Scam Letter(s) from Marina Balabaeva to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi the my dear friend, Gavin
I am very happy, that you have answered my short letter to you. It is really pleasant to me to realize, that I have interested you, that me have not disregarded. And you had a desire to get acquainted with me more close. I so am happy to it.
From my letter to you, you have already understood, that my name Marina. Now we can begin ours with this letter with you acquaintance, I wish to make a reservation at once that you did not play with me in games as with any puppet. I hope for mutual feelings, understanding each other. I shall try to write in detail about myself that you could learnabout me and about everything, that you will interest, I think, as you will not disregard me, and will sincerely answer all my letters. It will be excellent, if you will send me the interesting photos.
Now I shall write to you a little about myself. I live in Russia in city under the name a Zelenodolsk, it is near to river Volga, but my city far from Moscow on 850 kilometers. More in detail about the city I shall write to you in the following letter. To me of 27 years. I the young woman going on this remarkable life without the satellite. I like to go in for sports, listen to music, house affairs and, certainly, to prepare, especially national Russian dishes.
I send you my photo and I, I hope, that it is pleasant to you. I also want, that you sent me some your photos, Ok? It is interesting to Me to know, how you look, as your voice, easier speaking sounds, I very much want, that we with you have made friends. Write about itself, I wish to know about you more. Tell to me about you take a great interest in what? What do you do during free time from work? Whether you Love sports? You prefer what kind of sports? Also inform, what you like to make, your hobby and what your character?
I promise to answer all your letters. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I hope, that you will not disregard my questions. With weight of the best regards.

Yours faithfully, Marina.

Letter 2

Hello Gavin
I so am glad to see your letter, that you have not rejected me, to understand that I someone so it is pleasant to realize it is necessary.
It is pleasant to me to know, that you have decided to continue ours with you dialogue. I am glad to read everything, that you have written to me. It is interesting to me to read each word written by you. I am glad, that you have not disregarded my questions. It is very curious to me to learn about your life, that you love, than you are engaged. I was really glad to see your letter.
It would be desirable to tell more in detail about the work. I work as the teacher of initial classes in the favourite city. I never regretted, that have chosen this trade. I think, that this choice was affected by my mum who and to this day is for me an ideal. she always wished for me all most the best, dreamed to see me happy. In turn I am grateful to it that I exist. I like everything, that is connected with my trade: to see my kiddies happy, to be pleased to their achievements and to console them at failures. Each new day to meet with them and to think, that my manuals will not pass for nothing. I like my work and at me it well turns out.
I hope, my letter has interested you and you have not missed,reading it. My letter from the bottom of the heart, I hope, you will reciprocate to me. I hope, that you have understood my intentions-find of the only thing which would understand me, to divide with him pleasures and griefs, to meet a dawn and to understand, that I am necessary in this world.
Set more questions, I shall try to answer everything, not passing any. Write more about itself, everything is interesting to me, that is connected with you. You work, if yes, whom? With what your work is connected? Whether it Is pleasant to you? I shall wait for your letter.

Letter 3

Hello Gavin
Has received your long-awaited letter and I hurry to answer you. How has passed your today, what new has happened in your life? I with the great pleasure read him. There there were such things which I read with pleasure, not passing any word. I write to you, to that I for a long time wished to find the serious and clever person who would understand me.
Now I wish to write to you as at me takes place usual day and as it is a little about me. I rise approximately in 6:30 mornings. I take an easy shower. After, I as well as all of the woman put into myself the order, in fact any woman needs to look beautifully, and me especially; as I should be an ideal for my pupils. Then I have breakfast and at 7:30 I leave the house and I go for work. Before my work approximately 20 minutes of walking, I do not try to use public transport, the way up to school wakens me before mine hard work. I work from 8 o'clock till 16 o'clock. Now in my mode of day visiting the Internet-cafe was added to write to you letters to that I am glad. Work at school not too easy work, in fact at me small children behind whom it is necessary to look constantly. By the end of the working day I come tired and at once I go to accept a bathroom, it gives to me of force and the weariness falls down a little. After we have supper together with parents. For the period of viewing the TV does not remain to time because I should prepare a material for tomorrow. Early I go to bed, as I get tired on work.
I the unique daughter in family and at me was not present either sisters, or the brother. I very much love pets. I have a kitten, his name is Barsik, I like to play with it at leisure. It too loves me and waits after work. As I come after work, she follows me on heels, also lays down with me to sleep and wakes up with me.
I am glad to development of our relations, I understand, that through letters it is not too easy to understand the person, its essence. I wish to make a reservation, that I write in all sincerity, not concealling anything for that too I wait from you. I am easy for offending, often I take offence on trifles. I think, that you not what can cause me a pain. Write to me about itself more in detail, I with pleasure shall read your letters, with impatience to wait for your letter.
Now I want will say goodbye to you as already it is time to me home.
Your friend from Russia Marina

