Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my sweet Michael! Oh, dear, you bring happiness to me every day, when I receive your letters!
It was terrible that you haven't wrote me for a long time. I have been thinking you forgot about me. But I want to renew our correspondence.
And now, maybe I can say, that harmony, piece and even Paradise, all they could be on Earth, not only on the Heaven, but on the ground too. Probably it's my own Paradise, when I'm looking for your picture in all: goods, nature or other things. I'm looking for you in the crow, although I know, that you can't be there at the moment......But in this time I can exactly say that I'm very happy, because you gifted me Heaven on the ground!
I want to love as noon imaginable has ever loved. I want to come out all stars for you. I want to catch every your word, every your wish.....
I know, that I don't want to loose you, because you are very special man, and I want to become special woman for you.
My, honey I want to share all my dreams with you, so I'll write you my the most sweetest dream, which I hope we will do come it true. We sit by a deserted, moonlit beach holding each other close and kissing deeply.
The night is warm and I suggest a swim which you enthusiastically agree to.
I take off my clothes and drop them on the warm sand and run down to the water.
You can see your bare bottom as I run to the sea. You take off your clothes and run down to join me.
As you enter the water I am happily splashing about and swimming a little way out.
The water is shallow here so when I stop swimming and stand up it just reaches my stomach The water is pleasantly cool, just enough to make my ******* stand *****. You walk toward me knowing that at this minute all you want is to hold me close to you and surround me with your arms.
As you get closer you can see my body glistening from the water. You put your arms around me and pull me to you kissing me deeply.
There is nothing between us and I can feel your ******** against my stomach. I look into your eyes and with a little smile I pull yourself up and allow you to slide inside me. Gently the water ripples and we move together. You gasp slightly but I can tell from your face it is from pleasure. I slide off you and take your hand leading you back to the beach. As I walk across the sand you can see the water running over the curves of my body.
I lead you the beach to an area of soft grass where I lie down my arms outstretched towards you. You lay beside me and kiss me tenderly. My wet hair is cascading over my shoulders, my ******* glistening in the moonlight with their ***** ******* pointing towards you....
Dear please, continue my dream. I want this dream to be shared, so tell me what do you want to happen? I understand there are millions kilometers between us, but I'm sure that people must overcome all obstacles for their love. Please tell me your opinion about
this, I'll be glad to know what do you think about it.
Sincerely yours! Oksana.
Letter 2
Dear Sir Michael, We want to appeal your attention, that Oksana is a client of our firm.
She uses our firm's service of translation and Internet services.
She do these things, because she don't have own computer with Internet and she don't know English. And our firm offers to her services, for which she has to pay as for some others services.
Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over.
Our firm can provide a guarantee, that all your letters will be translated and your lady could receive them in time and answer to you. Administration of our firm understand, that there are a lot of scammers in the Internet, that's why in our next letter we will offer you all kinds of documents.
If you're interested in the girl,and want to continue your communication we can send you information about our service and payment, which is rather small. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Manager of TF "Skif"
Alexander Titov.
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