Scam letter(s) from Marina to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin! I am glad that you have answered me my message. I feel the lonely woman in this world, and on it I have decided to have acquaintance through the Internet. I do not know that from it it to turn out, in fact I in the first communicate with the man on the Internet. I hope for good friendship and attitudes. As you already know my name Marina. I was born and I live all the 27 years in the city of Moscow. It is capital of the huge country. It is very big and beautiful city which population is totaled already about 10 million by person. And every day this city becomes all more beautifully and more beautifully. I am glad, that I have an opportunity to live in such city. Please tell to me about the city where do you live? And I very much would wish to see photos of your city. I shall send photos of Moscow in following my letter. This city with the big history, and significant events which have occured as well as in Russia, and in the world. I about it know from the academic years in Moskovsk Pedagogical State University. University in which I studied, to me have much given the information and good formation. By formation I the teacher of history. But I work as the senior tutor in children's to a garden. At university I as have very well studied English language by means of which I now write to you the letter. Write to me please the letter in English. Because I except for Russian and English language, any more do not know any. Tell in what maximum establishment you studied? And you have what formation? You seem to me that the interesting person, and it is pleasant to me to write to you this letter. Tell why you in general search for new acquaintances through the Internet? I have houses a computer, and I would want that we with you read from each other letters every day. I send you a photo me. And I as would like to see your photos. Because I cannot present myself as it is possible to communicate with the person not seeing it never. And here we on a photo can though when to look. I think it will be more correct. And you as think? You can ask to me any questions. And I shall try to answer them. I wait tomorrow your letter and a photo. Good-bye.
Letter 2
Greetings my darling, my gentle, unique man!!! I wait every day for your letter, I wait for your news of your news. But you and that do not inform me on itself here already throughout several days. I ask every day a question: What could happen with you? Why you have ceased to write to me? Whether all as wash the darling? With you that has not occurred? I very much miss, I grieve without you. I cannot live without you any more. I cannot so to live any more, I should think of you and I can not forget you. You in my heart, you in my soul. I do not know that to me to do, that to me to make that you have written to me. My heart to be anxious for you. I love you I madly you I love and I hope you will understand me and that I test now to you. As to me it is not easy and as it is lonely. I think that you write me the answer letter though some careful words and inform me concerning our destiny. I will wait with the big impatience of your letter, your careful line. Your sad, lonely swallow, your unique asterisk which dies away each time more and more. Your beloved Marina!!!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Gavin! It is pleasant to see that you have written to me the letter again, hence I can draw a conclusion, that I have interested you. For me very important it is the nobility. It is very interesting to know about the person who lives in the far country and is interested about you. We can consult with each other, we can tell about the problems. Such dialogue will lead us to strong affinity. I hope that we shall be sincere to each other and our acquaintance will give us only pleasant sensations. I hope you you understand, that I do not wish to play with feelings of other person or that somebody played with my feelings, I want that you knew it. Not looking at our difference in the age of, I do not see any problem in it for us, it hardly can affect development of our attitudes, at least so I think.
And how you think? I work in children's to a garden, as the tutor. Very much to like me my work as I spend time with children much. I think that it very much will help me with the future when I shall have the children. I have enough years what to reflect about it, often enough. It is very difficult to find work in Russia. You can judge to that I work not by my formation, and necessarily. Here public relations very strongly influence. If you have communications that you work on prestigious, highly paid work. And at me my father was the militiaman, and my mother the cook in cafe. And you can see where I work. To me offered work in militia, but I have chosen a kindergarten. As I am am inspired more with children, than criminals. I think, that children - flowers of a life. I concern very responsibly to the work and me often praise. But not looking at it I receive 310 euros in a month. In Russia very small earnings. Me your wages, for comparison interest? Tell in more detail about the work? As whom do parents work for you? In Moscow it is a lot of visitors of people from abroad. At times you go along the street, and you look as the aboriginal of Moscow hardly buys home meal for family, and the visitor go by machines and eat at restaurants. It is a greater problem for mayor of city, and it here has made a mistake. I so think, this my opinion. And how you think? Tell the opinion. How occurs in your city? It is interesting to me to listen to you. You write very interesting letters into which I am loaded from a head up to legs. Now I know, that I have the friend which me always will support and will console. You can tell to me all that want me, much interests about you. You seem to me very interesting person. With you to me cosy to communicate. I would look forward what again to see your letter tomorrow. Good-bye.
