Letter(s) from Victoria to Tom (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Tom.
I like your profile and you seem interesting as a person to me. I'd like to know your soul and inner world better. If we have opportunity - we'll meet, communicate and look into each other's eyes for sure. It's very important. The eyes can show the things that can't be described in letters. But I hope you know it yourself.
I’ll tell you a bit about myself. At the moment I finish my education. I rest on week-ends. I communicate with friends, attend stadiums, cinemas, compose poems in the silence of my home, cook desserts.
I think about family a great deal, about home coziness. I appreciate faithfulness, honesty, understanding, courage, confidence in a man.
I look for a person with common interests, sensual, loving, affectionate, sincere and understanding.
I like vegetables fruit very much and various sweets. I love olives and kiwi – if a woman eats olive and kiwi every day she will never lose her sexuality and attractiveness ?
But I can’t live without candies and tarts - I like a bit of such stuff as I need to think about figure, beauty and health.
I don’t drink either. I’m Virgo – horoscope sign.
I live with my parents. I am the only child in the family.
I’d like to know about you more. Tell me about your dreams, fantasies, life goals, attitude towards women.
Waiting for your reply with impatience.

Letter 2

Hello dear Tom,
I want to thank you for your letter.
I am pleased to write you after a nice week-end. I did not plan anything special for a week-end as far as the weather was very poor- cool and rainy but it improved on Friday – my friends called me and invited to join them on their one day trip to the sea.
I did not hesitate and agreed at once as far as I love the sea a lot. We went to the Sea of Azov- 200 km away from our city. We came to Berdyanks in the morning- sure we had to wake up early in the morning but we forgot about it as soon as we felt the fresh sea breeze.
There is a new aqua park located there- so we bought the tickets and went to the aqua park to enjoy the swimming pools and water slides. They have small cafes and cafeterias there to have snake so w spend the first part of the day there and leaving we found out that our tickets we valid till the end of the day and they had a concert at night- Timothy a famous Russian rap and r-n-b singer should perform- so we went to the beach and came back to the aqua park at 9 p.m. we got to the foam party and danced to Timothy’s song’s we had much fun- I enjoyed a lot- I needed to relax after the exams and university studies.
I love the sea a lot and it is a pleasure to me to swim and sun bathe that is why I take every chance to come ton the sea.
I will be pleased to teach you Russian- I hope I can be a good patient teacher?
I will get my degree next spring. I study power resources at the university.
I like all beautiful things, I like comfort, - May rain, blue July clouds, murmur of a cat, smell of the rain on a hot day, first star in night sky, first fluffy snow, comfortable gloves, fluffy blanket, apricot jam and chocolate desserts.
I like music and poems. I like laughter and fun! But I also like coziness and silence. Sometimes I like just to sit and think. I can also be eccentric.
I adore children and sure I’d like to have my won.
My favorite animal is a black cat, colors – blue and green. I like blue in summer. I adore traveling, I’d like to visit warm sunny exotic countries.
I like dancing, sometimes I go to the disco clubs – but fitness is a kind of dancing either.
I have sporty body with some muscles but I am quite slim and active.
I don’t have favorite music – I like various music . it depends on my mood. I adore live music, symphonic orchestras.
You ask about my fantasies…I’d like to enjoy life with my family and be happy this way.
Waiting for your reply.