Scam letter(s) from Natalia Bezdenezhnykh to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Here's the letters and some photos. I can't send you all of the photos because they are too ****.

Bruce I do not know what to tell, I cannot really communicate further with
You without your help. I shall remind, I need 95 dollars on change of my tariff of the Internet.
I very much do not want you to lose. You began me very much dear for this time. And I feel that I have to you feelings.
You break to me heart. I now have tears on my eyes.
I unfortunately already should finish, absolutely there is no money for the Internet.
But I of you ask Bruce to help me, you can make it with the help western ynion I already spoke about it. Please think up this money. I do not want you to lose.
I very much feel, that between us all can be developed.
I very much want dialogue with you, with you it is very interesting,
You kind. Please do not throw me.
In fact present the man, you will not cause a pain to the girl,
Which you are not indifferent.
Understand, I cannot wait! At me almost did not remain money to the Internet!
I hope for yours very much first aid!!!! Please think over these
Money more likely!!! It is very important for us with you!!!!!
I shall wait for your help!!!!
I shall stop, but very much I wait for your answer.
Your forever Natalya
Letter 2
HI my dear Bruce!!!!!!!
How are you? How at you an affair? I miss and I think of you much. You You think of me????
I still wait for your help to me. I need to pay for the new tariff
The Internet that could talk and see each other on web camera!!!
We can develop further our relations!:) I so want that you could
To see me on web camera. I so want to talk to you in online. I
Very much I wait for this day!!!! I think that you too want to our meeting!!!
I cannot write the big letter as money to the Internet almost did not remain. I ask you to hurry more for the help to me as already very much
Soon at me will be terminated money for the Internet!!! I very much wait for it!!! I have very much got used to you my dear for all time of our dialogue. You to me
There was much more a close person. I want to communicate with you. Hope we can meet on web camera soon!!!!
:) I very much wait for it!!!! I think, we can meet through web camera. It will be ours
The first appointment!!!!!!!!! I shall wait very much for your first aid my beautiful
The man!!!!!!! Yours and only yours Natalya. I think of you and I wait for your letter!!!!!
Kisses....... Imiss you!!!!!:):):)
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