Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Pcluhina to Ed (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear, Ed! It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter today. Each time when I receive your letter my day becomes light. Ed, I thought of children much, but I not so young and certainly was necessary to solve this question not to me one. The most important to find the love, the half and I think, that together all of us shall decide. I very well understand you. Children, flowers of a life, they our future. Certainly, if I have arrived in the USA my family only would carry out me, they never will leave Russia. I do not know, the little sister can will decide to leave sometime from the country, but I think if it happen, is not yet fast. Ed, I would like to ask you your full name and your home address on any emergency. Please, write to me it in following e-mail it. Ok? You know, that I do not have computer and I write from work. For work there come the big accounts for the Internet and probably can forbid to use to me a computer on work. I certainly can write from the Internet of cafe, but most the nearest the Internet of cafe is very far from me. I shall not have time to come there to write to you. It will be so awfully if we cannot write each other our electronic letters. Because your letters became a part of my life. They are very important and necessary for me. Ed, as to me I can send you letters or cards usual mail. But I would like to warn you that you never sent me of anything by means of our city mail. At us in the country of a parcel reach the addressee very seldom, especially if it is parcels from other countries. And to prove whose - or fault very difficultly. It already happened with my friends. Many Russian organizations of mail and their workers love theft of parcels of other peoples. And it is very bad and shameful for our country. I think, that only in Russia it is possible. As our country poor. And dishonourable people never will miss an opportunity to appropriate another's. Even it is a shame to me to write to you about it, Ed. But it exists also will make nothing with it. I think, that in your country similar does not occur. Whether not so, Ed? I know that you in the country have mail under name Fed Ex and it safe. It is very a pity to me but I also heard many histories about that as people sent a mail through Fed Ex and it also did not reach them. Therefore I ask you to not send me parcels our city post office. OK? I do not want, that it has been stolen by dishonourable people. Especially the most dear and desired gift from you for me are you and your letters! I am always happy, to receive from you messages and always I wait for them with impatience! But I all the same shall write to you the full name and my home address just in case: My full name: Svetlana Poluhina. My home address: City of Moscow Street Lesteva, house 17, apartment 10. The Russian Federation Please, keep my address. It can be useful to you in the future. Perhaps, on it I shall finish the electronic letter to you! In hope for fast your answer! Your Svetlana!



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