Letter(s) from Louise Matovu to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

thank you for your lovely words babe....pls i want you to reply me and promise me that you will not dissapoint me and u will be the real man of my heart...u will provide for me all my needs and all i want ..

i wil lbe looking forward to hear from you..have a nice sleep..

angel temi

Letter 2

Hello Matt,
thank u so much for your mail...i am very happy about your reply and i like your pics very well...i think this is a very good begining for us...i will like to have more chat with you so we can know more about eachother...

Matt..i want you to reply me and tell me how u feel as i am a poor girl who has no father and helper...will u still love me and will yu make me happy by providing for me and bring me by your side???i will be looking forward to hear from you.

angel temi