Scam letter(s) from Alena Trofimova to Ed (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely man Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Loved, today I with impatience waited that moment when I can come in the Internet of cafe and write to you the letter.
Unfortunately I have not so good news. But I shall start with another.
I have bypassed all agencies through which I can arrive to you in Moscow. I have spent for it almost all the day.
Also I want to tell to you, that almost in all agencies identical conditions for arrival in America.
To me have told that for me visa K-1 (it is the visa of the groom and the bride) is better.
On registration of this visa leaves from 2 months and even till one year.
Unfortunately the main thing of a condition of this the visa is an our meeting and consequently this visa at once
disappears for me as we did not see you yet. In that case, for me visa B-2 visa of the tourist is better is.
Validity of this the visa from 90 till 180 days.
Registrations of this visa are engaged many travel agencies in Moscow and consequently it not so difficultly to receive as K-1.
Through travel agency, on registration of this visa usually there leave some days.
After I shall come to you under the visa b-2 I can receive K-1 or a green card which
to me will allow to be with you for ever and never abandon you. She as has learned, that for 90-180 days, I can easily renew my visa B-2
in America on k-1 or a green card and we can be together for ever. And now I shall speak bad news.
Cost of visa B2 makes 490 dollars. This sum includes cost of the visa which costs 133 dollars, services on reception
of the passport for travel abroad, payment to agency, and consular gathering.
Also it turns out, that 490 dollars for reception of this visa are necessary for me.
I want to tell to you at once, that I wanted as to try to receive the visa independently, but Russia very much bureaucracy is advanced, and
if I shall try to receive the visa I should give more money to bribes and it will be lasts very for a long time.
On this the best variant to receive the visa through travel agency. I hope, that you understand me.
My lovely, now I want to tell to you, that I have no so many money. My wages make only 600 dollars, but from this money
I pay half of cost for an apartment and the rest leaves on products and clothes.
I have asked the help the parents, but their pension is too small also her constantly detain.
On this I do not have other choice how to ask this money you. To me it is very awkward and it is a shame to make it, but I
very strongly love you and very strongly I want to be with you. I hope, that you understand me. Loved, I ask you the help in a lap,
I very strongly want to be with you and to love you. I ask you, please to help me that we were together.
Loved, to me have told, that now the best translation system of money from for borders, it is system
Westernunion. If you can send me of money make it for my name Alena Trofimova, Russia, in the city of Moscow.
I understand, that my request is very impolite, but I want to tell to you once again, that I very much very much very strongly
love you and I want to be with you.
I love you. And with impatience I shall wait for your letter.
Your love for ever Alena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letters.
I cannot write to you at us to be holidays, I to speak to you.
At us the holiday to go on the RED area there
To go concerts and to be the entertaining program.
We to go there with the girlfriend then to go and come in
Cafe and to eat there ice-cream and a pizza. I constantly to think about
To you and to regret that you not to be with me. On following put we
With the girlfriend to go on the nature to lake. There we to sunbathe and bathe in lake.
At us already to stand warm weather and in the street +25 +28 With.
The my dear man I so to wish to be near to you.
I already wish to be together with you and not when not to leave!!!!!!
I to send you the address city Moskwa street Lenina the house 48 apartment 15.
But I cannot receive from you mail and it not to reach me.
Yours Alena!!!!!!!!!
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