Letter 4

Hello Gavin!!! I have a good habit - to read your letters every day. Not looking at good or bad events in current of day, after your letter my mood improves. Now I feel necessity of your letters, as in pure air or in water. I every day understand all that I cannot live day not having read through your letter. For me greater impact will lose you. Our attitudes should be under construction on trust. And we should write each other about all and only the truth. I certainly understand that in letters it is impossible to write about all. That is possible that to forget, or easier to not think of it. But though all that you have written to me till this minute I all have understood and have remembered. It is very important for us as to understand each other completely. Much that depends on it. I today talked to the brother about you. I have informed it to it unexpectedly. I have specially arrived to it on a visit, for that what to tell that I I have got acquainted with the remarkable person, and that that to a kind about dialogue with it. It very much was surprised about the beginning, both my brother and its wife have started to ask me on you. I it have told all as is. As I did not have a man for a long time, they were delighted. Also transferred you greetings. I very much was delighted that my brother has taken a positive view to it. I as would want that you about me knew all. Possibly you interests, whether I had attitudes with Russian men. It is true? Yes, I had attitudes with Russian men. At that time I still did not represent that can occur. I have got acquainted with the wonderful person, it seemed to me so for that time. From the beginning at us all was very good. But after some time I have started to notice that it after work comes home *****. It in a place with the colleagues after work drank alcohol. It has come to one day home and has started to beat utensils, to shout. I was afraid to approach to it. I did not know what to do. But it has suddenly calmed down itself. There has passed even a week then has noticed that it again drank alcohol, and has changed to me with other woman. I could not suffer it and have left from it. And so I when did not recollect it am more because it was very opposite to me. And I now too any more do not wish to recollect about it. I hope that you understand me. And now I 2 years one. There is no man me did not beat, but it has hurted me very much in a shower when has changed to me with other woman. And at you was what be the tragical novel? Or in general attitudes with the girl? And how they have interrupted? Can speak not conveniently to you about it, but we should be sincere! I have to you a question. How you think there are ideal attitudes? And what attitudes refer to ideal? It is very important to me to listen to your answer. I hope that you will not keep waiting for me long with the answer. I miss on you. I look forward to your letter. Good-bye.
Yours Marina.
Letter 5
Hello Gavin!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Thanks!
You know after all your letters I you have understood that completely other person, than here in Russia. And I am very glad to my acquaintance to you. Now I shall answer, that I think about ideal attitudes. I think that they exist, but it is dream which not everyone can reach, but everyone to aspire to it. Partners should understand each other not only in words, but also in reflection, in movement. The partner should do every day so it would be good to another, to do well, to surprise, please. Is necessary that that constantly to do for all family. Ideal family it of understanding and unity. Parents and children should supplement each other, support and protect. Certainly in each collective there are quarrels, disagreements, but all can be gone through it respecting each other! I think that you very correct the man. My dear how you concern to religion? I orthodox the Christian, but I would not tell that is very religious, though I trust in the god. In my city there are many beautiful Christian temples. I with girlfriends visit churches of times in 3 months. And you go to church? There is one very well-known a saying in Russia: the God loves a Trinity. And on it many Russians do and trust that at them it to turn out only on third time. Today in children's to a garden I had a unpleasant conversation with mum of one boy, in this children's to a garden. It complained of that that its son complains of tutors. I tried to explain it, that tutors cannot carry out all of the request of children. This child was too spoilt, and sometimes its requests were behind a side possible. I am am confused with that parents do not bring up their children, and try to carry out their any whims, not looking on that that these whims - full bosh. After that conversation, I have been very afflicted, I do not love when on me raise a voice without the reason, and it was that case. Write to me your opinion on it. My darling, at me today was very sated day events. And toward the end day I have found an opportunity as we can speak by with you to phone. I was advised by my girlfriend. We in city have an item of the international negotiations. And therefrom I can call to you. Leave to me the phone, and I to you shall call. I very much wish to hear your voice. I look forward to your letter. Good-bye. Yours Marinochka.
