Letter(s) from Anna Matveeva to Diwaine (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Dee!
I was so glad to receive a letter from you. I couldn’t imagine it’d be so fast! I am a novice in the Internet and I’m really glad that you liked me. Ok, my name is Anna, I won't begin to tell again to you all information, which was in my profile, I just want to remind you, that I'm from Russia, I was born in Russia, and I live there now. If it doesn't scare you off me, I'll be happy to continue our correspondence and I want to know more about you. I live in the nice Russian town. I saw your profile at the site, and I liked much. I wanted to write a letter to you. I wanted to get registered on the site, but unfortunately all my attempts was failed, when I tried to place profile from Russia, therefore I took another country. I want to ask you if you corresponded with women already? Have you ever been in Russia or may be contacted with Russian people? It's interesting. You liked my profile, didn’t you? If it’s possible, could you write what especially attracted you? I hink you’d like to know more about me, wouldn’t you? So, I’ll try to describe myself in several ords. I am 26 now and I’ve been working as a teacher of English and French languages in junior classes at one of our city schools. By the way, I live in Kirov, one of the 89 Russia’s regional centers. It is situated in the north of the European part of our country. I was 22 when I finished my studies at the faculty of foreign languages at our city’s Pedagogical University. There I’ve learnt 2 languages: English and French. I should say at once that I won’t be able to write to you very often as I have no computer at home. It’s my colleague, a teacher of computer technologies, who helps me deal with this means of communication. She works at the same school as I do. You know, I’m really sorry, but I can’t write you every day, so, please, don’t be offended or worried if I would not write you one day ok? I will try to write you every day, but can’t promise exactly, because this depends mostly on the amount of work that I have to do. I really hope, that I would get letter from you soon (if be honesty, I was not sure that I would have reply from you to my message, and I just wanted to check my e-mail and it was big surprise for me, thanks a lot). As I told you before, I’m really interested to know you better, so, please, tell me more about yourself, and if this is possible, send me some photos. I would like to see them, and you can see my photo attached too. I can’t send many photos in one letter, but I will send you another photo in the next letter too. I will be waiting your reply, with my best wishes, Matveeva Anna.

Letter 2

I should say at once that when I got a letter from you I felt so happy! We have just started our correspondence and I feel that I like it more and more. I used to think that the fact that I’ve learnt foreign languages serves almost for nothing, just a sort of education, that’s all. In fact, my job as a teacher is not quite the thing I dreamed of. I teach elementary things and it’s always the same. I even started to forget the language. And it’s only due to you, my dear Dee, that I get a specific pleasure of using it. So, it’s enough of philosophy for today. Thank you for your story. Now I better know You! Thank you for your beautiful words and photos. You are so photogenic and handsome! Very nicely!! And it that at you was for a holiday, when all of you such in suits, beautiful? As for sisters and brothers, I haven’t got them. But I have many cousins in different parts of the country. Though we are parted by the distance, we are very friendly. I have simply wanted to try to look for happiness not in Russia, and in America. At me simply the girlfriend thus has got acquainted with the the future the husband with whom she till now lives to Inverness, and she has prompted me, that I too have tried also I here, I speak with you... And you that search? What sort of the attitude? And certainly when I went on it I already thought of arrival in the USA and with it there are no special problems. Do you want to know: what made me choose you? Your mannrer of writing! I understood that only a good and reliable man can write this way. So, I wanted to test my feeling for people: whether it is good or not. And you know, the more we are in correspondence, the more I'm sure I was not mistaken. I adore Russian rock, but listen to everything: pop, classic, even rap. It depends on my mood. This is the answer to your question about music. And certainly we in Russia too listen to the American music, we have musical channel MTV on whom twist practically only foreign music. Romantic comedies, melodramas and some thrillers - these are my favorite kinds of films, as you ask me about them. It will not be original, I think, to confess that my favorite film is “ Pretty Woman ”. Many young women like it. You asked me about my preferences in cuisine. I adore all sorts of sea products: fish (especially salmon), caviar, shrimp, squid, etc. I also like barbecue. As you know I was born in 1979 on March 30. Do you believe in horoscopes or something of the kind? I live in Kirov now, it’s rather a big city, but I was born in a smaller town named Urzhum. It is in the same region as Kirov, but some 150 km to the south from it. My parents still live there, and as for me, I rent a small flat. Our region is covered with forests, evergreen ones. Such trees as pines, fur trees and larches grow there. Everybody says that in our region the worst thing is terrible roads. Many cars break when going along such roads. But as for me, I don’t care about it much, as none of my friends or relatives living in Kirov region has a car. Neither do I. I want to say, that my intentions are serious, and I look for my future husband. I hope you understand me, and if it is only the game for you (I don't think so, but...), tell me about it, please, and may be it will be better for us to stop our conversation, because I don't want to hurt myself. I have to say, that I am very interested in you, I want to know you better, and I want to understand you, what kind of man you are... And you know, I think you should decide, was I right when I started to write you. I really hope that we will continue our correspondence, and I want to tell you some more about myself. I'm 1 m 65 sm tall, my weight 57 kg. As you saw at photos, I have brown eyes and light brown hair. I like flowers; my favorite flowers are daisywheels, lilies and orchids, but I'd love when my man brings me flowers, which he picked up, and it doesn't matter what kind of flowers it is. I like decorate my home, and use in this flowers off cause too. I like tender colors and pastel tones. What colors do you prefer? I like ice-cream. I like cooking and this is my privilege when we have any celebration, because all my girlfriends think that I’m the best. But I’m not agreeing with them, because I know at least once 1 person, my mom, she cook better, and she is my teacher in this. I am single, and I have no sisters or brothers. I have no children, but I want to feel myself as mother, and I hope, I'll feel it beautiful feeling someday. And now I’d like to know more about you: where you live, what the peculiarities of your region are, where you were born and whether you live in the same place now. I also wonder how you treat me. It is very important as I feel that I have more and more sympathy to you as days go by…
Yours truly,Matveeva Anna.

