Scam letter(s) from Marina to Jean-Luc (France)

Letter 1
Hello, hello, hello!
Hello, Jean-Luc! I hope that you will answer me after reading my letter,I have a big hope that you will do it. Why? Why do I think that you will be interested in me and you will answer? You could answer this question yourself, to decide why you will want to communicate with me seeing in me the qualities which you like. I start writing you about myself now and it's simple on the one hand. It's simple because I know that I'm a good and kind person as the people around me characterize me. But on the other hand it's very difficult for me to write about myself because I don't know what will be interesting for you. I see some things in me and don't see the others but I know exactly one thing. I am ready to love and I'm looking for love for all my life. Is it possible? I know, yes!! Do you agree with me? I am sure, yes! Why do I think so? Because you are on the dating site and you are looking for your partner, for your half, for the part of your heart with whom you want to be and to share the happiness and the sorrow. So belief in love is one of my qualities. Hm... again I don't know what to write you about myself. May be you will help me? Write a letter to the e-mail address which I gave you in the beginning of my letter and tell me everything what is interesting for you and very important to know. Don't be shy to ask me the questions!! Asking them I will know what you want to know about me. Ok? I wait for your soonest reply! Write me to the e-mail address: !!!!! Marynochka. P.S. Oh.... I know, I know that you will be very happy to receive my photo and I'm sending it for you with this letter. I wait for your photos too and the more photos you send me the more happy you will make me!
Letter 2
Hello, hello, my Jean-Luc! Again we meet with you via the letters and this meeting presents me a big joy. Why? Because you saw something interesting for you in me and we continue our communication with you further! Thank you very much for all sweet and lovely words you wrote me in your letter! I am very happy to hear compliments from you because you are very lovely guy and I am interested in you very much. I am very happy that you like me! You know, I am even happy that you are older that me. You are very clever and wise man, you know very well what you want from life and how to make it real. And from the other side you are very young in your soul, you are very active and I see that it will be very interesting for us to be together always! It's very important for me that you are very honest sincere guy. I see that you will never play with feelings and you will never offend me. You are looking for love and strong long term relations so as I, we are so similar with you in it! You have so big heart, you have much love in it.... and I want you would present me all your love! I see that it's a destiny that we met each other via Internet, you are the same loving caring guy whom i was looking for all my life. I know, I know, you want to know who I am and I'm starting with telling you that my first name is Maryna. But my friends and my family call me Marynochka so I would like if you call me Marynochka too. I was born on the 5th of October, 1982 in the settlement Yubileiniy in the eastern part of Ukraine in the family of two lovely people, my parents. From the early childhood I was grown seeing loving and warm relations of my parents, I liked the beauty of the life and enjoyed painting... as you understand, I was dreaming to become a painter or designer, to make everything the beautiful way only. In the year when I could choose the profession I couldn't find the establishment in my place to become a professional painter and the only one course which was very close to my soil was the course of the design if the local college of Art. This college was so old and old-fashioned, it didn't give the students the skills of the modern design at all. We didn't use the computers, we didn't learn any foreign languages, we didn't make the modern designs but only the old-fashioned ones which were studied dozens years ago. May be it was not good decision to study there but I was not from the rich family to come to the big city and to study in the modern University with the good technologies. And from the other side I wanted to make something I was dreaming about... so I became a designer by trade. Finishing the college I started to look for work by my diploma. I didn't find anything because all companies and firms needed the good specialists with the knowledges of the modern technologies.... the using of the computer and the knowledges of the foreign languages were very important everywhere and of course, I didn't have them. What could I do? I had to do something for having the ability to earn the funds for my live. So I started to look through the newspapers looking for whatever work where my skills of a designer would be needed.. and one day I found the work in the supermarket.... It was the work of a packer of gifts! It was the work where I could use my taste making gifts (which could be the happiness for every receiver) more beautiful! I liked my work from the beginning and you have to know that I still like my work. It's not well paid and the funds which I earn are enough for buying some food and for living only.. but my work not only presents the happiness for the people but could change my life in a better state, could present me the belief in the future! How? You will know it in my next letter! Bye for now, be safe, my dear! Your Marynochka.