Letter 4

Hi my friend, Gavin
I am glad, that at you all is normal. My life goes the turn while to complain there is nothing. On work all is quite good. However, today there was a loaded day which has very much tired me. With this there's nothing to be done, in fact my work conceals in itself the responsibility for my kiddies and I with honour carry this duty to them. Now at me good mood because I have again found your letter today. I am glad to write again to you the letter, that you have not left my letter without the answer. I wish to ask at once you that you, not hesitating, asked everything, that you interests. I with pleasure shall always answer your questions. Even it is very pleasant to me to realize, that you are interested by me and show sympathy to me.
I wished to tell to you about the city a Zelenodolsk. He is located about the river Volga. Our city young, founded in 19 century. By the right it is possible to consider it beautiful city. In city everywhere it is cleaned purely and cultural. It is a lot of parks and theatres. And what city at you tell about it is very interesting to me?
I like how we learn each other. We gradually open secrets, we share secret and we become all is more close to each other. Gradually relations grow, and can be, sometime they will be more, than simply friendship …
As I have started to trust you, I am ready to tell to you all secrets, that at is at me on heart. I hope, that you also with me will be frank. I have got acquainted with you to that it is very glad, I hope, what you too are glad? I never thought, that it is possible to get acquainted with such person, as you by means of the Internet. We are far apart. But it does not stir to our dialogue. I look forward to your letters also I think, that our relations can be deeper. I do not know how to explain it words, it simply I feel.
Forgive, Gavin, but it is time to me to go. I think, that our dialogue will not interrupt on this, with impatience I shall wait for your following letter.
Yours faithfully yours Marina

Letter 5

Hello, Gavin
Thanks for such kind and fair letter for me, I waited for him also to me it was very pleasant to receive it from you. When I read your letter at me on a shower to become warmly and pleasantly, even heart starts to fight more strongly. This all because is such person who thinks of me, understands me such what I am actually. It is pleasant to me to realize, that I not one. I really know that you for me became very close person. I thought of you in the evening. I think, that you are fair to me. I completely trust you, and you became for me the close person to whom I can open the heart. I speak all of you it sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play your feelings, and I hope, that you too will be fair under the relation to me. I now have a favourite employment to write to you letters.
Write please about itself more in detail. I like to tell to you about the private life. Now I about her shall continue. I have finished institute and have gone to work on a speciality, to prepare for children for the future life. Children have grown fond of me at once as I concern to them with kindness and love. They love me. I very much am proud of it.
I did not speak you about my parents, therefore I wish to tell in this letter more in detail about them. I am very glad that at me they are, they the best parents on all Earth. My parents for me-ideal the person who can trust in this life. I am grateful to them that I exist and I shall not cease to repeat him it. How you concern to the parents, whether you love them, as I? My mum worked at the same school as the teacher of Russian in which I teach. I quite often ran to him it in turn supervised me, knew my each step. Admired to my successes, experienced at failures. My father worked at a factory, now it on pension. It also, as well as mum was engaged in my education, wished me the best in this life. They till now help me, support me difficult minutes. I still have not told to the parents, that I correspond with you, they still do not know about it? But I am fast it I shall necessarily tell also shall be assured, that they will not be against our friendship. I had no relations here in Russia. In our country people not such, they think only of themselves how to satisfy themselves, to use in the purposes. They are not excited with such concepts how to experience and feelings. Having understood all this, I have decided to not get acquaintance in our country.
I wished to ask to you questions. How your mood? What do you think of me? That more you love? At you it is a lot of friends, and whether there are at you friends from Russia?
It is a pity to me, but it is time to me to go already. With impatience I shall wait for your following letter. I hasten to send you the photo where I enjoy aromas of summer.
Your sincere friend from Russia Marina