Letter 3

Hello, dear Dee!
God bless this day as it has brought me a letter from you! I found it after coming back from Urzhum where I visited my parents. They were so glad to see me that even didn’t want to let me go back! But of course I was to, because here in Kirov the pupils were waiting for my lessons … and I was waiting for your reply. I don’t even know what is more important for me. Now I think the latter. Well, let's and act, actually at us those words and expressions which are used in the America differ, and as we learn that and we speak here in Russia. You ask me about my dream. I must confess it's not easy to say what it is. But in fact first of all for me it is a good family and a loving husband. And a more equitable life on the whole. And for a trade I all the same would choose teaching languages, it simply to like me and itself thus I repeat and I study in the greater experience in languages. Thanks for your words about me, very pleasantly. I since the childhood have got used to watch the figure and in general behind myself and furthermore in Russia it became fashionable - to be harmonous. Yes, you are right, I want to find the husband, and it is important for me, that he was the good person and cared of me that it was interesting with him. And the everything else is not strongly important for me. And who knows, that to us prepares for the future... And this my girlfriend also has prompted and has told as how to do, to go on a site. And I strongly do not believe in horoscopes, but sometimes for the sake of interest I read it for a week, thus I calm myself. You ask what is important for me in a man. Well, a man should be first of all a support for a woman. If it concerns a man with whom I could fall in love, he should be careful, tender, but his character should be firm and strong. And he should be honest. I think you are quite like this, aren’t you? I’m disappointed in Russian men; I’ve never met a real one in my life. The one to whom I trusted turned out to be a liar and I still cannot forget his offence. I hope, you’ll help me do it, my darling. I in general on a life try to not clash with anybody and consequently as that especially on anybody I do not become angry. Such in general seldom it happens. And my independence depends first of all on desire of both people which want to be together whether or not. And as an example of my attachment can serve daily letters, words, melancholy, like the most basic, that I would like to allocate. Public displays of attachment - to embrace, kisses, it has already become a habit at all loving people. There is no at us all on old, nobody hesitates, if it is good people, what for it to hide. Interracial attitudes certainly exist, but as that not so strongly whom interests it, nevertheless people, at all two legs and hands, there is nothing such special. As for my job, I love it in a way. Last time I was too flat about it. In fact I love it especially when my pupils make progress. There is the only drawback in it: the salary is, well, to put it mildly, very small. If I had no extra private lessons, I don’t know hoe I would live. Due to the latter I even manage to hire a flat. I live here alone and enjoy the privacy. Oh dear, if you only knew how I am tired of this privacy for which there is a better naming: loneliness. Younger girls have a chance to distract themselves at a disco or in a club. But this way is not for me, because all my friends with whom I used to go to discos when I was a student now live in other cities. And then, I’m a teacher. Can I be a good one after spending a night at a club? I’m sorry, dear. I think I complain too much. Don’t take it into your head. You may get the impression that I have nothing but job in my life. It’s almost true, I must confess. Almost – because I hope I have you. I mean that writing to you, sharing my impressions and getting friendly and concerned answers make me feel so good! You know, our correspondence has changed something inside me. My colleagues and even my pupils notice that my eyes shine brighter than ever. I enjoy our correspondence like nothing else. And what about you? Please, describe what you feel when you get my letters and read them. How do you imagine me: do I seem to you romantic, tender and mild or purposeful and energetic? And what kind of women do you prefer? By the way, do you have any experience of communication with Russian people? What are your impressions of it? And what about other nationalities? And there is one more thing that I want to know about you. What kind of a man are you: the one loving home and comfort or the one who cannot imagine the life without adventures, traveling, etc.? Do you go in for sports? Which ones? What are your hobbies?
I shall really be looking forward to your answer!
Yours,Matveeva Anna.

