Scam letter(s) from Da Silva Victiore to Peter (Canada)

Letter 1
Thank you for droping you email address at'm boundlessluv,How are you doing hope all is well with you and your family.should i say little about myself,I am kind, lovely, friendly,down to earth and i have people at heart, i am from Tunisia but presently in benin republic working as a nurse in a private hospital.I am a single of 28 years,never been married and have no kids.I am searching for a man ready to love and be loved,serious,dedicated and faithfull,i am looking for a relationship that will lead to marraige.My hobbies are reading, swimming,tawn tennis and hanging out with friends.I hope to read your mail soon,have a lovely day ahead and always keep in touch, Da silva .........
Letter 2
Hello Peter,
it my pleasure to read your mail, hope everything is alright with you and as for me i am fine, thank you for finding time to reply my mail, i hope to read more about you,your likes and other, have a wonderuk day ahead,bye for now......Da Silva.
Letter 3
Dear Peter,
How are you doing and hope is things going for you over there,hope everything is well and hope you are having a great day at work,I am sorry i went off yesterday it was due to the fact that the network was bad and when i tried to connect back to your IM it wasn't going through.Hope am forgiven.
I must say that i am so happy with the way we are getting on and i hope i can learn more from you and i hope we can at least make good friend for now and then see where it goes from there.I like your sense of humor and free to earth attitude.i hope we can be able to chat more tonight and get to know ourselves more better,hoping to read your mail soonest and also have a great day at work, bye for now, with care
Da Silva
Letter 4

Hello Peter,
How are you doing, i am sorry i didn't say you on time, i was very busy at work these past days, I had to delet my profile on not because i have found a soul mate but because i was recieving mails from some unserious people who wants ladies for *** and other non sense, i was fed up of reading such mails so i heard to delet my profile, we have met and we write ourselves, i think it will be more better if we get to know ourselves throough mails and probably you openning a yahoo messenger so that we can chat alway, your mail read you are underpressure to finish your project, don't worry it will definitely finish on time and you will have some rest then, i understand if i don't get your mails often but i will always write you to know how you are doing over there, hope to read your mail soon.
Letter 5
Hello Peter,
i am so glad to read your mails, how are you doing and how is the project going,hope everything is in order and in good shape.I pray to God to give you more strength to cope with these stressful and i sure you know it won't be for long, you will always get enough rest after some times then you can take vacation to any where and get good rest.
I am glad to know that in your tight schedules you till have time to take care of yourself which i like, you went shopping so wat did you got for me or you only bought for yourself alone that could be unfair.Well all the same i hope you get a yahoo messenger so that we get to talk more and know ourselves better,i wish you the best in your project and also in you tennis practice but i can bet that i will win you when i come over.Hoping to read your mail again.
Da Silva
Letter 6
Hello Peter, hope you are coping with your project, i just wanted to say hi to you and to no how you are doing, i will send you my pics when i get home cuz i am still at work.bye for now,take good care of yourself and please stay out of trouble.
Da Silva
Letter 7
Dear Peter, i am online now, i don't know if there could any way by which you can come online now and if not then i will be online again 5 hours from now so i hope we get to chance to know ourselves more better,
Letter 8
Hello Peter,
i can see your messenger is now working but you're not online, hope to chat with you before i go to bed, have a wonderful day at work.
Letter 9
Hello Peter,
Thank you so much for your lovely mail and moreso thank you for giving me the opportunity to chat with you yesterday due it was a short one but really interesting and i hope that continues.I feel we are going to make it been together because we have shown much interest to ourselves and i am confused things will really work out well for us and i belive that if we buils these relationship with trust,believe,faith and honesty thing will finitely work and we will be together soon.
Well regards working, i am a lady who like working so as not to depend on a man and i so much like my profession, i am always happy seen sick people get well and healthy through my little help.Moreso i will be on vacation soon, from 2nd of August 08 i will be on 2 months vacation so i think that can help us meet.I hope we can continue chatting till wr get more confused about the relationship and our futrue together, i will be sending you my pics later today, have a great week and a wonderful day at work. Bye for now, Da Silva
Letter 10
Hello Peter,
I am so excited that someone can still appreciate other peoples hand work, i am very happy for you and i thgink your boss is a nice and kind man.Rgarding coming over on vacation, like i tol you early that my vacation starts ffrom the 2nd August and i could really love to meet up with peter who has been giving me some sleepless night and thoughts even when am at work,I have a nice job as a nurse but my salary is notting to talk about as i earn 250 dollars every month which is not even ok for me,my family and rents but all the same i cope with that.It could really be a dream come true when we live together as one. I could need to know your opinion regarding when you want me to visit so that i can find a travelling agency who will help me run my travelling papers and visa.hoping to read your mail again.Byr for now Da Silva

Letter 11
Dear Peter,
these is the informtion you requested for

Name: Da-silva Victiore
Address:carre 105 missebo cotonou
Benin Republic.
Hope these informations will be enough for you to send the package.
Letter 12
My Dear, It is my greatest happiness to return from work and see your wonderful mail,you really made my day, i am beginning to see that true and pure love really exist,i couldn't imagine myself falling in love for who i have not met or seen,but i think God has a way of doing things and i am so happy the relationship is really growing faster and better.All through my day at work i was thinking about you and how we would possibly meet to end our distance barrier but i am also happy that at the moment everythinh is moving on well with us.I pray it continues these way and bring us more closer and stronger,Hoping to read your mail soonest.
Da Silva
Letter 13
Dear Peter,
How are you doing hope work is ok with you over there and how was your gym,thank you for the things you want to help me get,actuallly i am not worried if the ipod is not with video so long as it has kong durability nd also the digital camera.i am happy that in no time we will be together and share our dreams as one happy people.
Moreso like i told you that on the 2nd of August is my birthday and i wish to celebrate it with my friends so i will be expecting my present from you as well,i hope to read your mails soonest,like you said,i could be getting the package by next week right?Have a wonderful day and remain blessed.Dasy
Letter 14
Honey i am so happy you have written to the agency and i hope they can reply you on time so that we get the visa processing started and also book the ticket.
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