorrow new day and tomorrow again work. Again new week and me it is necessary what to make much, for work and for the pupils at school. But I as am glad, to that that soon holiday and my attention to you will be more, frequent and I will be always thoughts on you.
Have good day Jorge! It is a lot of, a lot of pleasant to you of instants and so ticklish moods.
Yours Ksenia.
Letter 4

Hello my beloved Jorge!
In the first lines I want will apologise, for that that I did not write to you to fast time. Forgive me Jorge!
Why I did not write you so long time, I wish to tell to you in this letter.
Yes, I know as you miss by my words in my letters and I do everything to bring to you pleasure and warmth to your soul.
I at all do not know as to tell to you and I I want that you worried for me Jorge! I know reading to you now my words in the letter, you will feel disturbing, but I wanted that that happens with me, it is all has occurred so quickly and on my errors. :(
My Birthday, on June, 5th: I have faced the car when I took the helm cars of my girlfriend Oksana. Urgently it was necessary to me, to take away documents on work in the country. Leaving for a city, before a crossroads I have faced other car. In the beginning I did not understand, that happens and thought has driven into a hole, but in some seconds the driver has approached to me and he began to shout at me, bad words.
With me all is good, I only have received a bruise knees of feet and thorax ****. I then have already understood, that have faced the car, ahead of me. In my head there was a fog and a fright, think that will be further. When I left having looked, on the car and the car of the suffered driver, I was in a shock and in a hysterics. After I have understood that I was guilty to this collision, I asked the driver not to inform in militia that did not take away from me the driver's licence. After that to me it became very bad, the driver has brought me to hospital that me have examined. Doctors have intended me full rest.
Now with me all is good also I feel only weariness, after hospital days of the health. I could not write you the letter of that I really felt badly. Near to me all time there was my girlfriend Oksana and calmed me. Now I on feel better many. I thought of you and I thought that you as worry for me, in that that I do not answer you the letter. Today I have met the driver who has suffered from my collision. We spoke and decided, that I should pay all expenses on repair of its car. We moved to car-care centre and learnt how many will cost, car repairs of the driver which I have faced. To me have informed, that in total cost car repair will cost: 1340 Euro. I could pay only today, 300 Euro which I saved on a trip to you. I as have borrowed at Oksana, 100 Euro that car repairs started to do. I long thought where to find still the remained sum of money, to pay on major repairs of the car, the driver whom I have faced. I asked about the help even colleagues on the work, but the result was negative and most of all I left in grief.
I do not know what to do, till this time and where to find to me other part of money?
I know, that it is not pleasant to you to read now my words in this sad letter, that to me now there is and far from you I Jorge!
I would do the utmost to return this instant and did not sit down car Oksana wheel. I have broken the road rights and I do not know that to me to do and how to arrive further. From now on, I even am afraid to sit down a car wheel. In my birthday, was for me in the afternoon not pleasant and the most awful. I did not know that so all will occur... Forgive me, for that that I did not write to you Jorge? :(
My beloved Jorge, very much it is not convenient to me to start now about it to speak to you, but I a shivering voice ask to help with my request which I very much require and in which you are not obliged to me to help. I know that you require money, in the residing of the life and the native people. But I not to whom have more to address, except you Jorge!
I know what you the careful and kind person in my life Jorge, after all except you in my life was not present whom whom I madly wish to see and from whom I would like to embrace most of all now that the head to put on a courageous shoulder as at you. If nevertheless at you is, any financial support, it is possible any sum of money, you can help me Jorge?
Mine Jorge if you wish to help me during fast time help me. I was interested on the Internet how to get fast transfer from other country. To me shows on the Internet that there is such fast and reliable remittance, through transfer Western Union. I as have seen on the Internet, whether exist at us such remittance and to me have shown, that there is in my city a Zelenodolsk. I should pay for repair, during fast time and that the driver, in me was not afflicted. I have pledged a word, that I will do the utmost, that its car was in work.
Sadly certainly, to write such lines and I know as you now sadly, to think that I in a trouble.
To console itself, I think of you and I read your letters, after all only you give me pleasure and fine mood Jorge!
The darling Jorge, so now does not suffice me your warm embraces and your consolations that to me it became more better...
I hope that at you all well and I ask you forgive me, for that that I did not write to you the shortest days...
I wish you the kindest and let all at you will be good.
I love you Jorge!
Your gentle and loved Ksenia.
Letter 5
Hello my pearls Jorge!
How you? How at you weather? I'm fine and today this day I have made for you video to bring to you more many smiles and many fine moods. Yes, I really wish you only one and it that you felt the healthy and happy man. Today Sunday, on June, 22nd. I had good day. Since the morning I have risen because of that that behind windows there were shouts and ******* of cars. Young men shouted: " Russia - the champion ", forward, forward behind a victory.. I in the beginning have not understood, why they shout and when I have included TV, and saw news about Football. The day before the Russian national team has gained a confident victory in the Euro-2008 quarterfinal over a national team of Holland with the account 3:1. This night the country did not sleep. Russians marked a national team exit on football in a semi-final. We waited for this victory more than 20 years. The victory was celebrated in all cities of Russia and even by living Russian people abroad. In streets started fireworks. Motorists signalled, and pedestrians scanned« Russia - the champion ». National colours fluttered from windows of cars. Triumph proceeded till 7 mornings. … yes it really holiday for Russians, by the form sports. I as am very glad, that our Russian football players, have done the utmost also this possible all happen... To me Russia - the champion" would be desirable to shout now ", :) Is sad certainly that I did not see transfer of game of Football Russia - Holland. I very much was tired and I very much would like to sleep and I have fallen asleep quickly, as the baby..
Having finished viewing of news, I have gone to a shower, after a shower I am good on had breakfast and moved to Oksane to write you the letter. But Oksana, moved to me on a meeting at my house. She on asked me, to descend with it in a place in shop, to buy a paint and other things, for repair, for its apartment.
Then we have met husband Oksana, it was going to go home, after night work. Taking purchases for repair, it has left home. And we with Oksana, moved on park and enjoyed good walk. I on asked Oksana that it has made video and removed me. I send to you with this letter of video and let it will bring to you pleasure, in your day Jorge.
Weather was cloudy, air was warm.
After walk we with Oksana, moved to cinema on: "The Incredible Hulk", probably you saw this film but if you did not see this film allow me to describe it.
History of doctor Bruce Bannera which searches for a medicine for the unusual "disease" transforming it during emotional stress in huge green monster Halka. Being to run from the army, aspiring it to grasp, Bruce almost finds a medicine, but all diligence go ashes when at Hulk suddenly there is new, improbably strong opponent. In roles of this film: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim the Mouth and other good actors...
But I hope that my video better and it to you very much will be it is pleasant, on video in Roles: I Ksenia! :)))))
Jorge concerning the driver, I have sold all gold, a ring, earrings and even I had to sell ashes a cross. To pay money which-kkakuju part. But it was not enough to pay the full sum of money. I need to pay now 610 Euro. The head very was ill me and I really did not know what to do where to find such money. But thank God, that the driver to me was kind and understood my situation. What is money for me very difficultly to find. Jorge, I do not know why you from me have turned away, after all I really require your help.
I smile, because you smile Jorge!
I wish you the most good day and let all at you will be joyful and warmly.
Yours Ksenia!
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