Letter 4

Hello, dear Dee!
I’m so glad to get your answer, my dear Dee!!!Today even the day itself seems to me brighter than ever!
Thanks for such pleasant words, for care and understanding. You are casual not an angel? You so tenderly and pleasantly speak, that I simply to speak with you about everything, about sad about cheerful, thanks... And about an apartment you have not understood me, I wanted to tell to you, that I earn on work of money which most part goes on payment of an apartment which I remove at one lovely grandmother. Now that I hope you of me have understood. There is at me no lodger, I live one. As for me, I’m OK. My work is moving up well, the pupils really make progress. I can even see it myself. One of my pupils Helen has become a winner of our school competition in English language. Her result is very important for both her and me. But I should say that nothing compares to your letters in making me happy. I feel more and more affection to you, just like you’re my best friend. I think I’ve never met such a wonderful man before and frankly speaking I don’t think I will. I’m not used to saying such passionate words, but I hope you understand me. You see, I want to tell you a story of my life. Not the whole, of course, it’d be too long, but a part concerning my love experience. Well, I used to have a boyfriend when I was a student. He was my first and the only guy. He was handsome and tender and it seemed to me that he is my destiny. We first met when I was the last year student. It was in November at my friend’s birthday party. Sergey (this is his name) was this girl’s cousin. As it usually happens, after the party he offered to take me home (I lived at a hospice at that time), then we decided to meet once again. Everything was perfect until I left for a rural area where I was to hold my final practical session at a local school. It was in March. It seemed to me a little bit strange that he didn’t even find out where I would go. He didn’t promise to come. Moreover, our farewell was rather cold. While living in the village I wrote to Sergey several letters, but he answered none of them. My practice lasted 2 months and in May I had my final exams. I was very busy, really. Sergey disappeared. Once I asked my friend Tanya (the girl having her birthday when I met with Sergey) about him. Can you imagine that she was surprised to hear that our relationship was so long? She said that her cousin had never been a reliable person. Girls liked him and he profited by that. Then it turned out that he had two or three other girls beside me at the same time. I must have become uninteresting to him. I haven’t seen him since. Now I even forgot him. I see now that he wasn’t an ideal. As most of men, he liked to drink and hated to make presents. Do you know what his present for my birthday was? He came to me and said: “I’ve brought the best present to you. It’s me myself!” And not even a single flower within the whole period of our acquaintance! But of course at that time I didn’t even pay attention to that. I was in heaven loving him, but now I simply see that he was not at all my destiny, that’s all! Many men wanted to have love and friendship with me, but as I told you the most men drink here a lot and always find excuses not to work hard. So, it is really very difficult to find the right man to date with or marry to among them. Dear, it seems to me, that our meeting is destiny. Today I saw a dream... I dreamed that I was walking with the person and it felt so nice with him. I woke up and understood, that did not remember his face, but it seems to me, that it is not a casual event in our lives that destiny brought us closer. Perhaps you are the person who I may trust. I am looking forward to meeting a person who I can trust. I want to give you all my care and love to you; I am tired of being lonely. Ouf! Aren’t you annoyed with my outpourings of the heart? I don’t know why but now that I’ve written all this, I feel much better. Just like I’ve released myself of this. Thank you for your attention, my dear Dee.
I wish you were here with me.
Yours, Matveeva Anna.

Letter 5

Hello, dear Dee
I’m happy to write to you again.
I must confess I was so afraid that you’ll stop writing to me. Wasn’t I too annoying last time complaining to you again? I hope not. Today I have been to a swimming-pool. You know, my dear Dee, I do my best to keep fit, and swimming is my favorite way of doing it. By the way, you’ve never told me what foreign languages you know. Or maybe several? Thanks for photos! You a class look, is especial in a fashionable cap! And about girlfriend Tani you are right, I do not know why she has not warned me, can hoped, what it{he} to stop on me? I do not know. What you touching and tender when you speak about me, are very pleasant for me... Yes, it were my first and unique attitudes with the man, and then already that work still something, all somehow time did not suffice. Success and successes on work... Right now I’m listening to music. I like almost all kinds of music: from pop to hard rock. What music do you prefer? What are your favorite groups and singers? Have you ever heard any thing about Russian ones? As for me, I have a specific taste. My favorite style is Russian rock and such groups as “Aria”, “Pilot” and “Mumij Troll”. I listen to them to relax and get rid of negative emotions. Among foreing singers I prefer Avril Lavinge, Enrique Iglesias and such classics as “Scorpions”, “Queen” and “The Beatles”. But usually I turn on the radio where the music is quite various. Right now I’m listening to “Europa Plus” radio station, the song by Madonna “American Life”. Symbolical, isn’t it? Could you tell me in several words what the American life is? And I’ll try to describe a Russian one. We adore holidays and always try to make great parties for them. Almost all Russian people 9at least those whom I know) have close relationship with their relatives, even distant ones. But on the other hand we sometimes don’t get around to get acquainted to our neighbors. We love nature but do nothing to protect it. Maybe there is too much of it around us and we don’t know its value. By the way, Russian people’s characters differ from region to region. I live in the north where people are calm, a bit closed and not very emotional people. And in the south people are much more emotional and frank. They even speak n a different way: quicker and more expressively. Is there the same phenomenon in your country? Can you define yourself as a “southern” or a “northern” man? As for me I can deal with people of both types of character, because I unite both. My mother was born in Stavropol, a city in the south of Russia. And my father is from Kirov region. My parents have different temperaments, but complete each other perfectly. Mum is a generator of ideas and Dad is a perfect executor. I on you am not offended at all, and is on the contrary grateful, I with pleasure shall study at you, it is necessary for me for increase of the educational level. And about dream? Well sometimes some dreams come true... This Can also will come true... Tell me about your relatives and friends. In the conclusion there is the only thing I want to say. I miss you, dear, and I’ll be waiting for your answer.
Yours, Matveeva Anna.

