Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Andy (England)
Letter 1
Hello,it is me,Anastasia, you might be surprised by my intruding into your life but I must tell you that I am always spontaneous and I cove very often into your life,I strongly believe that you are not irritated with me as your profile is truly wonderful if you are interested in me you are welcome to get in contact with me by giving your e-mail, I will write you immediately and send some photos.
Letter 2
Hello Andy, my name is Anastasia, I am new here and very excited about an opportunity to find the man who I may spend the best time of my life with. I do believe in love very strongly, I believe in incredible love which is full of romance and tenderness, with passionate nights and long beautiful days that begin with the magic sunrises and end up with sensitive sunsets. I look on the life with optimism and full of hope that I will not be alone. I have never been abroad but with some time understood that the mentality and intelligence of foreign people is close to me, I have read a lot of literature on this topic to make things sure, that's why I am here. If my second half is abroad I will find it anyway to meet and kiss. It will form my happiness. As I am easy going and down to earth person, I would like to see near me the same personality, who enjoys the life, has the sense of humor, romantic heart, caring soul and willingness to create relations. I am sure that conversation does come naturally for those people that have nothing to hide (are sincere) or prove. So I am sure that there will not be any problems between us:))) Have a nice and warm day, I hope you also enjoy today`s sunshine, your Anastasia. PS You are welcome to write me on the e-mail address you have got the letter from.
Letter 3
============================================= Western Ukrainian Translational Organization ============================================= Dear Mr. Andy, We write you with notification concerning your lady Anastasia who is presently using our services for writing you, her financial situation is desperate at present moment and she is not able to write you today and reply your letter. Anastasia is dramatically discouraged with the fact that it is almost impossible to keep in touch with you and cover the translational expenses being a lonely parent, she strongly hopes that you will understand her and provide with support if possible, you we welcome to contact us on this matter. With respect and readiness for future collaboration, Maryna
Yaremcha Department Manager of
Western Ukrainian Translational Organization Phone for additional information: +38098 316 42 46
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