Scam letter(s) from Elena Prozorova to Paul (Netherlands)

Letter 1
My name is Elena and i am from Russia We are not familiar but I would like very much to get acquainted with you. I addressed at the Agency of international acquaintances and they gave me your e-mail address. I include my photo to see with whom you are talking I hope that we will continue our correspondence and we'll continue to learn each other better. As for me, I really want to do it!!! I have a great hope that all will be good for us! Likely it is interesting to you why I have addressed to the Internet for search of the friend and serious relations! I had bad experience with men in Russia! And I have understood, that on the first place at them alcohol and a loose way of life. They only think of themselves, deceive much!
I want to find serious the man!
If you finds me by interesting person, write me back please to my e-mail, and i will reply you in details.
Letter 2
Hello Paul it's pleasure to get your reply. To tell the truth, I didn't expect!!!! I really would like to talk and to know more about you.
Well my dear i really underatnd that you more older than i , for me it's not problem, i so tired from young man relations, who want just *** and don't know how to treat woman. The weather is good outside, but each day we have the rain, it is good for garden because vegetables and fruits are growing. But at the same time a lot of unnecessary weeds, i took the vacation from work and tomorrow i will move to my granny is necessary to help her and it's very good to be out of city. It seem i will back home Monday till this time i will not write you. I should say, I am from central part of Russia, at Mari el rebublic and it can be not good for both us, because we are too far from each other, and maybe you just seek woman at your place and also there are a lot of scams on the Internet. I was informed about it and for me very sadly to hear that such cases exist. So my dear if you are not sure that want to write me, just let me know, ok? But as for me I am writing you with honest intentions. And I am not scam I am just simple woman of 27 without harmful habits. Of course i will try to send you interesting and best my pic, because i would like to look beautiful in your eyes and like intresting person. I work like tutor in a kindergarten. But i don't have my own children. I like children and i teach their to be honest and kind and to live by law God has given to us, not to sin. It's very good you have child Where you work? Have you ever spoken with woman from Russia? Well, i have encountered with you by chance, our agency of net acquaintances at the Internet Cafe gave me your email address and i would like to know more about you. I haven't man to share my days, dreams, pleasures and nights with. I was married but I have left him because he liked to drink ***** and then beat me. I was tired from such relations!!!! I ask "Where are good men?".. Maybe it's you, my perfect man? I don't know and i want to take the chance. Anyway I would like if you was my friend to share dreams, desires and wishes. Do you have any dreams? I am sure yeah and a lot of them!!!!!! As for my little dream, I want to have my own computer because i am writing you from Internet cafe and it's so inconvenintly. Is necessary to go and to borrow compueter to write, i am sure you can understand me. My big dream, i want to move abroad and create happy family with my lover, maybe it's you? I know English but i have never been out of Russia.
Well, i have to go now. I would like very much if you reply me.
Your pictures will always in a greeting!!!!!
Sincerely Elena
Letter 3
Hello Paul, thanks for reply. I am very interested in you.
I was not able to write you for some time. I have been visiting my granny and just today returned from her, but by my plan was to return on Monday. At place where she live there is no any computer. But mine time there was good. My granny was very glad to see me, i got a lot of pleasures visiting her. The strawberry has already got red, i have enjoyed eating it and it has so wonderful smell. We are raising potato themselves and together with granny we have weeded it. The weather is too hot today, yesterday it was such terrible thunder-storm, i was even affraid. thank you very much for your pic. I like it, i don't flatter. Probably I should say you more detailed about me, i hope you also will say about you like me??!!!! As i have told you I am from Russia and I live in republic Mari El, in city Yoshkar-ola, it's very lovely little city. My age 27, that's ok with you? my birthday July 25. I live together with my mom now and we rent an apartment here. You live at your own home? Also I have my grandmother, she live in countryside. My mom and father don't live together. He drink much I am single child in our family. I was married but divorced a year ago because my last man hit me very often. I haven't children, but I like care of them that's why I have chosen profession like tutor in a kindergarten. I always had the lack of father's love because all what he was doing during life, drank ***** and kept us in fear I am so lonely here, all my friends have their boys and as for me I am alone. The feeling of loneliness is so awful, have you ever felt it? Well, I have written you to try to create our relations, friendship and mayeb love. I want very much if you would be my best friend or lover and maybe someday i can visit you, i would love to see you in person. I want to find man who can give me love, support, respect and understanding. I want to be treated by him as a Queen. At the same time he should be financial secure man. I like when man make me presents!!!!!! I will tell you more about me, my hobbies, probably with next mail. If you have any question, please ask me, ok? Well I have to go now, I hope you i don't bother you? I will try to answer you as soon as i have time, it not so easily to get the Internet cafe.