Letter 6

Hello, my darling Dee!
Sorry, but today’s letter will be short. I’m leaving for my aunt’s. she lives in a village not far from Kirov. We’re going to celebrate her birthday. It is pleasant for me, that you correct my messages that you train me in language. You see at me any more so many remarks concerning my letters, yes?! And you are right Matveeva she is mine surname, and Anna this name, that is will be so Anna Matveeva. How has weekend? Thank you for your warm answers. I can’t help mentioning my sympathy to you. I haven’t yet told anyone of my relatives about you. You’re my mystery this way. Your name and all your kind words are always in my mind and in my heart. You know, I have some questions to you, because I want to learn you better.For example, What do you like most about women and Why? What was the most romantic moment of your life so far? If you had to describe yourself in one word, what word would that be? What is your life's ambition or ultimate goal in life? Ultimate goal? What you want in a woman, what you don't want in a woman? Ok, I have too many questions for you; I hope it would not be too weary. I will be thinking about you, my warm wishes, and I will write you as soon as it would be possible my dear Dee, kisses,Anna.

Letter 7

Hello, my darling Dee!
You where? To me to become absolutely boringly... Respond, please...
If I something have offended you, or what not that have made, tell to me please...

Letter 8

Hello, my love Dee!
Dear, I have received all your four letters, but among them two identical, and that I already began to think that you have ceased to write to me, excuse...And your new only one letter... Something Can has not reached? I’m so happy that you understand me correctly, the way I want to be understood. I mean feelings first of all. I always write to you when I have inspiration. But this time I feel that it is more than inspiration that makes me write this letter. I ask myself; is this love that I’m feeling? And the more I think about it the more I’m sure it is. There is something especially attractive in you for me: your words, your image, your … I don’t know what, but even virtually I feel you are my kind! I would like to spend all my days with you, and I hope, that one day, I'll spend all of them with you. Every your letter are so important for me! I print all your letters and read them again at home. This night, I couldn't sleep. You've come in my dream, in my thoughts. You've come in my mind, in my night, and I dreamed to hold you in my arms, I dreamed that you're by me, taking my hand. I feel my heart is missing without you, without your presence the light appears black, and I feel emptiness in my life, in my skin, in my spirit. I dream about you, and I don't sleep, I token your letters in my hands, and I understood, that I want to meet you so much . I wait for our meeting like for the end of a tunnel, the tunnel of my life, and on this end, I can see a bright gleam. This gleam is you. Your image gleams like a possible hope, a fairy story, and a fairy dream. I'm seeing this bright gleam, and I want to run in its direction. I don't want you to stay only an idle fancy, I want you to become real, my reality. I want to share my life with you, to share my laugh and my tears, to share all my emotions and my feelings, my joys and my pains, my hopes and my despairs. And of course, I want, that you share everything with me, your thoughts, yours desires, everything. Would you like to share your life with me, would you like to give me the right to love you all your life? Dear Dee please, give me permission to love you, to kiss you, to caress you, to give you all my tenderness and my heart. I read your letters, I close my eyes, and I give free vent to my imagination, and I see you flying to me, taking my hand, and you come back with me in your arms. I dream about us together, you and me, flying under the stars, through the continents, around the world, around our world, in love, only in love. You are invading my heart and my mind. You are so great, so... I can’t find the good word! I can’t find enough words. May be I’m too romantic, but I just write you words from my heart, I feel this and hope you feel the same The expectation of this your letter seemed to me endless, though I realize it wasn’t so long in fact. Sometimes I’m afraid: what if you stop writing to me? What shall I do if all the ties we’ve just created break? I ask you not to do it, because not only ties will be broken then, but my heart! I promise that I will be the most loving person. I believe that love is a giving feeling. It means that, as it is me who loves, I will try to take care of you, be all for you, whatever you ask. So, I don’t ask you about much; just write to me so that we could meet one day. And as for me, I’m ready to correspond to your wishes. Of course, I am what I am, but remember one thing: you have a special power above me.
Too much is said, but the main is I LOVE YOU,Dee!!!
Your Anna.

