Letter(s) from Tatyana to Dalibor (Germany)

Letter 1

Greetings!!! I was very glad to receive your letter. How are you doing at you? I''m fine. My name - Taniya. When I was small my parents named me Tanech''ka. Hardly later, when to me became more years and already went to school my parents began to name me Taniya. When I stopped to study at university my parents named me Tatyana. Tatyana sounds more on the adult. As if my parents wished to show me, that I have already entered an adult life. And it is valid so. This all my names. You can name me any of these names who is pleasant to you more. I like all my names. And how you were named in the childhood by your parents? I live in the field of Mari El. I at once wish to be sorry for my possible mistakes. I do not have good skills of work with a computer. At school in which I studied, there were no means to get computers. I used a computer only only a little when studied at university. Since I have finished university, I any more did not use a computer. I use a computer of all some days and I can do something not so. Correct for me if I shall make something is not present so. Well? I am very happy, that I, I have acquaintance to you. And you are very pleasant, which are very important for me. And I want, I know more about your work. I wish to know, that you like to eat. For example: I like to prepare for pies with various fillings. I love cookies and chocolate in small amounts, and what concerning yours? As it will help us to study each other better and to find our love. I am a romantic woman. I love a supper in candles, and dance slowly. I am very similar to go late at night and to a kind of stars. I like to create opinion concerning me directly on personal meeting. But I think, that it will be later. My mum all life worked as the bookkeeper, it often has nervous failures because on it the greater responsibility and if it will make a mistake in calculations on the work it will be responsible for greater sums of money lays. Its work very nervous and nerves at it patients. But attitudes at us with mum very good because we understand each other. If to it happens badly on a shower it me to share the problem and we we talk with it on this theme, and on a shower at it to become easier. And when to me it is bad on a shower I come to my mum and I give vent to it to the soul. At me is many friends and girlfriends, but I consider that each person has one most close person. I have such person, it is called Nastya. To it I go to have access to the Internet and to write to you. It to me is closer than the girlfriend. I it consider also it me considers as the sister, but the sister not by birth, and on friendship. We with it studied from the first class. We constantly share with it the secrets and we from each other do not have any secrets. You have similar? I shall speak it about you. You not against it? In general we with it talk on any themes. We often go with friends to theatres on operas. To me very much like to look an opera. You visit theatres? I like to go with girlfriends on the nature where we have a rest. I like to bathe. To me of 25 years. I have been born on December, 17th, 1982. My sign on the zodiac - sagittarius. I work at school, the teacher of foreign languages. I teach in classes from the fifth on the seventh. I a lot of time thought of where me to go to work after university. To me have offered work at school and I have agreed. To me delivers the big satisfaction to work for the blessing of a society. My work consists in training children in foreign languages. My work gives to me pleasure. I love my work! Our future depends on our children. How we shall bring up them also what we shall educate them formation. I very much hope, that all my efforts will help these children with future to achieve successes in a life. I have come to the Internet to find serious attitudes. Me attitudes which some days last do not interest. It not for me! I wish to find such person from whom I can feel happy. I am ready to offer everything, that at me is to find such person and to be with it and only with it. I do not exclude an opportunity to create family and to have children. On the contrary, I very much would want it. I have met you and is not excluded completely not, that you that person. Our life passes, and I nevertheless have not found happiness in a life. I wish to find happiness in a life and I am ready to create family, and I am ready to it. I even thought of having children. I nevertheless do not know, to how many I want have children. You love children? I do not search for the rich husband who can execute all my whims. To me the main thing, that it could provide family. Unfortunately, I have no Internet of the house. To write electronic letters, I go to the girlfriend. At her place there is a computer and the Internet and it has allowed to come to me to it. In general I do not know, that to me still to tell about me directly. It further we can study more about everyone another. If I am interesting to you, you can ask me, I be happy to answer. I shall send you photos. I only have no very much. Send me more than your photos, please. I hope, that our attitudes will develop and will get stronger every day. Write to me more about you.
It is very interesting to me. I shall wait for your letter. Good-bye.