Letter 6
Hello my fine Gavin! I am glad to turn out from you the letter. After I have read through your letter at me have pinned up in heart with happiness. I very much would like you to inform my joyful news somewhat quicker. To me have told on work, that I have holiday by duration in a month. At me this holiday will come in two weeks. I think that it is our chance! I think that the destiny specially with you meets me, for that that I with you would be uniform. You and I are greater love which in the future will be the big happy family. I think that we should meet and take pleasure the friend in the friend. And you wish to meet me? I hope that for you the best news because when I am itself has heard it at me has strongly pinned up heart with happiness. You understand one more, our first meeting very much will mean much for our future life. I am resolutely adjusted to meet you. For the sake of it in unfamiliar, the country also is ready to arrive to unfamiliar city, in a unfamiliar atmosphere. And all it only for the sake of you, and ours with you of the future. I because am confident you on all 100! I today as have learned this remarkable news, went home and all road dreamed as we with you we spend time together. As you me meet from a gangway of self-summer, represented ours with you the first kiss, the first contact. Then I saw as you me spent up to the house where I have left the things, and then you began to show me the city. It was very remarkable day, and a star the bright sun. After all adventures we have gone in the evening to you home have taken a champagne and wine, and celebrated it remarkable day. Then for the morning I would rise what to make early to you a breakfast, Russian pancakes. You sometime ate pancakes? This dish usually eat for a breakfast. And the most important that we the friend for the friend tried to do all the best, forgetting about ourselves. But much to our regret these beautiful lines, only dreams. But I have belief and hope for a reality. I with impatience wait for your answer. A lot of beautiful kiss! Good-bye!
Letter 7
Greetings my darling, my long-awaited prince!!! Your princess waits for occurrence of the prince on a white game, waits with the big impatience of the letter. What could there will be my darling? Why you so have suddenly ceased to write to me? I very much miss also to me very much there are no your lovely words, to me it is very lonely and very melancholy without you. I wait every day for your letter with the big impatience. I look forward to hearing as a nightingale of summer. My darling I worry for you, your absence very strongly disturbs me and does not allow to me to sleep easy. I constantly think of you and about our meeting. I would not like to meet you. I cannot live without you and as if I die of loneliness. Yesterday and today all the day long I looked forward to hearing from you with hope that everything is all right, but you and that have not informed me. I think that at you that has not befallen and as soon as you will read my letter you will write me the answer. I wait with each minute. With each second I am anxious for you more and more. I ask you my darling do not disturb my weak heart. It knocks even more strongly at reflexions about you and about that that something could happen with you. My favourite I hope that all normally and you inform me on yourselves. I with the big impatience will wait from you for the answer, is sweet also the pleasant letter for me!!! With love your long-awaited bride Marina!!!
Letter 8
Greetings my loved Gavin!!! You my angel and a ray of light in my dark empire. Today to me it was sad all the day long, I thought of you about our meeting there in the COUNTRY with your relatives. Every day to me to become not on itself, to me it is bad without you and without your embraces. My heart is filled with pleasure and delight when I think of us. Yesterday at night I thought of us. We carry out with you the happiest minutes of a life. You give to me an ardent kiss. Tenderness of eyes, a tender touch fingers, an easy touch lips. A sight full by something inexplicable and clear without words which speaks the greater, than damp lips can whisper. The words broken in impulses between breaths, the excited words about feelings. Tears, tears with happiness, that you beside, that I under your protection. Tears from small separations, loneliness when you are not present a beside and I do not hear your voice and I do not see your fine body. Sensation, that I all only yours, and only you know my small secrets, only you feel, how I am shuddered with your kisses. Sweet groans, loud shouts, uncontrollable sounds. Damp curls of hair on a neck, trembling in the legs, the become frequent pulse. Your strong hands compressing my waist and not giving to coil from the overflowed wave of pleasure. Pride of what I with you beside, and you near to me. Anxiety to your health, day, work, your native, friends. The pain of what not all in a life can be eternal, but that happened, these instants will remember all life. All this … It also is love. Today I have read your letter which I with impatience waited all the day. After the read letter at me it was cheered up. I day by day dream of our meeting. I think, that my dream to be carried out soon and I shall see you, as soon as possible. My lovely Gavin, I very much hope that we soon shall meet, I of this desire live and I breathe. If she will be gone, I shall cease to breathe! I shall wait from you for a prompt reply. Millions embraces to you from me!!!
