Letter(s) from Nadezhda Gugina to Gordon (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear my Gordon!FBI and what for to you it Gordon? Gordon Excuse me that I so long to you did not write the letter. I wish to tell to you the truth, that all this time at me was not money what to come to the Internet of cafe and to write you the letter. Gordon I think that you on me not so have strongly taken offence, now I have received today the salary and I have money, I can write you letters every day. Gordon I so so am glad that you wrote me letters and have not forgotten me. How are you doing, work and family. Whether all at you in the order Gordon. Wanted to know, and to trust, that with you everything is all right. At us the Spring, but still weather good began. I very much wanted to ask you what you feel to me? For me your answer Gordon though I for the present cannot tell to you why is very important. I would like to tell to you Gordon as passes my working day. I shall tell about Monday. And so. I rise at 6.30, then I wash I bring the appearance to the order, on it leaves not so a lot of time as I do not use cosmetics. Then at 6.45 at me gymnastic till 7.107.10-7.20 souls and 7.25 easy breakfast. It in the basic coffee and sandwiches. My work begins at 8.00 and proceeds till 17.00. Now you see, that I very much try to find for you time though my work takes away from me so a lot of time. My dinner with 12.30-13.30. Also it happens, what exactly at this time I write to you Gordon. After a dinner more often at us in hospital a rest-hour at patients till 16.00, then visiting of patients by their parents or friends. I spoke you, that now me have raised also I is appointed to the post of the doctor of the therapist. It is very difficult specialization and demands the big attention and takes away many forces from me. As it is necessary to leave directly on a place where there was an accident or home to the patient and it is necessary to find out on a place what exactly has taken place at the patient and in what there can be a reason. At us not so many good doctors and more often at us simply shortage of doctors. Therefore be not surprised if any time do not see in the box of the letter. I hope, that you have understood what at me difficult work and as much this work takes away from me time and forces. But I want to inform you, that at me soon and consequently I with you shall carry out holiday of more time. With this letter I wanted to send you my photo little bit hot and I hope that it only will be at you and nobody will see it promise me I ask you. It is my honour as my trust to you of 100 that is a photo you should see only and I ask you to make it for me my most dear person. Well it is a photo for you and only for you. Why I have asked you, about feelings between me and you Gordon because I do not know as it to explain to you Gordon, but I test the certain dependence that you to me are not indifferent also I very much I like to receive your letters. I really not only am pleasant like with you I very much wanted to talk to you in the person Gordon. (it becomes sometime possible for me it is a reality). But we with you already know each other. I shall not tell to you, that I " love you Gordon ", but I test to you very good feelings and I do not know as it to explain to you Gordon. This such warm and as though native feeling of that As if we we with you already talked before and were already familiar. Both somehow we have again met and now for me this very big and beautiful feeling. You have told to me about yourself and I hope, that I also told to you about myself Gordon much. But now business not in it. And I only wanted to know your opinion Gordon about all it. I wait from you for the letter Gordon. Because now the person whom call Mariya very much waits for your letters and hopes only on good in relations.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Gordon! I again and again receive your letter Gordon. And your letters charge me special energy. I feel deep attachment to you and your letters. I have not received your letter, I was not at home, and my favourite mum has sent it back back, she has not thought at once that it could be to me the letter. Whether I called in mail and learnt that it is possible for me to receive back the letter if we have sent it. It is very sad but it already at you in the country and is fast you it receive. Still any time back, I could not and think, that you Gordon will begin for me so is important. And I really hope, that I for you also am very important. I very much like to communicate with you, and each your letter has filled me with harmony by a life. If still one month ago I did not feel similar paints of a life now when I so am familiar with you Gordon, I am glad and enjoy a life. I never thought, that similar love, yes Gordon, the love can be even under letters. I did not trust in it, but now when I made the analysis of the acts, the actions. I have understood Gordon, that I " LOVE YOU Gordon ". I do not know, how it is possible to explain it, but now I want to hear nothing any explanations. I want to receive your letters, I shall call to you, I only want to enjoy our time of happiness which is only at us with you Gordon. And I know, that you Gordon, also think and know, that it is love. It is very important for me, I already spoke, to like and be loved, but you Gordon you force me to love you. And I cannot go against it, I cannot go against the feelings and consequently I go on a meeting to the feelings, on a meeting to you Gordon. When in the last letters we spoke about each other, it was only any acquaintance and I tried to understand you as the person Gordon. But now I understand, that I searched for you. And it is not important for me how old are you, and to me not important with whom you were before, and it is not important, whether you have children, I love you such what you is Gordon, and from you more it is necessary nothing to me except for your love. I really appreciate our relations and is very cautious to not damage any your feelings Gordon. I hope, that you understand completely and all sense of this letter, because for me Gordon this very important letter. And I hope, that you understand it completely. Because in this letter I have enclosed the soul, love and trust that you have understood my fair and feelings are open and now I only want to tell to you, that which I to you test all those feelings to belong only to you Gordon. It as music which flow whence from space and I cannot explain to you it Gordon, but I know one precisely, that I love you Gordon. You have enabled me to love and I thank you for it. Not all people in the world can love, but I know, that you also test to me the same great feeling Gordon. Thanks for your attention Gordon which you have given for me, for me is very important, that you read this letter and have understood all its sense. I shall say goodbye to you up to tomorrow Gordon my love to write to you again. I wait for your letter tomorrow Gordon. With love from your girl Mariya!

