Scam letter(s) from Jules Benjamin to Yusaf (Hungary)

Letter 1
I just checked the flight and i found a flight going to budapeast on aug.1 at the rate of $490...roundtrip, i dont really have much money on me at the moment cos i,ve really spent alot of late, but if we can put heads together i think something good can come out, hope to see you online tomorow...see ya
Letter 2
The network was really bad yesterday, i hope we meet online later in the day, i booked the flight already and i,m planning to pay half of the flight today, cos that's the only i could afford at the moment, i tried to add you to my IM but it's not working...hope to meet you online.bye
Letter 3
Hey yus,
The connection was really fustrating yester night, i woke up not long ago, i,m having a little headace, but i,ll be fine, here is my name and address...JULIAN BENJAMIN.S. address: FULHAM ROAD, N9 SW. LONDON.
I think the easiest way for me to cash the money is through western union, cos they have an office down my street, it will save me any stress.. i,ll be looking forward to chat with you tonight...
Letter 4

Hello yus,
I just came back from hospital, i dont think you need any other address, but if you insist, here is my full address and my phone number FULHAM ROAD, N9 SW 10 9uz. LONDON, and my phone number +447031814118.. remember i have to pay up today, my agent has been calling me, but i told him am sick, hopefully we going to chat tonight...bye
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