With regards Elena
Letter 4

Paul I am glad to read your mail. You seem like a very good man.
The weatherr is not good here and it's became very cold and maybe at the night will go rain. It's really fantastic that our birthdays at the same date, Oh it would be great someday to meet on our birthdays.
I am really enjoying the fact that you are father, I like children and care of them. I know that children is peace for father.
I can see how much you love them. I wish the happiness to you I really hope that age difference may not be a problem for us
In fact I prefer older man who has sincere and serious appreciation for a mixed age relationship.
I think maturity and life experience can teach many lessons and certaily how to appreciate woman and the value of a special relationship. You will not play with me as young men do it.
I want to know more and more about you and to talk via mail it's the right way
Of course i would love to feel you close to me, to look at your eyes, your lips and face. Eyes can saty much about person. It's a mirror of soul
It would be more easy to me. I could snuggle up to you and say more about me.
Mmmmm my dear!!! I just don't know what to say you elese more about me.
I like a lot of kinds of music, like country and pop, rock & roll you like it?
I like to dance, to be outside very much. I adore camping, fishing, swimming.
I adore to spend the time at the garden in summer.
My hobby is greenery and flowers. I grow it at home.
From movies, I like Comedy, about Love, adore Mysticism, you like it?
I would love to go with you to the cinema and take the place where we can kiss.
Just curious do you have such places at your cinema there?
When i would feel fear you could hug me, and say don't worry my dear, i am with you
Ohh my God!!!! i so want to be loved and if someone cared about me.
I a so lonely here and i need man who will love me with all heart.
I have one best friend, i am with her right now, Ira say you hello.
It's very good to have friend who can support you in difficult time.
We are going to the shop i need to buy bread, milk and meat.
I will be preparing today Mashed potatoes and Fried chicken.
I am sure you would love my cooking. Someday i wish to cook for you!!!!!
I am happy when you write me. I have told to my mom about you.
She said I change, i smile more often now and have very good mood.
But she doesn't know much about you. I keep it in secret. She ask me to be
careful with you and maybe you are not good man and just your letters are good.
But i know she is not right, you make me better each time.
My dear i try to write you as often as i can but i can't change my situation, because i use public computer and i have to pay for it, and not very convenuent to visit the Internet cafe. It's a pity i can't write you often, i would love to have my PC and write you each day. Well my dear i wish you good day, i will think about you.
here is my pic with my girlfriend Ira. and another me fishing.
A lot of kisses Elena
Letter 5
Hello my dear Paul!!!!!!!
I really thank you for your writing, I like to read your mail, you make me think of you more and more, i hope you don't mind?
Please don't laugh at me, i am thinking of you really very often.
You so attract me and you are so differ from any men i met in my life.
You give me hope, the hope in happy future, to live and enjoy life!!!!
Why we live so far from one another? If you were closer to me, we would go for a walk.
We could talk and to hold each other for hands, and to look into our eyes!!!
I hope your weekend was good, mine was quite and i have slept much.
i enjoy your pic very much, thank you. You have very wonderful children and you are very good father. You have very kind eyes.
I drank a tea this morning thinking about you. It was like if i drink it with you My cat Myska has caressed my leg. It's my favourit pet and what is yours?
It would be wonderful if instead of cat i caress you!!!!!!
I have heard, that animal say much about character of his owner.
For example cat say that his owner probably is caress person, dog expresses fidelity. Maybe you can say something about your character?
Maybe you are romantic, spiritual, sentimental, joyful and strong person...
I am kind and spiritual person and I believe in God and I live the way which GOD has taught me and I try not to sin. I stay lonely and I want to be with man who can make me happy. I am simple person. I am not rich, but my richness in my heart. I want to find man I can rely on him in life for everything. I like to make clean house and prepare good cooking. I like movies, fun games. I like much more than I don't like. Life can be good but only with right person who will love me. Maybe it's really you? I need to see you to understand it I just thought maybe you can give me your address just in case? Soon will be my birthday and it would be so pleasure to get greeting card from you via Post office. Of course it will be going too long, but if you need information how to send let me know.