Letter 9
Greetings my dear Gavin!!! I loved mine it is very strongly glad to your letter. I every day think only of you and about ours with you to a meeting. You the most dear person to me on this ground. My lovely I each time think as we with you we shall meet. As you and I approach each other, you take me for a hand we lean each other. Then I and you we embrace and we kiss each other and with you it is very good us. I very strongly want to feel your angelic kiss. I am inexpressibly glad that our meeting with you will take place very soon. Loved very strongly your support and love to me now is necessary for me. My feelings and love to you that on are the real. Somewhat quicker we with you would see each other. Each time when I read your letters I all I fall in love with you more strongly and more strongly. When you write each time to me about the feelings, it is very pleasant for me to read and feel them your love to me. I loved mine very strongly love you and I shall wait from you for the letter. With the best regards to the most refined and beautiful to the man on light from loving Marina!!!
Letter 10
Greetings my loved Gavin!!! I am extremely pleased To receive from you the letter. I have leadership today good day. I have Since morning, good and cheerful mood. And I have good news. I I hope, that you also will be pleased with them. My fine I today Has learned from the girlfriend about agency of travel. If I do all documents In very short term as I was explained by the girlfriend. My girlfriend about This agency has learned through the newspaper. My fine I have remembering The address of agency of travel, and tomorrow in the morning or during time Lunch, I shall go in travel agency, and I learn all. Then I I shall write to you, that to me have told in agency. Well? It is not difficult, that To do, as she has told, the main thing everything to make correctly. I I have holiday very much, very soon. I should go simply to fill In some documents concerning work, and then I can arrive to To you. I want to go as soon as possible from pass from the plane to To your airport. With you that we embrace and to kiss you As it probably more softly also is more sweet. My fine, you Know the airport which lays not far from you? It can be It is necessary for me such information tomorrow when I shall be in Travel agency. I want to appear in your embraces and to not be It is separated from you never. I am ready to do such big step in mine Lives how to arrive to you. I am sure, that this step will change mine and Your life for ever! I believe in you and in ours with you of the attitude. I want To know, what at you now maintains, how it is a lot of degrees? Tell to me, You really love me??? You really want, that we Met??? You can promise me, that never will leave me One??? You never will offend me???? Promise me also, that always You will hold me in your gentle hands??? I am sure your hands As if wings on which we shall fly to eternal love.
Write to me, I very urgently Kiss very much! Good-bye, my charm! Yours Marinochka!!!
Letter 11
Greetings my darling Gavin!!! I favourite mine it is very glad to your excellent letter. I all time think of that that soon we will together. I very much wait for that moment of our meeting with you as you meet me at the airport with colours on hands. This millet is magnificent that we have found each other on this earth. I now feel the happiest ******* this planet from that that have met you my lovely and favourite. You the best man on this earth. Favourite mine today's your letter so has strongly been impregnated by love and warmth to me, that it is felt at once on distance. I now would like to feel taste of your angelic lips somewhat quicker. My darling I yet have not received the visa as it is necessary for me to pay for it. And in travel agency to me have told, that as soon as I will place it money for tickets and documents ought to them they will inform at once me my start to you. I think that you perfectly understand me and soon to me will help. My love without your help and support to me how not to manage. I will wait from you for good news. I send you an ardent kiss. Your favourite and inspired by your love Marina!!!
Letter 12
Greetings my favourite Gavin!!! My dear I it is very strongly glad to your excellent letter. I love you more lives and I want that our hearts have somewhat quicker united. My love I very much is grateful to you for your help and support. My darling that in the beginning to receive the visa to me it is necessary to pay for it, and money as you understand at me are not present. As soon as I will place money for the visa, for tickets and documents ought to them to me at once will inform my start to you. And without money I cannot receive the visa. I think that you perfectly understand me and soon to me will help. You all time in my dreams. You simply angel which have gone down from heavens and gives the love to people. I love you more lives. I all time ask the Lord of the god about that that our hearts have somewhat quicker united. I will wait from you for good news. With the best regards to the most beautiful and kind man on light from favourite Marina!!!
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