Letter 9

My dearest Dee!
You certainly can tell, that it is impossible so quickly and instantly especially through letters to take and fall in love, in it certainly there is a share of the truth, but know, that you that have turned in my life, I something have become attached to you, the beginnings constantly to think of you... That it with me... It is very a pity to me, that I cannot so to see you in alive, and very much it would be desirable for it to make... I read your letter, and I really have no words to explain, what I feel. I feel, I found the closest person in my life! It is about you, my sweet! You opened your heart to me, you even can't imagine, how long I waited for you, dreamed about you!!! You are really the man of my dreams! I can’t believe, that fate give us so great chance! Many years ago, when I was a little girl, my mother told me many fairy tales. I loved one of them most of all. There was a beautiful princess and handsome prince in that fairy tale. There were a lot of difficulties and barriers between them. They had many troubles, but the prince knew, that his princess was the one, who was created for him. After many efforts they came together. I can think only of you now. You make me happy, and I know now, when I'll hold you in my arms, when I'll kiss you, I'll never let you go! I am asking myself: is it dream? If it is a dream, please, don't let me to wake up! Now I know, how easy to fall in love, when two lonely hearts find each other on the long and difficult road of life. I could probably invite you to Russia, but I don’t think you’ll like it here. Besides, I have a problem with the flat that I rent. The point is that the term of the contract with its owner is coming to an end, and this woman wants to make the rent much higher. Now I’ll probably have to look for another flat or, what is more affordable for me, a room. But don’t worry, I’m sure, I’ll cope with this, because you give me so much force that nothing else matters! I’m simply happy! My Prince, I know, that you can invite me to the beautiful world of love, where we can carry out all our secret amazing dreams, all our desires and wishes. I know, that you can change my lonely life, I believe in it, and I'm ready to travel thousands kilometers, because I know, that you are my soul mate. My sweet, I don't doubt, that we have love intimacy between us now. I feel how your heart beats despite of distance between us, it beats in a step to my heart now... I know it. Were we created for each other? Now I need only one: to meet you. I have a great desire to do it. I already talked with my mother, and she lets me to come to you. She is a little afraid for me, because I'm still her little daughter, but she trust me, and she gave us her parental blessing. My father is not against too, he told me that I have my own head on the shoulders, and he said, that I’m right in my choice and he trust me in this. If you really want to see me in person, I'm ready to talk to you about it. I wait for your decision.
Thanks for a photo, they simply fine, and it you where were photographed?
Your princess, Dee.

Letter 10

Hello,my love Dee!
Today I woke up in a perfect mood! I don’t know why, but I’m sure that everything’s gonna be all right! I feel (and I am more and more convinced of it) that you are my destiny. We shall have no problems of mutual understanding, because my thoughts so often coincide with yours! At you perfectly it turns out with Russian, tell, that your friend the good fellow, he correctly and well trains you, give study more, well... And about trip to you, my lovely, I learn on work when it will make in the best way and at once to you I shall tell... Success at the bottom of a birth at the grandmother, have fun well!!! My adress: Russia: 610035 town Kirov, st.Popova 10- 22 I'm delighted that you want to send me a present by mail. Thank you, darling, you’re so careful and polite, but I should say you’d better not do it. I don’t trust our mail service and yet I look forward to meeting you. It’d be better if I get it this way. At you perfectly it turns out with Russian, tell, that your friend the good fellow, he correctly and well trains you, give study more, well... And about trip to you, my lovely, I learn on work when it will make in the best way and at once to you I shall tell... Success at the bottom of a birth at the grandmother, have fun well!!! I am afraid to lose anything we have now, because letters is good and it give us for understanding each other but it does not compare with personal meeting. You know, I imagine us together holding hands, I want to touch your hair and feel your warm… You know, only now I feel how difficult to save happiness, because it is so frail! My heat singing the song of love, and I can’t wait that beautiful moment, when I would hold you in my arms. I will try to get all information from the travel agency and let you know, now, I kiss you and will be glade to get letter from you. I send you my hot kisses, and I wish my kisses flight to you with wind and touch your with warm rain.
Your Anna.

Letter 11

Hello,my love Dee!
At me all is good at me remarkable mood.
Thanks for one more lesson, really at me so is a lot of mistakes?!
Yesterday did not pass also minute that I did not think of you
And so each day. I very much miss you.
I need in you my prince.
You have come in my life and have won my heart.
My life has changed after we have got acquainted.
Now I each day am glad lifes.
Because on light there is a person which likes and respects me it so important for me.
And I am ready to give you my love am boundless.
You my prince on a white horse and I your princess and so will be always.
The love this remarkable feeling and about mutual love dreams each person.
When the person likes as I love you he am pleased lifes.
I am very glad that have got acquainted with you.
Who might think that the Internet will turn all my life.
But I do not regret about it because I have found you loved.
And I shall live for you.
I love you!!!!! And this sincere feeling.
I wait each your letter with impatience.
I send a gentle kiss in your lips.
Darling, I’d like to ask your telephone number. I want to hear your
voice so that my impression of you was complete. I want so much to
talk to you, to tell you all tender words I know. And as I have no
phone, I could call you myself if only I knew your number. Would you
give it to me?
With all love your gentle flower Anna!!!!

