Scam Letter(s) from Julia Clark to Bill (USA)

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Letter 1

My love what's your problem?you are getting me upset,coming here does not prove how much you love me,why don't you show your love when i get to you,if you love me listen to my tune,i just want you to help me with the money for my Bills here with is $2700,the money will be paid Via Western union,you are sending the money to me directly,you have nothing to worry about,i love you and i will never hurt you

Here is the Western union Info.



Letter 2

My love
Yes i want to make love to you,i want to kiss you from up to down,i want to suck your cock like no tomorrow,yes i will love to have oral Sex with you,i just can't wait for our dream to come into reality,i can't wait for the day till we will start fucking each other,Bill i aggree with all what you said.

Bill no need to worry about the study material when i will be on my way to you soon,Bill you don't have to worry about coming to Nigeria,i just want to pay my bills and be on my way to you nothing else,Bill that will cost alot than i needed here,besides the there are plane Hi-jackers here and there are thug at the Airport who rob and assassin,Bill please i don't want you to be a victim,you know i love you and i don't wanna lose,just let me pay my bills and be on my way to you in the next 48hrs.

I love you


Letter 3

Bill what's the matter with you,i can't believe you are doubting my love for you,it's very sadden to read this email of yours,Bill you already know it's my first time trying this internet scene i am not here for games,i am here to love and get love in return,it makes me shed tears when i read you are doubting my love for you,Bill i told the Hotel manager you are sending the money to clear up my bills last night,the manager thought am lying and as you know my bills will not stop counting,now my Hotel bills is $2850.

You know i have so much faith in God and i am ready to do is will,i am ready to be a Jehovah witness when i am with you,my love i don't have anything doing here in Nigeria again,i just want to be on my way to you,i will be with you in the next 48hrs after clearing my bills so what the essence of you sending books when i am still coming to you,can you email your cell phone number now

I love you



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