Letter 6

Hello my friend Gavin
All the day long reflected on, whether I can see today your letter. And here after work at once has directed to the Internet-cafe and was delighted, that you do not disregard me. At me ideas are confused, I do not know from what even to begin, I am very excited. I am very glad, that you me understand also your letter, for me, as a drink of fresh air, as new page in my life. You have changed me and all my life, I hope it to the best.
Morning at me was not took, I have risen in very bad mood, it would not be desirable to go for work at all. Only my kitten who has appeared suddenly has helped and has started to play with me. It was pleasant to me, as he played, he as if felt, that with me something not and has decided to help with this situation. In general I with it like to walk in the street, to go on park to talk, as to the alive person, but he does not understand this, and quickly runs around of me. And at this time I do not forget about you, I think of you. How you there, whether think of me? In one I am assured precisely, that this all not simply sympathy or friendship, it something much greater both deep and gentle! I do not wish to deceive neither you, nor. It is necessary for me precisely the nobility, that ours with you of the relation, it is very serious also our feelings are mutual. I also perfectly understand, that we live on the different ends of our planet, but you everywhere with me, in my ideas. I cannot speak about others, but about myself I can precisely tell, that I go mad of the happiness.
To me it is necessary in this life present the man, as you. Though I also understand, that already not and it is easy to find such person in our modern world. But about myself I wish to tell, that I the woman requiring your support, in your strong and firm hand.
I very much want, that we always were together, were together and have created the present harmony in world around. Also have simply made each other happy. I had very much a strange feeling, I do not understand, why me so strongly pulls to you though we are well enough familiar. It is probable, because I really never fell in love. I ask the God that you have continued to communicate further with me that you have not betraid me and have brought pleasure in my life.
Write to me, please, that you about all this think, it will be very interesting to me to know it.
Now I wish to say goodbye to you. Today I had difficult enough day. I wish to lay down earlier to sleep, I hope, that in a dream you will be a number with me.
I send you a photo of my kitten. He sends the regards to you.
Yours Marina

Letter 7

Hello my lovely friend Gavin
I never complained of lack of attention from men, but before fell in love cleanly spontaneously. My relations never could not be named feelings. Now in my life there is you, and nothing can be compared to that feeling which, I test now. I feel a shiver in a knee when I see your letters. I read them with greed, not passing any word, in fact each word bears something new, important for me. And the most important, nothing can prevent to development of ours with you of relations. Any man on light cannot be compared to you. All my former novels and acquaintances came to an end with failures. I all time have come across misunderstandings, and I would like mad happiness. My opinion of very few people interested. All of them considered as the duty to bring up me and so wanted love and understanding. I yesterday thought of our relations and concerning our feelings. I already have so become attached to you, that I miss every day your letters. I always, think of you. I can make nothing with myself. You the remarkable friend, the close and kind person. I am madly glad and happy, that I have got acquainted with you, and that you have chosen me. I simply am burnt with mad love to you my dear Gavin. I have told about the correspondence with you to the parents. They madly were delighted to my happiness though they have told that felt something, that I have changed. There was more joyful, thoughtful, and all because I had you. But they even could not assume, that I have got acquainted with you through the Internet. We long discussed this theme.
I wish to hear your voice. Sometimes I am am visited with very sad ideas that I never can see you, but I there and then drive them away from myself and I try to think of something pleasant. I think, that through letters it is difficult to understand completely each other, therefore I wish to ask your phone number. Unfortunately we do not have phone of the house. If you wish to hear my voice, I can call to you,it will be approximately in one week. Please inform me your telephone number. To me it is curious as you speak, as your voice sounds.
Now I need to wait only your letter and to learn about what you you think. I hope, that you will not force me to wait for your letter long.