Letter 12

Hello,my love Dee!
Dear, from you there came any two strange letters, the English language clear, and the rest something not clear, as I have understood it you tried to write in Russian itself, yes? Something has not so turned out, a joke... But it is original and beautiful, the good fellow for diligence... I have seen your photos, they beautiful, you had a rest and celebrated Christmas directly on work? Or there on a back background any river, roundabouts, yes? It is very healthy... Thanks for a phone number, I shall try to call you as soon as possible, and can even already and tomorrow, you only wait for my bell, well, me very much hunting to hear your voice, easy to talk to you about all...
My best wishes and … a decent but sincere kiss.
With love, your Anna

Letter 13

Dear Dee How are you my sweet love? I miss you so deeply!
Dear, to me there came your two letters, they in a normal format and even is clear, that to them is written... At you I look all turns out better and better in studying Russian, give study even better, it is fast you can to talk easy on it, yes?... I would like to tell, that I like your letters, they such kind and gentle, it becomes very pleasant for me when I read them, thanks... My feelings to you are so big, that you can't imagine. But sometimes the love and feelings are painful for me. What if I don't get you? I don't want to think of it. You are only one man for me in the world, you have all the things, that I'm looking for and want to have. You are my ideal man, and I’m sure, that you would make me happy. My dreams are becoming to reality, because of you. Thank you for this! If I could give you one thing, I would give you the ability to see yourself, as other people do, then you would have seen, what a dear and special person you are...My sweet, I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden, I asked for a tree, he gave me a forest, I asked for a river, he gave me an ocean. Asked for a friend and he gave me you. You know, many times ago I had hear of love some words, that if you would love somebody more when God, he will take this person from you… I afraid to lost you so much. Sometimes my eyes are full of tears, when I think of you my love. You are my only Love, and will always stay in my heart. I will always love you, today, tomorrow and forever. I will never do something that could hurt you, never. I want to ask you, how you imagine yourself our first meeting?? I want to tell you how I see our first date. First, we will be dinning together, in a place (not important in what place, because I will be happy with you everywhere) where would be nice and romantic. It would be dark and candlelit. After dinner, I want to dance with you slowly and I want to feel your warm. I want to go with you to the beach, walking together along the beach and looking at the stars. I would also bring a blanket so that we can sit on the beach, hug and kiss and watch the sun come up. I really can’t wait that moments!!! My dear! I was in the travel agency this morning, and I found out all conditions of my arrival to you in details. Frankly speaking, I was in shock! If I am able to pay for visa with help of my mother, I won't be able to pay for tickets (even for cheapest!). But I can't get visa without buying tickets in this travel agency. Getting of visa is not a problem, agency takes care about it, and they can get it quickly, but only if I'll buy tickets there. My problem is only a tickets. I feel so bad, I even could think about, that tickets to USA costs on 5 times more, than tickets to Europe. I really don't know what to do! I'm afraid, I feel scared by my feebleness. Now I can only dream about my arrival to you. My love, it's a pity, but if I want to buy tickets, I have to save up my year's salary (and don't spend it even for food!)! I'm so sorry. I can’t ask you about something, I just can dream… I wait reply and I hope that fate would give us chance to be together, I send you my soft kisses and please, take care my love, your Dee

Letter 14

Hello, my love Dee !
Lovely, today I have received your two letters... All this your letters, more nothing has got lost, yes? Thanks for the help in mail, I try enter in www.yahoo.com if at me to turn out you learn it, wait... Do you believe in love without frontiers? This is a rhetorical question, I’m sure you do. As for me, it goes without saying! Thank you for your offer to help. I hate to ask for it especially in such delicate situations as our one. But I would have to apply to you anyway, because my parents offered me 400$, but this is not enough. Other relatives are in the same financial situation as me. Now that you are ready to help me, I gratefully accept your help. Every day I find myself, spending more time thinking of you. Every day, before go sleep, I imagine our first meeting. How I will come from airport, and I would see you at the first time. I really can't imagine how many emotions I'll feel, because even thinking about it, my heart beating is becoming faster and faster. It seems to me, that I did not want anything in my life, as to meet you. My dear Prince, your letters are pure inspiration to me. I want to see you, and tell you, that I miss you more and more as the days pass. I want you to be my happiness forever. A lot of time has passed, I feel nervous, because I think that love has finally found me, can this be Love? Yes. My inner feelings never liar me. I think of the future, many years from now and I see you and me, together, married, our family, I know it may sound a kind of silly, but it is my dream, you are my dream, a life by your side. My dear Dee , I wonder how will it feel to have you in my arms, to kiss you, to love you. It makes me crazy, no, YOU make me crazy! I can stay with you Dee months, then if I won't want to come back (or if we'll be married), I'll be able to stay with you, and do everything for new visa or something else from USA. As for the documents that I have to prepare, I have already inquired of them at a travel agency. I have got a passport this year, so there won’t be any problems at least with this. But it remains to get a visa and buy a ticket. For the first I need 330$ and for the latter 1200-1400$, it depends on the date of my departure. Extra expenses, such as a trip to Moscow for visa and others, I’ll pay with my parents’ money. As for the ticket, it should be bought beforehand. Only on this condition I can get visa. I’d like you to send me 1550$, of course, if you can afford it. This is for the ticket and the assurance. If it’s too much, please write about your capacity. I hope, that it'll be good news for you, as for me, because nothing can prevent us to be together. I miss you so deeply, waiting your reply,
Love you more and more…
Your Anna.

