Letter(s) from Margarita Pesotskaya to Levente (USA)

Letter 1

Kissing you my honey Levi!!!!
Lovely I miss you so much! And I want to be with you so much!! Lovely the only one thing I hope is that you feel the same. And I’m so glad that you feel the same. I know it and it is pleasure thought for me =)
And Levi thank you very much for the pictures you sent to me! And you know you are very lucky to catch so many fishes =)
Levi I'm not able to send you too many pictures. Because I don't have camera..
You know the birds are singing here and it is very warm (+20) and the sun is shinning. And I think that the nature finally understands me and the nature wants me to be happy. You know, I’m thinking that the birds are singing about love =) My heart is telling it to me.
Levi, yesterday with my friends we decided to see “A walk to remember”. It was our small fan club of this book. And it was extremely awesome! I liked it very much! They did this performance in a modern way, so it was very interesting to see it. It is a great story of love. And I do believe that our love will deserve the same.
That people will remember about us for a long time.
Lovely you know I’m often thinking about our meeting. I like to imagine our first date. I like to imagine what we will do, where we will go. And also I like to imagine how I’m cooking for you. I don’t know why but I like to do it. And I hope that you will like my dishes =) You know there is not a day that goes by that I don't have a thought of you. You have become my air. You are the only one I can dream about at night. I love you with all my soul. I just want to make you happy. You are so beautiful my love. I want to hold you, kiss you, and share our love for each other. I want to lie down next to you every night and wake you beside you every morning. I want to walk hand-in-hand with you and our family though the life. I will be proud and honored to always be by your side. I will always give you the respect, love, trust, truth and loyalty you deserve. And what do you think about this? Do you want to meet me?

Letter 2

honey, Levy, my dear!!
I miss you very much! I want to be with you. If to say the truth I would like to spend valentine day with you. I think it is very romantic to spend valentine day day together.
Levy, I can't explain what I think, even feel for you, but if falling in love means , having a white night just thinking about you so rapturously, wishing you were by my side to cuddle, caress, snuggle me, walking, holding hands while serenading songs of amatory saga to you; if that mean falling in love, then I think I'm crazily and madly in love with you.... Levy you know I'm thinking lot about everything that happens in my life..
I have been thinking a lot and I want to meet you. I think that we have already pend a lot of time and we need to meet.
honey I was at the travel agent. And he said that I need to do International Passport at first. As you know I don't have it, coz I have never been abroad. The travel agent said that it is possible to do it in one week , but it will cost 464$, and he said that I need police report which is cost 94$ and will be ready in one day. And I will need Medical documents which costs 86$ and will be ready in three days. Levy, honey, if to say the truth I'm a little bit disappointed, because I thought I will pay myself for everything. And now I see that I can't.
It is too much for me. I can't pay for it. Levy, honey, can you help us?