Letter 8

Hello, my favourite Gavin
Whether I do not know has the right I you so to name, but I so would like this.
I am very glad, that me understand also your letter, for me, as a drink of fresh air, as new greater page in my life. You have changed me and all my life. I do not know, that to me now to make, but I at all do not represent the life now without you.
I can tell only one, I am madly happy to feel again force of that string that connects us. Both this the most important and standing, that is now in my life. So it is pleasant to read your words and to realize how much I is happy, when I can know that you make and how you.
I am afraid while, to say any big words, to name everything, that between us happens love or something another. But in one I am assured precisely, that this all not simply sympathy or friendship, it something much greater both deep and gentle. I do not know, how you, but I am simply happy and I live the happiness. I understand, that for all this a word in which all some letters, mean differently.
I shall write to you about my character. I can name myself the kind, sympathetic person. I am not able to say lies, me to it did not learn. We in family had always a mutual understanding, harmony reigned. I am too trustful, sometimes to me it very much stirs. I understand, that it can play with me a malicious joke. I do not love, when to me say lies, because it is not pleasant to me, when do not trust. Only, when aiaa?ee prevails of mistrust there comes full mutual understanding with each other. In which consequence there are further feelings which become more serious. To whom as not you to not understand my feelings.
I shall wait for your following letter.
Your favourite Marina.

Letter 9

Hello, dear Gavin
I am very glad to receive your letter and at once I write to you the answer. I very much miss and I wish to forget about work and all affairs and to think only of you. How are you? Whether you Miss about me?
I do not know, that to me now to make, but I at all do not represent the life now without you. I fly on clouds of the happiness. Every night I fall asleep with the happiness. And each new day is included into the even greater happiness. And my happiness is you.
I firmly know, that you my future and my unique the man to which I trust the destiny, the heart and soul. But I very much ask you to write to me if you doubt of something or is not confident. I do not wish to deceive neither you, nor. It is necessary for me precisely the nobility, that ours with you of the relation, it is very serious also our feelings are mutual. In my head it is so much ideas, that I cannot simply write to you everything, that so it would be desirable to tell, looking in your eyes. I would like to forget all shame and pride, and to rush on a meeting of the love. I simply do not learn myself. I was not such earlier. It seemed to me earlier, that I go down stream and I rotate together with other people in this complex vital circulation. And was, but now all has changed. I have forced this world to rotate around of us with you.
Relations between the man and the woman it is the most important and serious steps during lives and each step should be considered. The man should address with the woman with love and respect, to be near to her during bad and good times, to care of its all needs. He should give her all love so that she felt the happiest woman in this world, even if at them hard times. Women should do the same for men, reciprocate and support his all time, to be with him when he requires her. I fly on clouds of the happiness. Every night I fall asleep with the happiness. And each new day is included into the even greater happiness. And my happiness is you. So it is pleasant to realize, that I have such understanding person, as you. I am grateful to the god, that he has sent me you, I ask him that with you all was good.
I with impatience wait for your following letter. I send you a photo where I wanted a few fruit.
Yours Marina.

Letter 10

Hello, favourite Gavin
How are you? I already start to grieve under your letters and each time when I sit down to read your letters at me there is a curiosity of that you have written to me. This letter for me not exception and I waited for that moment when again I can write to you the next letter. At reading your letter I have a joyful smile, and my smile with each your letter becomes more joyful. I feel, how with each letter you become closer for me.
I that cannot make with myself, it is love, she sings in me as a bird in the spring sky, I think, that it is destiny it can be dangerous, but I am madly enamoured in you. Your letters are filled by such heat and care, and at me tears of pleasure sometimes run.
I yesterday thought of our relations and concerning our feelings. I already have so become attached to you, that I miss every day your letters. I always, think of you. I can make nothing with myself. I think, that I am enamoured. I feel, what our hearts fight in one rhythm, and you feel it?
I wish to send you a photo when I with native went to a military part to our relative. It was even in the summer. You can see me on a photo with my mum. I then have for the first time seen and have taken the present automatic device.
I was never so is happy. I have absolutely changed, my girlfriends and friends speak about this. This all because of you. I as though fly in heavens.
I hope, that at us with you all will be good. I think soon, to see you.
I wait for your letter, whether it is important to me to know you divide my ideas. Bye.
Your love Marina.