Letter 15

Lovely Dee! I have found this site and at me all has turned out!!!! See I write to you the letter, now it will be possible to communicate and through these letters, yes? It is healthy!!! How at you a life? All is good? How lessons of Russian? I hope at you all well...

All as I love, I am attached and I want to see you in alive... And I am fast to you I shall call! You wait for me, I beforehand to you shall tell when, well...

Anna with love and dream...

Letter 16

Hello, my love Dee!
Thanks, lovely, that you have warned me about Aeroflot, I descended also all have learned in agency. You see, there have told, that they still take money for registration all documents and the main thing of the Visa, that is I will not need to run anywhere, some times to go to Moscow in embassy that to me have authorized as in a result I think there will be all the same sum of money. I too learned also to me have told, that the sum of 600-700 dollars is simply the ticket up to America, namely up to New York, and me certainly hunting to land closer to you, that is all the same there will be changes... That to me have told, you can there something else learn, well... I am very glad, that you think of me and speak by such words... I, lovely, too constantly think of you, about that what we will have meeting as all this will occur... You for me all... You know, I have been working hard, and last days was very difficulty. But I didn't forget about you, please, I think about you every day, and i feel myself lonely, because I come back home and I can't take in my arms anybody, but you understand I think that it is - if I would come and meet my husband. I miss you very deeply, and you know, I have one good (I hope) new!!!! Today in the morning I was in the travel agency because I had work near that place, and I though that I can come there and ask may be they have something new for me, and they find more cheaply flight for me!!!!!! The price for ticket is only 886 dollars (before they find tickets only for 1200-1400), and they said that this fly will be 28 of September, so, I have enough time for getting visa. But they said that this price is available only before 12 of October, I don't know, may be we can use this chance? I just can ask you off cause, because I have no possibility to pay for this but I really love you and want to meet you!!! You know, I will be glade to meet you soon, because I can't wait our date. I really come home, watch TV and think, if I see something beautiful "why I can't show this Dee, to talk about this with him..". It is really difficult, and I think you feel the same, but I know, that life is difficult and may be you will have possibility and we will meet each other. Weather at us to spoil every day, all becomes colder and colder, I am warmed only with love to you... I hope, that it'll be good news for you, as for me, because nothing can prevent us to be together. I miss you so deeply, waiting your reply,
Love you more and more…
Your Anna

Letter 17

Well, my loved, that you learn new tell to me please, well... I shall wait for your letter...

Thanks, lovely, and mine to you the answer...
I shall show you gardens, where foam white a jasmin,

Where the song is weaved by nightingales,
And a kiss, pleasure of the world,
And tenderness of a morning dawn

I shall show you a dawn,
Where the rain is knocked to us on a window,
Where you in my embraces sleep
In my hand your palm,
Also it is sweet our kid dozes

I shall show you dream,
Where I gray-haired, what a pity,
Where the death suddenly will recollect
About weariness
Also it is alive in opinion of love fire.

I shall show you gardens …

Letter 18

Hello my lovely Dee...

I very much very much regret, my lovely, about happened in your relationship, accept please my sincere regret, I hope, that you will consult also all with you it will be good, a poor crumb which has remained without mum, it is very sad and bad... I hope you will care of her, yes. It is very good. I shall wait for your letter with impatience, support her, well, and I while shall wait for you, write to me please as you can, well...

I constantly think of you, about our meeting what it will be... As all this is still far, and it is very a pity, but I think we shall consult!

And about arrival do not worry, I can itself still something I learn and at once to you I shall tell...


Letter 19

Thanks for your letter, lovely, I on the days off went to parents, there we cleaned last crop of this year and put into the house the order, I am very tired physically, but have had a rest intellectually, it so is good to be on the nature... And you like to go to a wood, on the nature?
And to you has written still the letter and on Yahoo... you read it...
I dream about our meeting...

Letter 20

Lovely, thanks you for everything, for all your words, for all your diligence... Excuse to me yesterday there have arrived relatives from Moscow and consequently I cannot write to you much, I now spend all time with them but as soon as I will have time I at once to you I shall write, well, wait for me and write do not overlook....

Anna with love....

Letter 21

Lovely, here I!!! You where? I hope, what now all more or it became less easier, you as? You now are not strongly borrowed? I wait from you for the letter, I so have strongly become bored, if you knew... I any more did not find to myself a place, my relatives have already left, have stayed for a while and have left, so now I can write to you every day if certainly you want it.... I want to speak with you, to see you, I certainly understand, that now not time, but I that I can not do with myself...


Letter 22

Lovely, I am very glad to that you have returned again to me but as it is grieved with that is created around of you, horror one death, that this such... Accept my sincere a regret... Keep there, all right... Work, lovely, and do not overlook to write to me, well... I shall wait! At me while all on old, I live, I work and I learn children... And weather those to me less all is colder and colder, only thinking about you I am heated, and I dream....

