Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Litovchenko to Ove (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hello, my honey Ove!
Did you miss me?
I did.
Thank you for your letters. I love your words. When I read your letter, feelings are growing inside me.
You make me feel delight, you make my heart to beat more often.
I love you, my honey, and I am ready to repeat these three worlds every time. I want to meet with you as earlier as possible. I want to enjoy your embraces, I want to awake and fall asleep with you. I want to have a huge sex with you. I want you very very much. You are like a puff of wind among the heavy heat, you are like a bright ray at night.
You are like a well in the middle of the desert, from which I want to slake my thirst.
You are sense of my life, you are my life. I live only for you.
I am thinking about you every time.
You are always in my mind. Now I cannot even imagine how I lived without you, without your great letters, without your lovely worlds. I reread your letters every day; it seems I know them by heart. You conquered not only my heart, you conquered my mind, my dreams, the whole me.
I cannot do anything: whatever I do I am dreaming about us. I want to share with you the whole my life. I am sincerely interested in you. I've already understood that I love you, and my love is a real. I've never had such feelings. I am ready to do everything to be with you, my honey! I am ready to cross through the ocean, I am ready to go, to fly, to swim, only for one thing- to be with you! I am sure we can meet very soon. I'll do everything to achieve it. It’s my dream and goal!
I cannot wait the moment when we can be together. I think about you and about us every day and night. You are always in my mind, in my thoughts. I am very happy that there is a man who I love most of all in the whole world, man of my dreams and who, unfortunately, lives in the other country. Thinking about you all the time.
I wait your next letter very much. I send you a lot of hot hugs and kisses Your Lena.
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