Letter 3
Good day, my dear Jean-Luc! And again today is a happy day for me because you wrote me your letter, your reply.... It's very big pleasure for me to know that we become closer and closer step by step! Thank you very much for all kind sweet words you wrote in your letter. I will tell my parents all wonderful words you wrote about them!! I understand very well that you were very busy and you couldn't write me before. i am very happy that you wrote me finally as soon as you could! I am very happy that you like my work, it shows me that I make people really happy. What about my nails they are real, i have all real on my In my previous letter I intrigued you writing that my work in the supermarket changed my life in a better state and presented me the belief in the future. How it had happened? As you know from my previous letters I was dreaming to find the real love, to find the beautiful feelings which I saw in the tales and read in the stories only. My dream was so strong that I didn't want to have any relations which men here proposed me. Yes, I had some relations in the past but I didn't see love in men. I didn't see the real strong love in the eyes of my ex guys but only the wishes to have the physical relations with me. I didn't want to be with these men, all time I only saw the wish to make me a toy so... I didn't have the long term relations in the past. May be I was too romantic person (and I'm still romantic girl even now) but I was looking for something special. I was dreaming about love, the real love in the eyes on my man and to be forever with him. It was my dream and I didn't know when it would be real but I was ready to wait. And one day, one usual working day the pair came to my department in the shop for packing a box of perfume. It was a pair of a very respectable man and a beautiful woman. It was an ordinary pair which there are a lot in my country and may be I would forget about them.... but when I saw how the woman and the man was looking at each other I was very impressed! I saw so big love in their eyes, I saw while the pair looked at each other they didn't see anything around them at all!! It was love about which I was dreaming for so long time, I was so dreaming to look at my man with so loving look and my man would look the same at me!! You know, as usually I don't talk with the clients about their personal life but I was so impressed by love of that pair so I asked the woman about how they met each other, how those two halves of the one found each other in this world!! And the women answered me that they met each other on the dating site. Communicating a little bit via the letters they met and now they are planning to get married.... I was so happy for that lovely pair so I decided that I could be happy myself too! I could only start... I am an active girl, I don't like to sit at one place and to waste my time so I started thinking how I could find my half in this big world. As I wrote you before, I don't know any foreign languages and I can't use the computers so I decided to find somebody who would help me... the newspapers helped me to find my wonderful work and I had the mind that the newspapers would help me this time to.... looking through many newspapers I found the translation company who would not only translate my letters but also print and type them so I didn't need to know English and I couldn't use the computer myself. I'm using this translation company now communicating with you.... so it's my little story about why I was looking for my love via the Internet. I thank the chance that it presented me the wonderful meet with you because I see that you are exactly the same guy in whose eyes I will see love always! Bye, my love. I wait impatiently for your soonest reply! Your Marynochka
with love in the heart. P.S. I forgot to write you that the gift, the perfume, which I packed was the birthday present to woman's Mom!
Letter 4

Hi, my lovely guy!
Hello, my dear Jean-Luc! It's me again, your little lovely girl. You can't even imagine how impatiently I was waiting for a letter from you and now I am writing you my reply. i am very happy to know that i present you happiness via my letter, i want you you would feel joy every time when you read my words!! I understand very well why you asked me about my nails. But it's possible to color nails in whatever colors, did you think about it? I am very happy that you liked the life story why i decided to look for my half via Internet. It gave us a possibility to meet each other in this world, i think that it's a destiny!! I am very happy that you want to teach me your languages, French and English. And from my side i want to teach you Russian and Ukrainian so you and me will speak so many languages! I see that you worked with computers before, you are so clever man!! I can't find the right words to explain you all feelings which are in my heart since I met you via the Internet. You came in my life and since the first moment, the first second I understood that it was exactly you whom I was looking for all my life.... now I see that my dream became real. We didn't meet each other personally yet but even only reading your letters I am sure that you will present me the biggest love, the most lovely attitude which I can imagine! Via your letters you show me your feelings with so strong passion, with so lovely care that I easy feel that all your feelings are coming from the very deep of your soul! I am sure that being with you it will be the pleasure for me always to spend the days making the interesting things together with you. Every next day will be not like the previous one. Do you agree with me? And in the nights... it will be the long hours which we'll spend with you making the lovely sweet love. We'll look at each other by the eyes which would describe all our emotions and our bodies will unite in a strong combine, the combine which a unit of two halves of the one can have only. I know very well that it will be real when we will be together with you. We found each other in this world and since that moment when we met with you via the Internet I want to grow our relations more and more to make our feelings to each other the most strong emotions in this world. I love you. I fell love to you and I am sure that I have already love you in spite of we know each other not for a long time.... Why am I so sure in my feelings? You know very well that I was looking for my real love for a long time and meeting you I understood from the first look that I would want to be with you and with you only. I am waiting impatiently for your reply finishing this my letter and I hope that you will send me your letter very soon... I am already missing you! While we are far from each other I wish you to have a positive mood and good health, be safe, love of my life. Your loving Marynochka.
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Jean-Luc, Welcome to the translation company
"MultiLangCo." !!!THE URGENT INFORMATION!!! We are writing this information letter to you by a petition of your lady Maryna. Our company "MultiLangCo." has relationships with many regular clients. Your lady Maryna is one of our clients, we translated your correspondence with Maryna some period of time. Maryna paid for our services herself in time always but now she can't pay us because of her financial circumstances. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence with Maryna we will send you prices and conditions of our translation company. If you have questions concerning our translation services we will gladly answer all them. ABOUT OUR SERVICES: We successfully serve our clients on-line placing at the client's disposal such translation services:
personal and corporation documents; negotiations, business, personal meetings; telephone talks; foreign travel interpreter service; interpreter-guide; notary authorised documents translation; ABOUT OUR WORK SYSTEM: We determine competitive prices and flexible payment system useful for all our clients. Our goal is to provide the professional translations with the minimal prices and time consumption. We emphasize on quality and reliability of our services and always consider all customers' request. In our translations we always retain what author says and accurately keep author's style and privacy. Thank you for your attention. Faithfully Yours,
Top Manager of
Olga Plotnikova.
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