Letter 11

My love, Gavin
At reading your letters at me cheers up, I like to read everything, that you write to me. Your warm words help me minutes of grief, I only and think of you. As it is pleasant to read your words, me all in them so familiarly and dearly. I at once recollect the romantic dreams and those sensations which are connected with them. Your words in my soul give rise to pleasant sensations and from this it becomes good on a shower. I still never met such interesting men, as you.
I waited from this life much, of much dreamed, but now I even do not know, that can occur to me from what I so strongly wished. All my dreams for a long time do not exist any more, and there was only one finding the present love. Every day I all more also am more convinced, that I do not need to worry more that will occur to my dream because in my life there was you, and to me from this became very well and pleasantly on a shower. Now I feel, that should still to something occur.
Every night I fall asleep with ideas on you. To me it is removed fine dreams in which we walk at night, on coast of the river, holding each other for hands and speaking each other tender words. I with impatience shall wait for the moment when it will occur. I, likely, shall soon go mad of such dreams. I now think, that after all that time, that we wrote each other I could understand, that you that person with whom I can live the life further. You should know, that I love only you.
We tomorrow will have a family supper. I already long had not supper with my parents behind one table as I want that you were a line with me during a supper. After a supper to fall asleep in your gentle embraces and to wake up in the morning. I wish to see you, my love.
I should finish the letter. My parents transfer you greetings and think, that all at you is good.
The whole. Yours Marina.

Letter 12

Hello my love Gavin
How you my native? To me without you it is awfully sad. Every day, when I go to the Internet of cafe, at me cheers up only that I shall soon see your letter. And on a shower it becomes warm, as soon as I shall think of you which waits my letters. I am happy, that you are on this planet, that we we communicate. When I communicate with you, I as-as if live in other world where there is nobody except for us, I thank destiny which has helped us to find each other for it. Before work I went in church both prayed to the god and asked him, that all at us would be good. All road before work I thought only of us of a two, you did not leave my head. I represented myself in your gentle embraces and to me was, as is never good.
I in the afternoon all have been busy with children, there were educational employment and it was necessary to devote much time to work. When I receive from you the letter, it gives to me huge pleasure. I like to read them and to answer you them. You became me the native person, at me such feeling, that I knew you very much for a long time and now I do not represent, as lived earlier. For such short term, I have learned about you much and it seems to me, that you, that person who did not suffice me in my life. I am happy, that have found you. You would know, how I wish to take your hands in the, to look in eyes, to tell all of you that has collected at me on a shower. I think the God will hear my prays and sometime it will occur. I feel happy after each letter. I think, that you test the same feelings.
I have understood, that searched for you all life. You are intended to me by destiny. I should connect a life to you my dear. I would like to be with the person who will divide with me love with which I can have happy and strong family. What I the successful woman, in fact I have you in my life.
It is impossible to put into my happiness words. I am very happy, that I have you, Gavin. I already also do not represent the life without you. With impatience I wait for our meeting. I love you.
My parents send the regards to you, whether worry all at you well. With impatience I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Marina.

Letter 13

Hi my love Gavin
I as if anew was born, when have seen your letter. You know how many pleasures to me delivers how you write to me. So it is pleasant to me to realize, that you are and at you all is good. I am simply happy to feel myself as the beloved. I am glad, that my feelings are mutual, and I can feel you on distance. So I am pleasant to realize, that not one in this world, that I have a favourite person who understands me such what I am. It is pleasant to me sometimes, having woken up to reflect, that you do during that moment and of what you think, and also to think of us of a two, about our mutual feelings. Your letters for me as a drink of fresh air which sometimes so does not suffice, they raise mood, give sense of the further existence. So it is pleasant to me to realize it.
In my head it is so much ideas, that I cannot simply write to you everything, that so it would be desirable to tell, looking in your eyes. In fact you understand, how it is complex to express all the ideas on a sheet of a paper. And even if I now could see you and look in your clear eyes, I, probably, could not find all those necessary words. In fact it is very complex. Also can even be not thought up yet those words with which it would be possible to express all my feelings and emotions.
Now I with confidence can tell, that I wish to throw all and to be near to you. This unique my desire. I am ready to all and on all, only, to be near to my favourite person, with you. I would like to forget all shame and pride, and to rush on a meeting of the love. I simply find out myself, I was not such earlier. Then all seemed to me usual in this life, now he is filled by something new which is complex for describing, you and itself perfectly understand me.
I every day wait for your letter, I can not already without them, only they fill all sense of my life. It also refers to as love. We should meet you, tell each other that did not write in letters as through letters feelings and emotions are lost all.
With impatience I shall wait for your letter as I wish to appear now in your embraces.
Yours Marina.

