Scam letter(s) from Natalia Litvinova to Fuzz (Australia)

Letter 1
I am glad, that you have written to me. I very much waited for your letter. I do not know how to begin acquaintance and that about myself to tell. But I think, that we can learn one about other much, and ours dialogue will be pleasant. I would like, that you would send more than the photos and answered my questions sincerely. I like sincerity and the truth. What it would not be.
I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Your new girlfriend Elena
Letter 2
Hello, thank you for a prompt reply to my message, I did not think, that the answer will come so quickly, and I am very glad, that you have not disregarded my letter. I have already lost hope to find my soul mate, and I have decided to try to make it with the help of the Internet To me have advised to get acquainted with the man from your country, as the men in your country the most decent and kind It is very good.
Really in your country so many lonely men?!!! It is very sad. So many men are lonely and have no happiness in private life.
I have seen your sincere profile and I have become interested in you very much and have decided to write to you.
I did not think, that you to me write. You at all do not represent as it was pleasant to receive your letter. Well, I want tell you about itself.
I the usual Russian women, actually am not istinguished by anything from others. It is probable to describe itself, it would be easier for me, if I did not make it for the first time. At me words and ideas because I worry slightly are confused. I did not expect, that you will answer me, and when I have seen your letter, I as if a current have struck in heart and now I sit behind the computer and I do not know that write to you.
Excuse me if I shall do many mistakes in the letter, I not absolutely well know English.
So if to you something will be not clear, you ask me again, Ok?
I 30 years, I live with mother in city Volzhsk. I do not drink and I do not smoke. My main vital principles it is honesty, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people, Tenderness and love and respect for loved to the man. I do not love lie and to not love false people.
I do not respect arrogance in people. I think that the arrogance worsens to live to these people and environmental people. In people I respect honesty, compassion to poor people, love and respect for associates. Therefore I abuse myself if when that have thought of any person poorly. ok, that it is possible to tell about itself. Ok, my main hope and dream is a search loving men and creation with him families. Loving the man which will support me when I shall be need in support. Who - what understands me. But also and who - what only does not praise me when I operate a wrong way. For me the main thing that the man loved me, respected as the person and paid me attention. I do not ask, that he sat next me each minute. No, I want, that my beloved did not forget date of our acquaintance, Date of our wedding, that was interested in my health and mood...
I am sure, that I will have happiest family. I shall make all that my husband and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding.
I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy. I don't know if you answer me or not. But why not to try? I will regret if not to try.
I think we should use every chance to find our happiness.
Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming. I sincerely hope, whether that our correspondence will show there can be we such pair.
Certainly there will be many complexities on our way. It is possible, that we can remain only friends. Probably between us strong feeling of love and respect will appear. Yet I do not know. Life will show.
If we shall be sure, what we necessary each other, then we should meet with you that to find out each other, you agree with it?
I want to know all about you and about your life. As we live in the different countries at me there are questions:
Are you ready to have the relation with a Women from Russia?
Or the woman living abroad is not of interest for you? Whether your dreams coincide with my dreams?
Please to answer sincerely all my questions. Please if you are not serious in search of serious relations that Tell me it.
I shall understand and to not take offence. I hope you to not get tired to read it With impatience I shall wait from you the letter.
If you have photo, send me please
Sincerely Elena
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