Scam letter(s) from Maria Romanova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Steve!!!
Know I is very glad that you have answered me. About one today I thought that it is simply empty invention. But now I see that was mistaken! Steve I very strongly wish to find here the present love. Many people speak what to find the person with which will be ready to lead all remained life on the Internet simply not probably. My girlfriends speak that here many people which are ready to deceive and play on feelings of people. But I hope that you very decent person and too search for the present love. Steve I on the Internet the person new and for the present do not know much. But I hope that our acquaintance to proceed and you can learn me to many things.... Steve I am very glad that in such boundless space the Internet I have found you! You were spoken sometime that by you very nice the man??? And for me would be the big pleasure to learn you better. I hope that you can to love me. In fact I still never got acquainted with the man thus. For me it that that new. Steve together with my letter I send you my photo that you could present with whom you talk. In this photo I in a recreation park! I too with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you also your photos! Write to me I very much I wait.
Your new girlfriend Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hello my friend Steve!!!!
I am very glad to appear again here and to see your letter. I am boundless is glad that you could to answer me. Steve know I wish to tell to you fairly... That very strongly was afraid that you will not answer me. In fact I very strongly was afraid to push away you. It was never simple at me still experience in such acquaintances. I never could present myself that I can get acquainted with the man and so here. If I am fair I worry a little. Also I do not know from what to begin.... I Hope that you can help me. I live in Russia, I will write to you every day under one letter so I am very occupied and from me a lot of work!!!! Thanks you for words about my photos. For an entertainment I like to go to the cinema, on dances, to walk on coast and park and many other things!!!! I usually happen to the girlfriends and we like to walk!!! I love children!!! Steve likely I should tell about myself that you could understand that I for the person a little. My name Ekaterina. You know that designates my name??? My name Ekaterina is meant that by me pure, the pure and fair person. I hope that people surrounding me and think. Steve and you know that designates your name??? If you know tell to me about it??? Steve know I on the Internet the person new still I do not know more many. But I try to understand it. And I have attributes of progress! I write to you from the Internet-cafe as I do not have house of own computer. But I very much would like get it but while I do not have such opportunity. Steve I live small, but very beautiful small town under name Orshanka. You sometime heard about it??? It is very pure and beautiful city. Here very kind and sympathetic people. You would see our nature.... People which come here to have a rest at times do not wish to leave from here. I very strongly love the city and I am proud that I live in it. I work nurse, in our local hospital. It is small hospital. It unique on all area. Here very good personnel and to like me with them to work. Now to me of 28 years. And I have already started to reflect on the future life. Simply I am tired to live one. As though I wanted that a number always was the favorite person who can always give advice and support a difficult minute. We in city of such men have not enough. Therefore I have come to the Internet-cafe. I am simple many time heard that here it is possible to get acquainted with fine the man. And I am very glad that we have got acquainted! I Hope that our acquaintance on it to not stop! I with impatience shall wait tomorrow from you for letters. My friend Steve today I wish to send you my photo. In this photo I At home in a soya to a room! How to you my photo??? If you liked I can send you still! I too with impatience shall wait for your photos! Write to me do not forget me!!!!
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello Steve!!!
It was very pleasant to me to read your letter now. I am very glad that we have found each other. I think that to both of us very much has carried. I think that you very good person. And I wished to learn about you as much as possible. I hope that you will hide nothing from me as well as I from you. I know that we with you can find common language. How are you doing Steve???? I hope that at all of you perfectly. Today there was a just fine sunny day! And how at you there with weather??? I live in Russia. I wish to live in other country, children depend on the favourite person how many it will want so much and will be!!! Steve know I would like to tell today to you little bit more about itself. As I to you already told I work nurse in local hospital. To like me my work. I like to help people. Know Steve as pleasantly to receive from patients for your help their smile. It is very pleasant to look at people who are pleased lives. This feeling simply to not describe words....I Work already almost 6 years. I medical have finished college in city Igevsk. Also has received speciality pediatrist. After the termination college I have arrived back to myself to city as in our hospital there were no workers. I live together with my mum in a small apartment. We with it have enough place in it. We with it as two best girlfriends. We can talk about all.... And never the friend about the friend we hide nothing. And you Steve have a family???? Tell to me about it??? I with pleasure shall listen about it! Simply I wish to learn as there live people in other country. As I still never was outside the country. And very much would like to visit, look all world there. But while it only dreams which I hope that sometime become a reality. Steve I shall not tell that I the happiest person on the ground. In fact I grew without the father. I never saw it. I do not know why my mum has missed it... But likely on it were very much greater the reasons. And you have a father??? Tell to me more about your family??? About traditions of your family??? I very much would like to learn about it! Steve I promise you that I too shall answer all your questions. In fact I very much want that we have learned each other. Steve today I wish to send you one more photo, on which I at the grandmother on a visit!I shall wait for your letters.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Steve!!!
I am very glad to see your letter today. To me very much to like to write to you! Steve and you are glad that we have got acquainted??? Know I feel that we began to learn about each other more. So it not seems to you???? Steve I never would think that I shall get acquainted with the man through the Internet. But now not how many I do not regret that has come here. I in full delight from our dialogue. Steve I do not know why, but I today all the day was torn here somewhat quicker to learn about what you have written to me today! Steve I would like to tell to you about my family. About our traditions, habits, about that as all of us together we like to have a rest. Know Steve that I have except for mum my grandmother. Call it Galina. She is very fine person. The truth it has already grown old. To it of 68 years. And for it the permanent care is necessary. Therefore we is constant with mum we go to it in village. It lives in a small small village under name Sernyr. In the summer there simply it is very good. Around trees, fields and a wood. There very pure air. There it is possible to have a rest very well from city vanity, from city problems. Here I feel as the child. And I with pleasure come to my grandmother. We try as it is possible to gather is more often. We spend evenings about a fireplace. We like to share our histories which have collected for that time, which we did not see. My grandmother knows very much much. And I with pleasure listen to it, I can do it by hours. Simply it is impossible to come off its stories. And you have a grandmother Steve??? Tell to me about your family, about your friends??? What do you like to do together with them??? Where like to go to have a rest??? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it! Know Steve I every day I understand that now all more difficultly and more difficultly without the favorite person. Very badly when there is no a number of that who always can support you and console.... But I hope that soon all this to change! My fine Steve today I wish to send you my photo. On it I in new year! I hope that it to like you. I with impatience shall wait for your letters. Write to me Steve!!!! I shall wait!
Yours Ekaterina
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