Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Nazarova to Carlos (Mexico)
Letter 1
hello!!!! I am Masha:) simple lady who wants to give and get love, romance and passion. I like to have fun and enjoy nature and travelling! what about you??? Interested?? write me:
Letter 2
Hello, Dear Carlos:) Oh I see you are busy! i would have a dinner with you with pleasure!
My dear I have absolutely the same feeling about you and your letters as you, such a strange warm feeling! I have never had it before but definitely it is great and i feel wonderful when i have your letters!
It is so great! they bring comfort and warmth in my heart! It makes me feel great!

my Dear I wanted to tell you one thing! I dont want you to be surprised one day if i dont write you, the thing is i live in a very small town, kind of village and here we have only one Internet cafe, it is quite expensive, i have no my own PC and Internet at home that is why i use the services of this cafe, but it appeared to be really expensive for me as the salary is quite low and i need to pay flat rent, food and transport so i hardly pay it. So i wanted to let you know beforehand. I hope you will understand, i know it is hard to understand but life here apparently is different.

One more thing, i hope that i am important for you as you have become really important for me and I am so much happy that I have met you, i know i can make You happy and give you what you want. Kisses, yours Masha
Letter 3
Hello, my Dear Carlos! thank you so much for your letter! i hope everything is great! well, my Dear I like your photo very much! What was the occasion:) the more I talk to you, Carlos, the more I want to talk and then meet you!
thank you for your help i really appreciate this!
Dear you are a real gentleman who i can rely on, Carlos i was told in the cafe about the following:
PER LETTER $ 5 or 4 euro
PER TWO WEEKS $100 or 85 euro
PER MONTH $195 or 165 Euro
If to pay per month or per two weeks they open unlimited account and we can exchange letters as many as we want! + 15 minute of phone conversation!!!!
I have found out:
You can transfer money directly on my name via Western Union and here with my ID i will get them right after you will tell me the MTCN of money transfer that very moment i get money and pay for translation services i will write you, dear :) The info You need: Masha Nazarova, Ukraine, Melovoye, 91000 I am waiting for the news and already miss you i want to talk with like usually
take care
yours Masha
Letter 4

Hello, Dear Carlos,
My dear This is my new email address. please write only here from now ok!
Why are you silent? How have you been? I miss you so much. sending a new photo for you, kisses, yours Masha
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