Letter 2

Hallo, meinen lieben! Ich bin sehr glucklich, deinen Brief zubekommen! Fur mich bedeutet deine Gegenseitigkeit zu mir sehr viel!Ich bin froh, dass du dich mit mir auch treffen willst! Ich binuberzeugt, dass dieses Treffen uns notig ist! Wir konnen bessereinander erfahren! Wir konnen verstehen, wir kommen einander odernicht heran! Fur mich, neben dem Menschen wichtig zu sein, damit esbesser ist, ihn zu verstehen. Wir konnen einander die Million derBriefe schreiben! Aber wir konnen nicht einander gut verstehen wahrendwir uns treffen werden. Ich rechne, dass das Treffen ein Ubergang aufdas neue Niveau in den Beziehungen ist! Ich will diesen Schrittvorwarts machen! Du wirst mir den Schritt zum Treffen machen? Ichdenke an dich und unserem Treffen viel. Ich verstehe, dass wir nichtso seit langem bekannt sind! Aber mir scheint es, dass ich dich schonjahrelang wei?! Es ist fur mich sehr ungewohnlich! Aber es ist sehrangenehm! Ich wollte, dass unser Treffen so bald wie moglich war! Ichdenke, dass wir die sehr gute Zeit zusammen leiten konnen! Es wirdhelfen, unsere Beziehungen zu entwickeln. Ich konnte den Urlaub vonmeiner Arbeit nehmen und zu dir ankommen! Ich erfuhr in dertouristischen Firma uber das Visum und alle notwendigen Dokumente. Furmich werden die Probleme mit dem Eingang in dein Land nicht. Ich werdefroh sein, zu dir anzukommen! Aber es ist einige Frage uber den wirsagten mit dir nicht. Mir ist es sehr unbequem, daruber zu sagen. Aberdavon hangt unsere Zukunft ab. Meine Reise zu dir wird kostet desgrossen Geldes fur mich. Es daneben 1299 euros! Ich wei? soviel diesesGeld gross fur dich nicht. Ich bekomme das kleine Gehalt. Fur mich, umfur meine Reise zu bezahlen, mu? ein halbes Jahr arbeiten. Dabei sollich nicht ist und fur die Wohnung zahlen. Ich kann nicht fur meineReise zu dir bezahlen......... Ich will mich mit dir sehr treffen!Kannst mir du helfen? Mir........ Die gro?e Scham, darin anerkannt zuwerden, dass ich die Dokumente bezahlen nicht kann, aber ich war immermit dir auch jetzt ich aufrichtig ich sage dir allen wie es ist. Mirist es sehr unbequem, dich um etwas zu bitten........ Aber nur so wirkonnen zusammen sein. Davon hangt unsere Zukunft ab! Moglich werdenwir die Familie in Zukunft schaffen! Aber dafur zuerst mu? maneinander gut erfahren! Was du daran denkst? Du darfst mir das Geld furmeine Reise zu dir schicken? Es kann man durch das System derGeldanweisungen westernunion machen oder man kann die Nummer in derBank ausnutzen. Ich habe seine personliche Rechnung in der Bank undich kann fur das Erhalten der Ubersetzung ihn ausnutzen. Ich erfuhrdaruber. Es ist sehr sicher und ist einfach. Dir werden sich meineDaten nur benotigen. Ich kann zu dir in 10-12 Tagen ankommen, nachdemich fur meine Reise zahle. Allen in deinen Handen. Unsere mitdir des Schicksales und unser mit dir die Zukunft in deinen Handen.Allen dass will ich ist glucklich zu sein. Aber fur das Gluck mir mu?neben geliebt der Mensch sein. Vertraue ich dich seinesSchicksal an und aufrichtig hoffe ich mich, dass ganz kurz danach wirzusammen werden. Schreibe mir kurz danach! Ich werde mit der Ungeduldauf deine Antwort warten! Ich hoffe mich, dass aller gut sein wird!Ich will mich mit dir sehr treffen! Die zarten Kusse, nur fur dich,meinen lieben! Taniya.