I would love to call you but my phone yesterday has fallen down into water and doesn't work now. I will try to get new soon.
As soon as i have new i can call you to your number. It's not very good without phone, even to meet with friends. Do you have a lot of friends there?
The most of my girlfriends are married and your friends are married?
To tell the truth i don't say to everyone here about you and only a couple of person know about you and that i am writing to you. I don't want to say them because they will laugh at me that i can't find man here. I keep you deeply in my heart from everyone.
Well, never mind!!!! I will be waiting for your mail with great impatience It's another pic with my girlfriend Anya. I hope you like all my pic?
Sweet kisses to you Elena
Letter 6
Hello dear Paul, I am very very glad to get your mail.
I always wait for your mail with great impatience and more and more I catch myself thinking and missing you.
I really enjoy your pic and you are good looking man.
It's very good to know that you also like animals. I really understand you when you say about friends and i also don't have good friends not many. I like your attitude to woman. You can treat us very good.
I think you are very serious man and at the same time very fair
Thank you very much for your information, here is mine and i would be very happy to get card from you on my birthday.

Elena Prozorova

Street: Kommunisticheskaya 39 box 16
city: Yoshkar-Ola
Mari El Republic
Russia 424002
I think with each new mail we become more close people, yeah?!!!!
Do you have any favourit day among week?
I wait weekends with impatience, good possibility to get good rest, to get new forces, to visit and meet friends.
I like to visit cafes, shops, exhibition, theatres, cinemas, museums.
I like to pamper me: I adore beautiful clothes and gets little gifts.
I dream about my man who will pamper me and give me his support in all ways.
Weekends I spend differentely, more often I spend it calmly.
However with girlfriend we can stay at home or go for a walk, make new pic of each other or go to the cafe to share hot cup of tea.
we also can go to the cinema but not often.
Also on weekends I always clean the apartment properly.
My mom has accustomed me to support cleanliness in the house,
What's things you make at home? My man have to be very tidy!!!!!!
You know these last days I became noticed that I think of you very often
My girfriend even envy me a little that you write me back, i think so I think more and more what life would resemble with you?
I so want looking into your eyes, because through the Internet the emotions are lost and difficultly understand each other. Write me please here the pic of my family my mom and granny
Your Elena
Letter 7
Hello dear Paul,
Oh how much better you make me with each your mail, to know more each time about you is wonderful thing. I am like bee flying to a flower, such feeling I have with your mail. I couldn't not think about you today and i wanted very much to visit the Internet cafe and to say to you about me.
Sorry my dear was not able to write you some time.
most of last time I spent the time at the garden doing different things, i didn't have any free time.
there were a lot of what is necessary to do. I enjoy your new pic too very much and you are funny there. I am very glad to hear that you share me with your friends, but i am not bad woman and i would never let you down.
I am really fine with our relations, but my mom say me to be cautious I want to convince her that you are very good man. This way my dear you have to send me your pic and card via Post Office or maybe some gift to my mom and to show the good intentions concerning me.
Thank you for your regard to my granny and mother i will say hello from you to them. Of course my dear i want to meet you very much i am for real and i don't afraid anything and of course i wouldn't wait our meeting for a long time, if we have the possibility let's do it then ok?
I also like you wan tto have my happy family and very good husband.
I also like you love Saturday and Sunday also.
Today you were in my dreams and it was so real. I hope you sleep very good and you also think of me. I hope any dreams you have are pleasant.
You know usualy I have good dreams. When i am very tired, I can just sleep and don't see anything. Sometimes I have a weird dream when I can fly.
I am going somewhere then I jump and start to fly.
Everytime at my dream when I kick my legs I fly higher. I don't know have you such weird dreams but when I am flying in my dream I feel peace.
I don't know how about you, but today i have seen you in my dream.
We have made love together where we were in some exotic location like Island.
I know that I will have more sweet dreams about you.
It is very pleasure to me that we write to one another. And each time we just more and more closer. I want to have more relations with you, to see you someday.
Well I will go now in hope to get your mail, but I hope when you will read it you will have have very good mood.
Your Elena
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