Scam letter(s) from Julia Loskutova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear John!!! It is very pleasant for me that my letter did not remain without attention and you write to me back. I am glad that we have started to learn each other and I shall be happy if you man for me and I girl for you!
I passionate young lady with watching eyes and full of vital ****** energy. In the basis of my heart I - sentimental and sensual. I want meet true love, someone especial, special to divide with him my life. If our feelings will be mutual, I shall make the future husband the happiest the man on the Earth! I shall give him all my love! I do not know, when this fine moment will come, but I shall be happy if our relations will go forward every day and then we shall see that occurs.
I hope at us there will be an interesting dialogue which can be will pass in big!
I shall tell about myself, about the life, I hope, I have not tired you :-)
As I wrote to you, I live in Russia, in the big country, very inconsistent and strange! In small city Samara.
I live modestly, in an apartment, with a modest house interior, but it does not confuse me, I do not search for the big riches! From my window very beautiful kind which leaves on small park. In the summer here it is very beautiful, especially if in the evening when you go on walk! Tell to me, please, about a place in which you live??? What beautiful places, or beautiful architecture at you is?
Usually every morning I leave on to run, that my figure was in the form of! It is very important for the girl, and you look behind the figure? :-)
I was never married, but as is ready to marry the correct person! I Hope the good wife but as I shall be convinced of it! My mum is very good cook, it knows that such kitchen, for sure. And consequently since the early childhood I with pleasure helped it to prepare for various dishes! It has learned me to prepare for very tasty dishes, and can be, you will feel it!!! To me it is very pleasant, that now we can communicate more close, and there is an every prospect to study each other better!
I shall a little tell about the plans:
Now I am engaged in registration of the tourist visa in USA, for travel, and this will be chance to meet, With registration of the visa I was helped by firm Puteshestviya. And on October, 5th it will be ready, therefore on October, 4th I shall leave for Moscow for reception of the visa! Also there can be right after receptions of the visa I shall fly to you! I am not assured yet of it!
I would like to know you better... Tell to me please about itself! How you represent our relations? What for you the main thing in a life?
I send you the some photos, I hope they will like you! As to me some photos please have send! That I could represent you is better! It will be pleasant to Me to look at you!!! kisss I shall look forward to your answer!
Yours Yulya
Letter 2

Dear John many thanks for a compliment, to me I am very pleasant to hear that yet such old as it seems to me!!! :-)
Already remains to very few time before I shall send behind reception of the visa! Also there can be already soon we shall together! I have to you some serious questions! I do not wish to insist, but I would like to ask you! If we shall meet, write please to what airport more conveniently for you that I have flied?If I shall fly to you, I shall live in hotel or I can live together with you?
You already know, that for me the main thing it to marry the man which will be my only thing which will love me all life and with which we shall create strong reliable family! As I was correctly brought up, I want that in my life there ! was only one man!!! I consider, that it is correct!
For me the ideal of the future husband, is reliable, kind, fair, moderately modest the man, with the big vital potential at which there is a feature and certainly sexuality and romanticism! Unfortunately in the homeland I cannot find such the man, but in me there lives hope, that I have met it and there can be it there will be you! :-)
Men in Russia it is very rough not tender and not romantic persons whom to not care of the family, the favourite wife and children! It is the fact! You probably know much, that Russian men often drink, and without an occasion! Earning modest money, there is more than half of money they more often spend on *****. And in many families, the woman herself is engaged in education of children, their maintenance and well-being! But during too time the father who gave the necessary advice is necessary to the child, helped with difficult situations and pr! otected, in fact the man is a strong support of family! I do not argue, in Russia there are also normal men, for which family this main thing, and which with the great pleasure, go after work home to embrace the favourite wife and to kiss children! But I could not find such the man, and in fact to me 28 years, and have decided to search for it in other country! I want, that my children lived in family in which the love and care will reign! In the safe country, and with assured the future! And that they were brought up by my husband who would be the ideal father, and the reliable friend for them. I think in such marriage, there will be good clever children as different cultures incorporate, different blood!
