Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Lastochkina to William (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my love bill!!!
I very much love you, and very much to miss on you!!!
As - you, I hope, that all - is good.
I do not wish to continue to send you electronic letters behind other part of my life, I want, that I was with you in your life, I want, that you were a part me so, We can divide other part of our lives with each other, Besides its movement be to begin family of one difficultly.
I assure you, that I shall care of you my love.
I wish to wake up with you every morning, when I - houses with you.
I want, that your house was our house, I want you my love,
And I bend, speak it enough bill, I want you.
I love you.
And speaking you about the help I to mean to arrive YOU,
But you to pass these words!!!!!!!
I to ask YOU why?
Why you play with me, you to do to very badly my heart!!!
You to do to very badly me!!!
And now my mum very much to experience for me, that with me something not so.
That I very often to become sad, and to hurt.
I to not speak it why,
But to you to tell my love bill.
What is all this all is connected with you, that because of love to you my dear!!!!
I you to ask the help to arrive to you my honey bill.
I to require my visa.
I it to speak all of you earlier and you it is fine for knowing!!!!
I now cannot simply live without you, to me in a throat the piece does not climb peep.
And I to lose the weight, and for love to you,
And because of that that you to me to do badly!!!
You to offend me.
If you do not wish me to lose, all of you will make that it does not happen bill!!!!
Well and if it happens, know that my heart belongs only bill to YOU!!!
And I whom another shall not start up in my heart!!!
And I shall not see meaning of the life without YOU.
To me it will be simple not hunting to live in this world without YOU,
And if I not near to you,
And you not beside with me!!!! I love YOU I love YOU!!! I love YOU!!! I love YOU!!! I love YOU!!! I love YOU!!! I love YOU!!! Know it always and remember!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Natasha I with impatience wait for you the answer.
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