Letter 3

Hi my lovely Gordon! My hair now straight lines as on this a photo in the car. I have your phone number even there is a home telephone number. How you my love Gordon? Whether you Mariya is interested all at you well? I hope, that your health is good also you disturbs nothing. I send you my photo which has made my girlfriend when I sat at it in the car. My life passes from my work seeing your letter Gordon. I shall try to write to you Gordon every day to know, that at you all is good also I appreciate you Gordon for your care and love to me. You know, that I really seriously and very seriously concern to you. I know, many examples of that the Russian girls and it is possible at all girls deceive other people taking from them money. I do not know, I shall never ask you money Gordon. It seems to me for ours with you of relations Gordon so it will be better. Gordon why our love till now did not meet you earlier. Tell to me Gordon, probably we would avoid so many mistakes in ours with you lives Gordon. My mother speaks me, that probably I would find that person with which I could find the happiness. My dear Gordon my good girlfriend has told to me about travel agency which is at us in city. And me their distance contact e-mail and thus one of the best agencies at us in city. They as keep in contact on this e-mail with foreign people: agensi@mail.ru. And you could find out all about my trip to you having written there. I could look really at the opportunities trying to visit you Gordon. It seems to me, that it will occupy long time for me Gordon, therefore I shall try to visit you and to start to save money for my arrival to you. In due course we can know very well each other and then when I at last can save up money we already shall know that we can to expect from each other. And then I shall arrive to you Gordon. Remember my words Gordon, I never shall ask you money. I shall wait, so much how many you to me will tell. I am very happy, that I have found you here on the Internet and I shall be always grateful to destiny, that we have met you. I shall wait Gordon, so much how many it is necessary. My love to you is boundless. You the good person Gordon and for it I appreciate this high quality as the person. At my age I think it only love because when I see your letters and your outlooks on life Gordon your adult approach by a life and problems of a life I understand, that such person as you are capable to give such girl as I love. It would be necessary nothing for me from the person which loved me. All my care has transformed him into a life in continuous happiness. This would be only ours with you a life Gordon. Now I shall finish my letter to you Gordon and I shall write to you my following letter tomorrow. Yours faithfully and love to you Gordon yours Mariya!

Letter 4

Hi my love Gordon! I liked your songs. I hope, that at you all is good also I write you the letter as to the most loved person. Very much it is pleasant to me, that you write to me such remarkable letters and send your photos which also very much like me. My love Gordon, I will go to agency and I will inform them about my documents. I love you Gordon as persons and I hope sometime on ours with you a meeting. In the last letter I sent to you a site in which you really might see everything, that it is necessary for us for ours with you of a meeting Gordon. I shall try to earn any money and if it is possible I I shall arrive to you that we have met you in the person. I was interested concerning the visa a little. And I in a department release of the visa have told that that the visa will approximately cost 300 - 400 euros. Looking for what country to do the visa. It approximately the salary for two with superfluous month on my work. So I am quite really capable to issue it after a while. Yesterday at me difficult day was and I was very much tired. My boss demanded of me too much and I asserted the point of view. Here in Russia it is very difficult to be the woman. As we in Russia have not enough women of politicians or borrowing high posts in the state. Work of the woman in Russia also is estimated too in small quantity though at some enterprises the woman performs the most difficult work. Except for that my boss tried to make so that I performed his work not connected with my work. And though I know, that my boss the good person, but he also is declined to opinion that the woman should do only that she is spoken by the man. Such system you may observe here practically everywhere, at work, in a dining room, in our government, in family and it yet all Gordon. You imagine Gordon, that my boss has decided to threaten me with that can send me in long business trip. I certainly understand, that my boss the influential person but while I have my work I I shall work. And still I know, that we with you Gordon have happened not and I am grateful to destiny that we might meet you Gordon! I trust you Gordon on all of 100 of interests and very much I love you and I ask to not hurt me if you really do not love me or I am not necessary for you. I need in you after your letters and I think ours love a great miracle for us with you Gordon. If to speak about trust I at once shall tell to you Gordon, that I might not grow fond of you Gordon if I did not trust. I should collide in my work with various people and many come to us in hospital to find here the help. We are engaged not only treatment of people, but also we treat also soul of the person. And in some cases of persons itself tells that has resulted it in us in hospital. It also failures in work or disagreements in family. I wanted to tell you Gordon, that the trust is such brick wall which every day grows slowly on bricks. And to draw any conclusion or to understand, that you like (it in my case to you Gordon) me needs to be understood, that I trust you also this wall from bricks in our relations have reached a limit. And now here with you in this letter Gordon I express you all my soul both my character and my life that you knew and felt me as it is possible better. And though I understand, that I have written to you many letters on it, but I would like, that you knew me even better and my aspiration to know you begins more. You see if we shall meet in the person to us you Gordon it is necessary to speak about much. I understand, that the electronic letter is some communication way, but I feel, that now it does not suffice me also I wants conversation with you by the phone Gordon. I would like to know your number at work if suddenly I shall try to call you and you do not appear at home Gordon. I shall finish on it the letter Gordon and I shall write to you soon. I know, that you always wait for my letter Gordon, but I sometimes has days when I not always can write to you about all. And I know, that your love to me also grows every day. I kiss you Gordon and I wait with impatience of your new letter to me. I love you Gordon, yours Mariya!