Yes, I understand that you are little bit more senior than me, and know to me even very pleasantly from it, I feel your force. You are more skilled in a life, in relations with the woman, have the outlooks on life! Also I hope at us with ! you there will be a full understanding!
Write to me please that you think in this occasion? What priorities at you in a life?
The family is the big responsibility and that the pair was strong everyone should do the Duties to give care each other and to do all to hold strong attitudes on Extent of all life. I am ready to this responsibility and I shall be madly happy if at us There will be a chance to do the big love and to check up our compatibility. I think that enough For today. Simply want to tell that our correspondence does a pleasure me the big pleasure and I I do not feel any more the lonely woman when I receive your new letter. Probably it will seem To i'm silly but when I write this letter I dream that at us all has turned out also we did Happy pair together. I like to dream and I become happy when my dreams come true. Please write any ideas and dreams of your future together with me. Probably it is difficult To represent becaus! e our attitudes just develop, but anyhow I want to have It is more than representation about you and us together. Each your letter delivers to me the big pleasure and I With alarm I shall wait for your fast reply.
I wish you good day and fine mood! Kiss kiss kiss
Yours Yulia
Letter 3

Hello mine dear gentle John!!!
Thanks for gentle words to me, very much please these words of me, I think you will always speak them to me ;-)
Soon I am going to go to sleep, and now I think only of you! Probably, still long I can not fall asleep, and I shall represent you close with myself! As it is pleasant to be in your strong hands, to feel heat of your body, knowing, that with me my darling adored the man, and for me this great pleasure! My heart does not give me calmness, I worry! With each last day our meeting, with each hour we comes nearer become closer! Already soon, on 4 October I shall leave for Moscow for reception of the visa.
And what at you now ideas??? Of what you think? You probably as worry, and going to meet me!
When I shall have tickets I at once inform in the letter to you. When I shall arrive to you you will acquaint me with the relatives, to represent me to friends and close people!
Let this summer will be the happiest for us! At me very bad summer!
Was warm days Very little, there are many rains or simply bad weather!
In our city Samara, Samarskaya Obl, not always is rains, there is also a solar bright weather. I shall send you some pictures of my city.
But today it was warm, and even there was a sun, but then again there was a short rain! Tomorrow again there will be a rain! I want that you warmed me, gave me the heat and care! To each woman it will be pleasant if, its beloved shows care of it! But I would like to walk with you on streets during a rain! It is very romantic! There is a thunder-storm, a strong thunder! I nestle on you, to me it is terrible. Lightnings flash, I am afraid, but I feel your force! We go almost wet fast step home! And here we at home, we at once remove crude things, and we go on kitchen to drink hot tea with a slice of a lemon! And we are then sent in a bedroom! You will carry me on hands?
I would like, that sometimes you surprised me with surprises, I do not ask expensive gifts, no! Even the simple flower or a tasty slice of chocolate can bring to me huge happiness because it is your sincere gift! Parents have well brought up me and have learned to appreciate a soul in the person! I only want that our relations were under construction mutually, and only then we shall strong love!
Tell to me please what there will be our first day together? It is very interesting to Me, to learn your ideas!
How there was your day? It was good? Than today was engaged? I today had a heavy day, I have made many affairs! Has prepared for all documents, has made the information on health, and now it is completely ready for reception of the visa for 90 days! I am happy my prince!!!
What you will do in these days off??? I now shall go to a bathroom and after that at once to sleep! I Hope today at night you there will be in my dreams, thanks my angel!
Now I shall finish my letter. I shall answer in the following letter more.
I wish you good night! Both the most gentle and warm kiss from me for the night! Sleep strong my love!!!
Yours Yulya
Letter 4

My dear and loved John!