Your Anna with love

Letter 23

Lovely, thanks for the letter, me was very pleasant to receive it from you... You such lovely... Excuse, that at once to you has not written, something is simple at my girlfriend again happened with a computer, I yesterday have come to her on a visit and thought, that I shall write to you the letter, but it unfortunately was not included at all, but now all is thank God good, and I write to you the letter... And weekend has passed at me somehow imperceptibly, very quickly though I so especial and did not do anything, simply was engaged in economic affairs on the house at myself and all... Such cheerful days...
I all time thought of you, about us, about our meeting as I dream of it... Thanks you lovely for it, thanks you for all...
Dear, I am glad, that you trust me, I confess fairly, that it not I did the structure on a site, it to me was made by my girlfriend who now lives to Inverness. She there lives with the husband with whom she just and has got acquainted so through letters, they all over again for a long time corresponded, and then he has simply invited her to himself so she there and has remained. She has advised me and even all were made also by me here, correspond with you.

Lovely, you so sadly speak, it is not necessary so to be upset, necessary to live and live cheerfully, do not think of all it, well... Know, that I always with you... And it is fast, when we shall meet, all will be simply healthy, I promise you, my lovely, all will be...

Ann with love..................

Letter 24

Lovely, I have received the message, what as though we can communicate with you through any microphone, it is the truth, yes? It as? At me in fact any microphone you think, what we can with you so to communicate? Lovely mine, last time you had such sad letter what happened with you, with such cheerful and joyful the man? You perfection, you an angel, and an angel should be always cheerful and kind, such what you are actually, lovely you where? What do you think of our meeting? You think, what it sometime will be, and you already about it speak nothing by that, I something have made not that you did not want it, yes? Tell to me please, whether we can sometime meet you?

Lovely, I am glad, your friend well helps you with Russian, you can sometime will meet me in Russian? And about my girlfriend, she's fine, she is glad for me, that I have found good the man, she is very glad for me, she till now lives to Inverness with the husband, waits for the child, speaks, that the boy, imagine!? I so am glad for her, she well done And by a life she has got used like normal, she the same as also I knows English well and consequently she did not have any problems with accustoming, there very much it is pleasant to her. I till now speak with her and not only with the help of letters, but also by phone, so I always with her... She all in impressions, but cannot yet help to arrive to me to her on a visit, but can it is fast will turn out, I do not know, and can we with you we shall meet before it and we shall make to her a surprise...

Ann with love...

Letter 25

Lovely, excuse me, that I so for a long time did not write, something is simple at my girlfriend again happened with a computer and it only have made yesterday, I have read your letter, and it really cheerful in comparison with that sad, heavy... Do not strain so strongly on work and in a life in general, well, to regret it is necessary also itself sometimes... With me all is good, alive thank God while... But without you it is not enough my forces, I want to be with you, to meet you, actually, we somehow have ceased to communicate with you about arrival on a visit to you, we can make it, I am personally ready already though right now, what you on it will tell? For me are ready to make the ticket in agency all under the same price that remember I to you spoke, and I a few the money have saved up, let there your friends learn, can eat also other tickets, well... I shall wait for news from you.. .. And about this equipment, lovely, at us with my girlfriend something is impossible to swing this program, she{it} for a long time at us goes, and for it in fact any special microphone, yes is still necessary? And where it to take, my girlfriend too does not know, tell to us, I wait... Events in Nalchik thank God have not touched us, but I when have learned about it too was horrified, there was so terribly and awfully, imagine, they wanted to grasp all office buildings of city, and them was so much, horror...

Anita kisses You....

Letter 26

Thanks, today due to your letter, at me good mood, thanks you lovely, that you have written to me... Excuse lovely, that I so for a long time did not write to you, I am simple some days laid at home with temperature, at me the flu was, but be not afraid, lovely, it not the bird's flu, and to me it becomes already easier, I could not go in general two days, and only yesterday to me it became easier, excuse, that has told nothing, I simply not could... Forgive me, mine dear Eric... I too constantly think of you, about us with you... Lovely, we can sometime meet you whether? I want to make it...

I heard from news, what this hurricane will be even stronger former, yes? Lovely, I worry for you, lovely, be cautious, you are very necessary for me, I constantly think of you, but simply sometimes it is impossible to write to you, forgive... And concerning this microphone, I so also have not understood anything, I searched for a microphone in shop, me headphones any or asked any stick similar to a match. To me it needs to be bought, yes? And about the statements I with them agree, so prepare...

Letter 27

Lovely my and unique!
I hope, that in this life at us still all ahead, and all will be simply fine, thanks lovely, that you at me such are and I shall trust, as will be with me always, I was possible I shall dream of us with you a little... As though it was good and... I love you my angel!!!
Lovely mine, forgive me that I have written this name Eric, I simply wanted, that you were jealous me, and you so for a long time did not write that to me, did not worry, I already started there was to think the most bad, whether I and have decided you to check up, up you read my letters, excuse me for it please, forgive... You so for a long time did not write, did not allow messages from yourself, I hope, that now at you all is good, you will forgive me and will understand... I hope, that we shall be with you nevertheless together, in spite of on anything...
Anna! Only your and nobody's more, know it...