Letter 14

Hello my favourite, Gavin
Dear mine, I am very glad to receive your letter, in the first lines of the letter I wish to tell, that I love you. You unique my and favourite person.
I was ready to shout, that I love you, but you will not hear me. I very much miss on you, I hope, that you too. I think, that our love is perfect and eternal. I also wish you to see and the nobility, that you beside. My love is clean also feelings strong. I do not know the person better than you. I am very grateful to your frankness, that you do not change to my feelings. To me I am very sad, that yet with you, but, I hope, that we soon shall together. I did not speak you, that at me soon holiday which I wish to lead with you, my dear and favourite. How you think, you not against this? Tell what most close international airport to you? After you will tell, what most close international airport- I go in a tour agency and all I I find out about air flight. I am ready on the most serious step in my life, in fact I love you and very much I wish you to see, I hope, you too.
I think, that you the one whom I searched for all life. You perfection what I did not know and did not meet, you the surprising person.
Now it is time to me to go home, in my warm bed to dream of our meeting.
I shall write to you tomorrow. Very-very I love you.
Your favourite Marina.

Letter 15

Hi dear Gavin
Today I had a mad day as I weigh affairs was on legs. I have gone to travel agency to learn in occasion of documents which are necessary to me that I could arrive to you as yesterday I have not had time to descend after work and the more so I was yesterday very tired. Gavin, I have not enough good news and I am a little upset. In travel agency I have lead midday. There to me have told, that a unique opportunity to arrive to you it, Visitor Visa it is the most optimum variant for me. The visa costs 72 $. Registration of the visa and as the order of air tickets for flights incurs travel agency. But bad news consists that I should pay to travel agency 2444 $ USD (for the visa, air tickets in both parties and the medical insurance and consular gathering). As to the passport it will not be a problem because it{he} can be made for 2-3 days, only it will be necessary to pay 200 roubles or 8 $ USD for promptness. I very much would wish to arrive to you Gavin, but I have no such big savings which are necessary for our meeting.
You can help me with payment to travel agency? I require your help that prior to the beginning of my holiday I already could legalize all papers that I could arrive to you, in fact my holiday will begin with 5 July. Excuse me Gavin, that to me to have to ask from you money, but I have no that money which are necessary to pay to travel agency if I had this money I would not began to ask from you. Only do not take offence at me, in fact I understand you, as you have charges, but if you will help me with this money, I at once would go to travel agency to start to legalize papers.
Really my happiness will be removed for unknown term? And I already dreamed, that at all of us it will be good. I represented it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we look around each other, we find and we fall arms each other. I write to you, and at the tear on cheeks. Only do not think, that I all time cry, no, I am simple is upset by such news, I did not expect, that to me will name such huge sum for me. Now to nestle on your shoulder and you me tenderly would calm, but you so are far and it is not known now when I shall see you.
I start to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you. I constantly think of you, and is really seriously adjusted on a meeting with you my dear. I wait your letter. Kisses.

Yours Marina.

Letter 16

I heard, that at us in Russia is such, but believe to me, I not such as they. When I wrote to you I always was with you sincere and answered your questions fairly. If to tell fairly I was afraid, that if you learn about it you will think of me, that I one of them also, as well as about others and will cease to communicate with me.
I very much wish to light the life to love you and to be with you. Recently at us on the TV showed people which are engaged in swindle. They get acquainted on the Internet with other people, ask from them money for a trip, and then do not come and leave this money to itself. It became very a shame to me with my country. For that that people deceive other people. After I have looked this transfer I have thought that if you will not trust me my love I shall not take offence at you. In fact it quite that you never saw me. Why you should trust me? I wish to tell to you that I the simple Russian girl who has found the love and is very glad in this occasion. I very much wish be with you my love and this all that I want. If I had that money which are necessary for us that we were together, I would not began to speak you about money in general. I would make the visa and have arrived to you, and we would be very happy together I is assured of it But you know that I have no this money and it very much afflicts me. For me aeaaiia-this our happiness. I think that money it not the most important in this life. When I shall arrive to you I shall earn and I shall return to you this money, I promise. I think it does not become a problem in our attitudes.
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you my love. I have made to you a surprise of a photo, I hope you all will understand also your opinion to me will change. To you to decide to trust or not, I the present girl and wish to be with you.
I Love you.