As it is fine, that you again with me, you as though somewhere beside. And I feel, that it will be fast so. Today at me intense day was. I went to the relatives, to the sister of my mum, aunt Tamara. We drank tea with a tasty pie from a cherry. You know, what pies are done by my aunt? You simply do not represent as it is tasty, it is simply impossible to refuse these pies. Mmmm. it is very tasty:-) And still we talked about a life, about love, I told him about you, how you are not similar to other men. We very for a long time talked to the aunt, it and did not want to release me. Then we sat with mum and too for a long time talked, that it is necessary to take with itself as it is necessary itself to a message, and about much the friend. We so for a long time talked to it, as though we for a long time did not see it. Mum tried to learn me to all, as if I am similar to the small child whom send somewhere far. And in fact it so. Simply my mum very much experiences for me, she will not see me the nearest three months. And I very much suffer and even a little with fear I wait for this fine moment. No, this fear it not awful, is fear of pleasure, fear something not experienced. And I already wait with impatience when I shall see you.
Under toy a bear all very beautiful!!! :-)
And you liked this poem? I read a similar poem in the childhood, and here now for memory adding the words have written it to you!!
And still, I wanted to ask, when and during what time it is better to you to call to not disturb you and on what phone to me it is necessary to call? I would like to hear your voice. To feel you is even closer to me. Now I would like to have wings and to fly to you.
And you also have not noticed? I near to you, my dear, have sat down near you and silently I look, I try to make out features of your person and I observe, how you read this letter. I observe, how your person, his expression, a sight vary in process of perusal of these lines. How it would be desirable to guess, whether touch these words yours heart and if - yes, what you feel, you suffer now? Let not I, but my words to touch gently you, and not only my words, but also my ideas which are born to you, gently and tenderly embracing you. Feel them warmly, feel it. Let it as is possible will not leave you, my lovely longer John!
I very much worry, in fact on Tuesday since morning I shall go by the bus to the big city of Moscow for reception of the visa. And only when I in Moscow I can I shall write again to you. And now I go to prepare for a dream. You already in my dream? :-) I wait for you.
Yours Yulya
Letter 5

Hello my dear John, I have received the visa. Now I have the complete set of documents for flight in the USA, but I have troubles with customs house. As I have received the tourist visa for travel I need to have the return ticket! I have gone to lear cost of the ticket of the plane, but to me have told that I cannot fly in the USA because I should have with myself 1000 $ on pocket expenses. This money is necessary for having only with itself and only so I can pass through customs house. It is a pity to me to inform you, but because of this problem my flight in the USA can not take place. All problem in that that after purchase of the ticket of the plane also I shall have with myself only 620 $ and through customs house it is necessary for me for transition more 380 $.
I need in your advice. I can fly in the USA only if I shall have with myself 1000 $. After purchase of the ticket at me remain 620 $, but I shall require still in 380 $. I tried to find money, but all efforts were ineffectual. It is a pity to me to inform you about it, but I cannot fly in the USA without your help. To fly in the USA to me it is necessary more 380 $ and I do not know that to do now? Whether I do not know you can help me whether or not, but it only your decision. If you can help me I canfly to you and I shall return your expenses back. I should have this money only with myself and if you can help me as soon as we shall meet I shall return this money. Please write to me what to do in this situation.
I could not provide all nuances of my flight in the USA, but I hope, that have not changed your plans. You should not help me but as I have already told to you, I can fly in the USA only if you can help with this problem. I do not know what to do, but inform that to me to do in this situation. If you cannot help me I shall be to go home. At the airport there is branch Western Union and if you can help me I can receive money very quickly and then I can buy the ticket of the plane. Then I shall give the full information of my flight. If you can help me, that send 380 $ to me through the Western Union and I can receive money during short time. As in department Western union to me have informed saite For send money through Western Union you will need know my full name: Last name and First name - Loskutova Yulya
Moskowskaya Oblast ',
Moscow, the Airport "Sheremetyevo"
For reception of money I will need know your full name, and MTCN of remittance. As I have made a copy of the visa and I can send her to you.
Please write to me now, I wait for your answer!
Your lovely Yulya.
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