Letter 17

I so am glad to your letter Gavin - you simply very good person.
About my fine prince - I understand you, it is difficult to you to trust and trust me. But I wish to inform you that I the fair girl, true and trustful! My parents since the childhood, have studied to be fair and decent and to not throw a word on a wind, therefore very much it is difficult for me when or to inform lie because conscience does not allow to inform me lie of men. I am very urgently enamoured in you, and I do not know as I to limit feelings you. As I can prove to you that I present and I should be trusted and trusted. I hope soon you me will understand and will trust. Why you do not wish to help me with money for my arrival. If you will help me you on the present will understand that present and I do not wish you to deceive. I wish to see you and to be with you beside. All the same I love only one you and I adore you, and I shall not exchange our love to any riches.
I think, that two persons can fall in love from the first kind during short time. As I trust enamoured from the first kind, I think, that we shall be very beautiful and happy pair. As I feel that precisely the god has made so we have met each other. We shall meet, and we shall live happily all life. Your letters heat up my soul and compel my heart to fight more often.
I wish to see you very much. I very much want, that we had our meeting. I cannot live without you.

I love you my prince!

Letter 18

Hello Gavin
Gavin, I wish to give you all that I have, I wish to make you very happy, but I am afraid to lose you, and I hope, that it never with us happens. Truly? Though I know, that I do not need to worry, in fact I as am in your big and gentle heart, feeling it warmly and force. Probably I was already fast I can together with you, and it for me will be the real holiday, in fact we can touch to each other, look against each other and do much together. I would like to cook specially for you Russian food and together to spend time. Will have still for more a few time that I could do it together with you. When you wait for something that very much it would be desirable time seems goes it is intolerable long. I shall necessarily wait for you and your letters and with heat of the heart I shall always meet them and to write to you the . Only I ask you do not force to wait long for your letters, in fact to me it will be lonely without you. ok?
Now I ask the sky that it has transferred you whisper of my heart, my pleasure and good mood. I shall ask for a wind that it has sent to you clouds in which all tenderness and passion of the boundless sky is stored, and I have kissed a wind that it could transfer you this kiss of my gentle lips which have told to you about my light day. And I hope, that my light and beautiful day becomes your day in which there is a place for me. Today at me romantic mood so accept my pleasure and kisses. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.
By the way I called to you, but you had an answering machine and we could not talk to you. I do not know, when to you I shall call next time.
Has come to finish time to me the letter. I hope, that you are glad to read my letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. I give you still the kiss which is filled by heat of my soul. Kiss.

Letter 19

My fine Gavin
I cannot live more without your words. And this short time which should pass before we can will meet, becomes for me eternity of suffering. But this suffering cannot break my soul as I am ready to suffer and wait, but the most important, that now I precisely know, that our meeting will soon be carried out. And now I can feel the biggest pleasure which only is possible in my life.
I want our meeting that my and your happiness became full, and we could connect them in a single whole to create the world of light and pleasure, to create the world in which a rain the caress will cover ours to a box from colors from all world of fear and a pain. Why you do not trust me and do not wish to help me with money for my arrival, in fact I so require your help. To me you there is no place take this money only can to help me. I want that you trusted me and have helped me. To us our meeting is necessary to you and me.
Today I as have given time and went in bank to learn about remittances, and to me have advised more convenient and fast translation Western Union. You should have such companies in banks of your city as it is the most known remittance all over the world. I can receive your money through Western Union in bank of our city right after how you will send me them. My personal data on whom you can send money (MARINA BALABAEVA, RUSSIA) will be necessary for you. These data that you could send me of money but that I could receive your money, you should specify to me in the letter the personal data and identification number which to you will give in bank that only I could receive your money. I can copy at once a copy of the form to go to bank and to take your translation. Here that it will be necessary for me for reception of your money:
Last name:
The sum of money:
From which you sent city to me of money:
About all rest to you will better tell in bank. I think what to send money through or Western Union will be much more conveniently and more reliably.
I hope you you will estimate my aspiration to see you.
I very strongly love you. Your fine lady Marina.



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